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  1. I didn't realize the new pressing is 180g. I don't think the blue variant was that heavy. https://enemiesmusic.bandcamp.com/album/weve-been-talking
  2. Whatever else they do is just gravy on top. We've Been Talking is a perfect post emo rock instrumental album.
  3. Classic Ohio emo band, Annabel is putting out a new album after 9 years and it sounds good so far https://annabel.bandcamp.com/album/worldviews-2 Ships in June 200 Bubblegum Pink/Red 300 Sea Blue
  4. My Jockey #2 copy arrived today and looks exactly like the mock-up. Excellent record too.
  5. Wow, my black copy surprised arrived today. I forgot I even ordered this, but I can't wait to spin it!
  6. Totally the same. Been listening to the LPs since the new album was announced.
  7. Well shit, that was weird. I ordered the Smart Punk variant in addition to the PV Early Bird, and the transaction looks like it went through, but I got a weird error as well. I think I'll just hold onto the Polyvinyl order too. I don't want to cancel anything and possibly end up with neither...
  8. PO from Polyvinly, then I saw the Smart Punk /100. Jesus...
  9. Yup, same here. It didn't grab me at first, but it's solid.
  10. Interesting, I haven't had a vinyl pressing that sounds "bad" per se. The worst I've heard is on par with digital. Also, Epitaph has invested a lot in its vinyl business. I heard that Brett bought his pressing plant as he saw Epitaph's sales shift to vinyl and wanted to be able to meet demand, etc. Caveat: this is secondhand from someone who knows him, so take with salt.
  11. Yes, my per-ordered copy arrived two weeks ago. I ordered the Coke-Bottle Clear & Black Marble version from Kings Road Merch (surprisingly). Sounds good to me, but I have not had a chance to really blast it.
  12. Agreed, this is a great album. As some have mentioned, Meet Me is mid, but I think it's more of a sequencing issue. If it wasn't track #2, we wouldn't be talking about it being mid.
  13. Are you talking about the My Fault EP? The full album is not available yet unless it's been leaked.
  14. Yeah, mine arrived today from KRM. I got the Black, Bone, & Maroon, and yup, that's what it is.
  15. Holy shit these guys are back? Everybody Left was an amazing album...
  16. So is the self-titled. It's stellar, actually. I mean, listen to this song...
  17. FYI, this was repressed in half red half black ("appleblack"). https://theweakerthans.kingsroadmerch.com/product/25489/reconstruction-site-lp-appleblack I ordered the print and my god either the ink or the paper smells terrible. Anyone have this happen before and know how to fix?
  18. Couldn't resist any longer, this band is so good. Got the Jockey#2 variant.
  19. Damnit I loved the first album and this band pretty much checks all the boxes for me. I'm just not sure if they are a "must own vinyl" band.. That jockey #2 version looks hot though.
  20. OK, I finally listened to the 180g black vinyl. After listening to the digital hi res (96k 24b) files, I think there is a slightly different mix on the vinyl, but it still sounds good. The only real difference I heard is Bruce's vocal is pulled up more on the vinyl. Not sure but it seems like some of the pressings have real defects. Speaking of pressings, I don't know if the ForumMotion post about pressing quantities is accurate or not because apparently the limited 500 Rough Trade half black half yellow is still available?
  21. 😬 You're Awful, I Love You has Lake Ponchartrain on it, which is a masterpiece.

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