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  1. I've heard that white vinyl can be noisy, but this pressing sounds great.
  2. This is really tempting but goddamn, too may pre-orders lately.
  3. I have this already, but damn. Where was this announced? Pedestrian Verse is my white whale and if they ever repress that and miss it, I will be inconsolable.
  4. Amazon seems to be having an issue with their stock. I pre-ordered in September and my order was supposed to arrive this week but it is showing "Delayed, not yet shipped". UGH. As insurance, I went ahead and ordered from a local indie shop that had it in stock. I may end up with a dupe, but that's probably just fine on this one.
  5. I missed this info; did they announce that on TomPetty.com?
  6. I actually saw those up, but surprisingly stood by my no 7" policy
  7. Good god, I'm not sure I'm down for the total amount. Maybe there will be a bundle...
  8. My new blue copy got a small dogear too. Man I wish people would over-package these things...
  9. Welllll, I do also have an original pressing that I paid too much for a year ago...
  10. Mine is arriving today too. For $28 shipping, I feel I am getting my money's worth. 3 days to Chicago; nice.
  11. Exactly my mindset going into this and eventually purchasing.
  12. I thought they posted something, but actually I DM'd them. No estimate unfortunately, but they just started shipping the Stay Inside record which I pre-ordered a little while before the B&C repressed were available, so hopefully it's coming soon.
  13. They have and acknowledged on Twitter. BTW I ordered 4/19/20 🙄
  14. I pre-ordered these about 5 months ago and still waiting. I have a second press of Separation and a first press of TTWTWM and I'm really hoping the pressing quality is increased. They aren't un-listenable, but man these records deserve so much more.
  15. Yup, I went for it. Yolk In The Fur was amazing and I like this new song.
  16. Shipping was outrageous, but I still ordered a copy. Considering how much I was spending, I threw in a copy of Embark, Embrace to make it feel a bit less painful.
  17. For US, standard variant is available here. $24.50 shipped. https://stickfigure-mailorder.myshopify.com/search?q=chamberlain
  18. I do have a copy of the opaque blue pressing, but still. This album is so great, Oso Oso / State Lines are one of my favorite bands, and it's difficult to find, a black copy would be so nice.