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  1. Holy crap these have gone fast. I guess I'll settle for the 5000 pressing...
  2. Perhaps confirmation bias, but I've had white records with an extreme amount of static. Either way, I tend to go for the strongest vinyl to give the best chance there won't be a warp or dish, and that's heavyweight black (the hardest vinyl).
  3. I'm falling in line with this way of thinking too. I remember some other jaded soul posting a response to a pre-order announcement with "get your fresh dishes here!" No kidding, almost every record ships with a warp or just completely dished. So I've set up a few rules: No 2xLPs that follow the 3 tracks / side model. It's not needed and inner grove quality issues are fixed with a good transfer / pressing / math. Only get records I can envision playing more than once. Say yes to new records of seminal releases in my history. See Deep Elm represses, etc. Don't buy a record if I already own it. No gimmick shit. Picture disks, glow in the dark, white vinyl, should be avoided at all cost. 180G black pressings preferred. If the pre-order is more than 6 months away, fuck that.
  4. Wait a minute, did Dr. Matt Destruction leave the band? OK I looked it up and apparently he left in 2013 and was replaced by "The Johan and Only". Interestingly, he was in a previous band called Randy. The mystery of who Randy Fitzsimmons is, grows...
  5. I ordered my copy from an indie shop and still haven't received it. No notification from the shop either. I wonder if I'll ever get my green copy.
  6. Damn, the color variants are all sold out but Black is still available. DBR Brooklyn Vegan RevHQ
  7. Damn, although Dull looks good, I really want the Vomit variant. Found an option. https://store.rattlebackrecords.com/UPC/603967182033
  8. I feel that, especially with clear, but I'm also a slut for the lowest quantity variant...
  9. This was tempting, but I'm trying to hold off. You guys are not making it easy... Damnit, I went ahead and ordered the pinwheel before it was gone.
  10. My Benton Falls LPs arrived today and even though I would have preferred the original art, they look amazing. I have only listened to Fighting Starlight and it sounds like a fantastic transfer!
  11. I've seen this on Reddit and other places. I don't understand it.
  12. They have been lackluster, and the binge of new music is odd. Perhaps it's a part of his therapy. Anyways, I'm still a fan and bought these records...
  13. I would like to have the Bon Iver flexi single but I have such a hard time justifying noisy white vinyl. The red looks nice, and so far this single is better than what I've heard from the past two albums.
  14. I also got the yellow LP recently and it's a pretty good pressing. I'd be tempted if they did remaster / half-speed master / hi res transfer, but otherwise, it's a tall order.
  15. My Highway Back to Texas variant arrived today. It looks and sounds beautiful!
  16. I saw the email from T&N right before these went on sale. So lucky I did; this album rips. Also, these are expected to ship 12/16!
  17. This is a very good record, even though it often gets overlooked.
  18. I'm not surprised at the varying opinions. This is an emo super group, who some of us are stans for, and we will naturally compare to their other bands. Personally, this is an excellent record and Anthony's scream is something I didn't know I needed in my life (have not really listened to him much before).
  19. My copy arrived from Wax Bodega pretty quickly and I can't stop listening. This is an emo masterpiece. It's not the most original record I've heard, but the execution is flawless.
  20. I ordered shortly after your post and only the gold variant was left. This seems like it went fast

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