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  1. Target, Best Buy, Amazon, and notably now at Newbury Comics. This smells like a stock Black repress, Newbury always advertises the limited colors in the pictures. Still a possibility that zero major retailers ever received the initial yellow presses, I know I've been waiting mine from banquet for 2 months, but seems convenient for a /750 limited press to have this much spread and stock all of a sudden.
  2. Thanks to the community for lighting this post up, I certainly would have missed this without it. I've been DM'd Underoath several times in the past if they had rights to repress anytime soon... While it's not the the fabled Green pressing of TOCS, I have to day I'll be so happy once I finally get my hands on these, and I dig the smoky color even if they do show up being nearly black. Grabbed a spare box because god knows it doesn't take long for each of these albums to be sought after again 😁