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  1. The box was limited one for customer but according the Super7 owner post on instagram a lot of people tried to use bots to buy more than 10 boxes each....Things are getting really weird and people suck....
  2. It was the same for me but i hoped for a system error and continued to refresh the page and after a few of minutes it went up again and i was able to snag one...
  3. I have an original on black but will buy it for shure, i would love an Electra 200 repress so badly too....
  4. 40 euro for a single lp? i will wait for the indie stores version.....
  5. Ordered!! Thanks!!
  6. I went to order it on MDV but there is no possibility to order the white; have they black only?
  7. I have both on vinyl but I could buy another FW copy because mine is very used....
  8. The awesome guys at Arctic Rodeo Recordings are reissuing the 2 Errortype 11 album and releasing a new one: http://freaksofalaska.com/store/en/lp/152-errortype11-deluxe-3xlp-package-mp3.html
  9. I went for the clear smoke.....
  10. Got the red marble...The song is awesome!
  11. Me too....I hate the last Quicksand mix......
  12. Euro link to pre-order: https://thesoundofvinyl.com/*/*/Ejector-Seat-Reservation-Mixed-Silver-Black-Double-Numbered-Vinyl/5WQ10000000;jsessionid=BB0588FA2118E5845F35E15FD53103F4.t3
  13. Ordered yesterday!!!