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  1. So sad i missed the limited 100, i love Cherubs and they are one of my favourite noise-rock band and i have all their albums, please if someone wants part ways with his copy contact me with a private message...Thanks!!
  2. I really love R. Loren related projecst(Pyramids, Sailors With Wax Wings(that i would love it could be pressed on wax one day), White Moth. But i never liked this band....
  3. uhm.....Not happy about what i heard until now.....
  4. I still regret to have missed theyr 10" reissue, damn!! Anyway ordered!!!
  5. My problem with Wip production is always the mixing....In this case the voice in the background is so frustrating....
  6. I tried and tried but i must admit i dind't like their first record....
  7. Contemporary Movement and Stratosphere on colored and black vinyl at SRCvinyl... https://www.srcvinyl.com/duster-contemporary-movement-orange-lp.html https://www.srcvinyl.com/duster-stratosphere-white-lp.html
  8. I just found this link, so i think P.O. from Relapse will go up soon.... https://www.flight13.com/torche-admission/135528?locale=en
  9. The album was recorded at the end of the last year, so i think something is going on....
  10. I'm still waiting for the copy i backed for....
  11. The same story about a lot of other releases (I remember Failure complaining about Magnified for example..), but when you sign for a major you must know that they owns the rights of your music and they can do whater they want with it...
  12. I ended buying it with that weird 5,60$ international shipping option, but i'm shure i will be contacted soon from their store to update the shipping cost and then probably i will delete my order...
  13. Was it available as bundle only, rght? Now on discogs is going around 100 euros.....But i can't afford it right now....