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  1. The Coke Bottle Clear copies are shipping, btw. I've received mine already.
  2. Missed it too. One of these anniversaries, there will be a mass pressing.
  3. I have told myself over and over, “no more 7”’s” but this is tough to pass on.
  4. Anyone know what kind of outer sleeve will fit this beast? Nothing in my collection will fit the three LP set.
  5. My copy of the black vinyl arrived today and in general it sounds good. I do hear the sibilance people mentioned on "How To Disappear Completely". I try not to be precious about pressings, but it's pretty noticeable. Kid A side two is mislabeled as Amnesiac side two, which was very confusing, but the audio is correct. I'll be curious to see if anyone sees this issue.
  6. I didn't see this posted yet, but am very excited for this reissue. There is a lower cost black vinyl or the indie store / band store exclusive in forest green. https://travis.tmstor.es/?affcode=superdelux https://craftrecordings.com/products/travis-the-invisible-band-lp
  7. This shit is ridiculous. They have a long out of print, rare LP, and they repressed 600 only?
  8. They were not Nicole while in the band, just added that for clarity.
  9. Yes, Chris has always been at the helm of their sound. In fact, when I saw them at Chicago Subterranean, he was actually working the soundboard instead of onstage.
  10. I became very skeptical if this band could still make a good album. Derrick/Nicole (who was their major songwriter) left and attempted to cancel the band, then they put out the stinker album, Always Foreign. I thought I was done with them, but this album is fantastic. I may have to buy the record now.
  11. Did anyone else pick up the recent late catalog represses (OMNI, Infinity Overhead, Lost Loves)? I'm trying to figure out if it's just my copy of Lost Loves that has an insane amount of surface noise or if it's the whole pressing.
  12. My copy of Kerplunk arrived as well and I'm convinced that it is legit and matches the runout detail from the original pressing found on Discogs. Pretty great eBay find!
  13. FWIW I've noticed that the amount of inner groove distortion heard is dependent on the turntable and tonearm. I noticed it on my first unit, but as I've gradually stepped up players over the years, I don't hear it at all. There is also some black magic involved in the pressings because some records that just seem to go and go (Blind Melon's "Soup") have nothad inner groove distortion on any of TTs.
  14. As a casual Radiohead fan, this scratches my itch to have these on vinyl, and especially thankful that they are 1 LP each! I do understand how the real fans might not be enthusiastic about this.
  15. This is super interesting, and I'm really looking forward to my copy of Kerplunk arriving so I can dig into it. I would expect it to looked fairly aged if it's an original LK46 pressing. We will see. DRAMA
  16. Because of this thread, I found a copy of Kerplunk by the same seller. I'm also concerned this is a bootleg, but given your experience, maybe not? Will let you all know when it arrives.
  17. Yeah, I think this thread is dead, but if anyone wants that Enemies record, I have it on my Discogs https://www.discogs.com/seller/FeetFirstVinyl/profile
  18. Smartpunk variant arrived today. Looks and sounds amazing.

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