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  1. https://www.vinylmeplease.com/products/still-woozy-woozy-discography even though VMP is a shitshow, this should go fast.
  2. I find it hard to believe that third man only kept 100. Friday full line up there. I went in Saturday and got 2 copies (admittedly I flipped cause super ridiculous prices / demand). I went back yesterday and got another copy for myself. Still a bunch of copies there. No way they only kept 100 and didn’t sell out yet. I know a few other local ‘Detroiter’s’ flipping them on eBay. Yeah yeah, douchebag move on my part but it paid for other releases I couldn’t get at retail and paid flippers price. on the plus side, a black version will be out shortly. They were already pressing it this weekend there.
  3. What was retail on these? 24.99? If you keep refreshing eBay for newly listed, I just snapped up one of $29. It seems shops are putting inventory online right now, but have to be quick and just catch at the right time.
  4. For what its worth, mine arrived from amazon.uk in perfect condition and I’ve played it through a couple times now, and the record is pretty clean without any noise. And i agree, both my copies of laughing stock and spirit of Eden have some annoying surface noise now and then and the odd pop... =/ overall happy with this release but would much rather better copies of LS and SoE.
  5. My mint limited version showed up in Detroit today without my account being updated to shipped or anything. Green poster, pink sticker, no lookbook.
  6. Limited to 750 B&N on Hawkeye tan vinyl https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/last-of-the-mohicans-joel-mcneely/125442?ean=0888072102040 standard black will be available too elsewhere.
  7. Prolly a bit crazy after shipping and exchange but this shop in Ireland still has copies of the crow on their website... but I’m sure more domestically will turn up soon. https://www.assai.co.uk/products/the-crow-soundtrack-double-black-white-vinyl-lp-new-rsd-2019?variant=20857907052603
  8. I just bought a few records off there right now. They are selling rsd 2019 stuff...
  9. I never saw this mentioned before but for those interested, released as a BAM exclusive on RSD... first time on vinyl. Somewhat a companion album to her brothers book ‘house of leaves’ https://www.booksamillion.com/p/BAM-Exclusive-Vinyl-Haunted/Poe/F634164608019?id=7557120943029
  10. I signed up for club first day... no shipping confirmation as of yet... I emailed cherry tree last week and today... no response yet... bah... =/