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  1. Do you have alter bridge still?
  2. nickreynolds32

    Daniel Ceasar - Freudian vinyl

  3. Bummed I miss the online sale
  4. nickreynolds32

    PO: JPEGMAFIA - Veteran

    my bad, i got confused as to why the digital version had a different cover.
  5. nickreynolds32

    PO: JPEGMAFIA - Veteran

    did this already sell out? damn
  6. nickreynolds32


    There will be a pre order for the new album at target on Friday apparently. It’ll be a translucent orange. Source: https://t.co/9TUGyweF9e
  7. nickreynolds32

    PO Now - SZA - CTRL

    Does that mean the pre-orders from her site are also green? Or is this a special version? damn
  8. nickreynolds32

    PO Now - SZA - CTRL

    Now up for pre-order elsewhere!! https://www.soundstagedirect.com/sza-ctrl-vinyl-records.shtml
  9. Has anyone ever seen a clear black vinyl? https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/bryson-tiller-true-to-self-limited-2xlp?category=vinyl-records-cassettes&color=001
  10. nickreynolds32

    Tyler, The Creator - Flower Boy

    Seems to be real http://www.soundstagedirect.com/tyler-the-creator-flower-boy-vinyl-records.shtml
  11. nickreynolds32

    PO Now - 2 Chainz - Pretty Girls Like Trap Music

    Yea I got mine as well and it is numbered. I was #3002
  12. Does anyone know when this expected to ship out?
  13. nickreynolds32

    PO NOW: Cage the Elephant - Unpeeled

    I received mine today and the orange looks great, but not a hint of any scent on it? lol, anyone else have this?
  14. nickreynolds32

    PO: Vince Staples - Big Fish Theory

    https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/vince-stapes-big-fish-theory-limited-picture-disc-2xlp?category=vinyl-records-cassettes&color=080 Up on Urban Outfitters now. Out 9/29