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  1. I found those, no word on who is releasing them, grabbed Gratitude, not shure if i need another Far copy.... https://www.flight13.com/gratitude-s-t/137153 https://www.flight13.com/far-water-solution/137151
  2. https://somtheband.bandcamp.com/album/the-fall Someone posted this when it came out on cd and digital, now they are pressing it on vinyl...Heavy shoegaze in the vein of Jesu and one of my favourite record of the year....
  3. I would love a colored reissue of Better Nature but i doubt it will never happen....
  4. I hope more Usa label will use DHL international in the future!! Ordered to save some bucks even the color isn't my favourite..
  5. Hope the blue will be available in Europe, right now i can't afford the shipping cost from Usa....
  6. Wow!! This is badder than bad.....And it's not production problem only, those songs are so boring......Really regret to have ordered it.....
  7. It has some amazing moments and a few of incredible songs, but the songwriting is a little too repetitive...
  8. So sad i missed the limited 100, i love Cherubs and they are one of my favourite noise-rock band and i have all their albums, please if someone wants part ways with his copy contact me with a private message...Thanks!!
  9. I really love R. Loren related projecst(Pyramids, Sailors With Wax Wings(that i would love it could be pressed on wax one day), White Moth. But i never liked this band....
  10. uhm.....Not happy about what i heard until now.....
  11. I still regret to have missed theyr 10" reissue, damn!! Anyway ordered!!!
  12. My problem with Wip production is always the mixing....In this case the voice in the background is so frustrating....
  13. I tried and tried but i must admit i dind't like their first record....