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  1. There will be any european distro having this? i Tryed to order but i change idea looking at the shipping cost that's 42$...I really want this but this is too much....
  2. out today digitaly, vinyl out in november https://nosunband.bandcamp.com/album/in-the-interim
  3. They will tour in 2023 https://www.brooklynvegan.com/rival-schools-announce-reunion-shows-for-2023/
  4. I have all the 3 Boilemaker lps but i will buy eventual reissues, i really love them and an Evergreen discography could be great. I'm wrong or Hated was digital only with no physical copies???
  5. Any link or official news? I'm waiting for a T&S repress....
  6. Received the shipping confirmation for this and hope someone repress American Art that it's the only one i miss from them....
  7. Don't know,...I have to listen to it more...On the first impression this song sounds a way more proggy than hc/screamo......
  8. Damn....I missed the d/l link ...Edit: thanks for the link!!!
  9. Bandcamp says shpping is around 15 october....

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