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  1. I actually just canceled my order from the webstore and went for this version as well for the $10 savings. Gladly put that $10 toward my preorder of The National record
  2. someone else got one up just before mine, how can I delete this?
  3. oh yea for sure, I just meant this combined with all the false starts and removals of stores/various leaks in the last few days. But definitely could be way worse
  4. Needed its own thread, out April 28: So far White and Black: https://shopusa.4ad.com/first-two-pages-of-frankenstein
  5. Awesome, I just googled the Spin-Clean and its apparently manufactured like 10 minutes from where I live... pretty wild.. this definitely looks like a good option
  6. I searched for this before posting so apologies if already a thread on this... I always see people posting things like "got my new record, some static but I haven't cleaned it yet" or something like that. What tool/method do you use to clean records? I don't have anything and wondering if its worth looking in to/how much of a difference it makes.
  7. I really liked this record and it always seemed like a forgotten one. Randomly became hard to find to listen to, but agreed the price is just a little too high to get my to bite
  8. weird that these are shipping in Oct too and not an open preorder like with Folklore variants. Makes me think these will be available again at some point if they don't sell out during this week
  9. When I first read about this, I thought for sure $100, $70 seems reasonable for all thats included given today's vinyl prices. or maybe I've completely lost touch with reality
  10. wonder if those are place holder titles or if they'll really be called Track One etc
  11. Wow, record ships on release date instead of 9 months later like the last two
  12. Canceled my pinwheel and switched to the rough trade. probably wouldn't have if it was more expensive, but essentially the same (saved $1) and I like the color in color. For some reason rough trade exclusive seem to last forever even when they're the most limited.
  13. Genuine question for people who understand vinyl pressing. Will this sound awful? How are they managing to get 7 tracks per side?
  14. New Wild Pink record coming October 14. Love these guys so I ordered right away, but $10 shipping makes this like $42 all in Band variant, limited to 300: Double LP vinyl version of Wild Pink's highly anticipated new album, ILYSM. Pressed on galaxy bone & orchid opaque vinyl. Artist exclusive variant - limited to 300 copies. https://www.coldcutsmerch.com/collections/wildpink/products/wild-pink-ilysm-2x12 Another Label variant, also 300 sea blue transparent vinyl: https://royalmountainrecords.com/products/wild-pink-ilysm
  15. awesome, nice surprise, hadn't heard anything about these guys lately. And this song is great
  16. Even though its painful to destroy, I actually think this is a good policy when people are putting records like this on eBay for so much. Wonder how many extra copies they could have on hand for replacements?
  17. I somehow got the /100 one so i'm pretty pumped despite the huge price tag. Used Apple Pay, not sure if that helped with quicker check out. I also attended this show so I was extra motivated to own it
  18. I wanted to clown on this too when I heard “how’s it gonna be” but I just listened to this today and I actually really enjoyed it. Even how’s it gonna be sounded way better in context, nice change of pace after a lot of straight forward acoustic renditions
  19. Great tip, I just ordered from Amoeba as well!
  20. thanks! grabbed one as well, I assume shipping now? I didn't notice any date or pre order wording
  21. totally agree, best album since at least dusk and summer. I've been waiting to give the whole thing a listen but picking it up after work now. First listen through and I don't think there was really a single song that wasn't at least enjoyable
  22. Wrote this while on the phone and just saw that I wrote "special versions" like I just heard about vinyl records this morning

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