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  1. Red Cat pressing arrived today and it's very pretty and sounds super clean. Not the most dynamic sounding album I have, but all in all, a good pressing.
  2. And we get the b-sides for Killing Time which are stellar.
  3. Interesting, but I am still waiting for my pre-order to ship!
  4. Ordered this fast. It's been out of print for so long I was worried....
  5. I am going to spend a fortune on shipping to get those Benton Falls albums. I am beyond excited for this and really hope that the artwork isn't changed.
  6. Is there a current pressing of The Black Parade that is preferred? I want a copy, but don't want to go on yet another hunt for the best ever pressing.
  7. Team Red Cat! That was kind of pricey ($47) for one, but OK it's a seminal album.
  8. I want to believe this, but Amazon burned me on Everything In Transit...
  9. I want this badly, but waiting for a US option that has Miss California.
  10. Got my shipping alert too. I ordered the tan / red smoke. Interested to see how that looks. Maybe gross?
  11. The Glass Passenger is such a great album, I'm so glad to see this pop up. Ms. California might be their best song.
  12. I also like that Bandcamp is very accustomed to using 24-bit / 48,000 khz+ sources. This good source material could get us some nice presses.
  13. I agree that you could hear their melodic leanings even in Fate's Got A Driver, and I think that The Moon My Saddle is a damn near perfect album to introduce an updated sonic direction with. Red Weather sounded a bit generic to me on first blush, but it has definitely grown on me in the 10 listens since I made my previous post 😀
  14. Anyone have thoughts on this record? I think it's good, but not as heartfelt as The Moon My Saddle. But to be fair, that album is a tough watermark to rise to.
  15. Did not opt for the Lame-O Support variant. The checkerboard is good enough for me. Also listened to the album and it truly is great.
  16. I agree. Maybe we're all desensitized from 2020; lacquer shortage, oversold manufacturing process, etc. We're used to it and know it's not SL's or Dikembe's fault.
  17. Never bought from Acoustic Sounds before. It says the record is "Back Ordered," I wonder if that means I'll never get it or if it's a pre-order? Actually, VinylMePlease had it in stock, so I went with that. https://www.vinylmeplease.com/products/counting-crows-august-and-everything-after?variant=31766035300442
  18. This is fantastic. I had an original pressing of this that I stupidly sold a while ago. So happy to getting this back.

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