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  1. I was stupid enough to order it from Usa store because i didn't know Polyvinyl had an EU store, now i asked a refound from Usa to buy from Eu, really hope it works to same some bucks and the italian customer overtaxing...
  2. Thanks and please let us know the next release date if you can!!!
  3. You can hear the remasters on bancamp.....Martyrdom was remixed too and i think that it sounds a way better than before.....Ordered both....
  4. I have the first press on lp and cd with 6 tracks more and a different tracklist...This record is crazy, has some great songs and some very shitty moment....Anyway this tracklist is a way better than the first on lp and a way more cohesive.....I wait to hear the full digital remix/remaster before to buy it and i really hope they will press the first two record.....
  5. Fuck!!..Sold Out!! I really didn't know this was in coming... 😕
  6. Their last record was very boring for me, but i pulled the trigger on it hoping that the new line up will give more inspiration to the new stuff......
  7. Yeah, it's crazy, but i really wanted this so i ordered it and my bank account is crying.....
  8. Damn i just spent 73 euro for a Godflesh record on Discogs...But i can't pass on this...Ordered....
  9. Badder than bad......Sad to say this record sucks....
  10. I think an ovepriced newbury version is the only hope to find it on colored vinyl...
  11. I'm in for The Wrens and i hope it means that Secaucas is coming soon...