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  1. Ordered a few hours ago...Love this band!!
  2. daniele

    Duster | Official reissues | Numero Group

    Thanks for the info...Anyway i think the standard edition is still the box-set and not individual albums...
  3. daniele

    Duster | Official reissues | Numero Group

    60$ is a great price but i can't pay the 70$ for the shipping to Europe and the italian customer taxes.....So, i will go for a black versione when they will arrive to euro distros...
  4. daniele

    Brainiac Touch and Go Reissues

    I have an original but it's very used so ordered in an heartbeat!! Thanks for the link!!
  5. That print is nice but shipping to Italy is fucking high...so i was lucky and fast enough to score one withot print and i saved some cash...
  6. I picked up W&S vinyl some minutes ago, there is one copy left if someone is interested in....
  7. daniele

    PO Now: Ovlov - TRU

    Thanks for the link!! Ordered!!
  8. daniele

    PO: Bob Mould - Sunshine Rock

    Euro link for the colored: https://www.flight13.com/bob-mould-sunshine-rock/133058
  9. I backed the project, i'm wondering which color i'm going to receive...
  10. The box was limited one for customer but according the Super7 owner post on instagram a lot of people tried to use bots to buy more than 10 boxes each....Things are getting really weird and people suck....
  11. It was the same for me but i hoped for a system error and continued to refresh the page and after a few of minutes it went up again and i was able to snag one...