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  1. Yeah look, this is starting to get annoying. Had they rolled out the STD and TBEITBN last week, I would have got them bundled with Beggars and FATA.
  2. So, if they're pressing Beggars by itself..... Do we think that the Thrice Box Set they've been alluding to is just an Alchemy Index repress?
  3. Grabbed the Beggars and black variant of FATA. Stoked.
  4. Yeah, launched in the early morning but still managed to grab the grey/gold and a black copy.
  5. My absolute favourite hardcore record of all time is getting a remaster and repress for the 15th anniversary via Deathwish Inc. "Death Knows Your Name" is their landmark album originally released in 2006. Recorded by Kurt Ballou at God City Studios, it is a powerful chapter in the band's recorded legacy. From the haunting first notes of "They Know Not" to the Earth shaking "Stolen Days", the unrelenting rage of the album is undeniable. From musicianship to presentation, "Death Knows Your Name" still stands as a high watermark for the genre. The "Deluxe" edition features the classic eleven song album along with the song "Eurohell". A track previously available on their "Hang Your Cross" EP (now out of press). The physical packaging has also been revamped, featuring a special "Black on Black" printing of Aaron Horkey's incredible artwork for the release. * Remastered for vinyl and digital * Vinyl features a gatefold jacket with spot UV varnish * "Eurohell" plays on a hidden track behind a locked groove on the b-side First Press: 100 - Clear w/ White & Grey Splatter (Friends & Family) 300 - Beer / Gold / Black w/ White Heavy Splatter (Deathwish Exclusive) 500 - Black in Beer (Indie Exclusive Exclusive) 500 - Gold / Grey Mix ∞ - Black https://deathwishinc.com/collections/the-hope-conspiracy/products/the-hope-conspiracy-death-knows-your-name-deluxe
  6. On the back of 'Time Will Die' and the two singles, I have no doubt that this will be my AOTY 2022. Every time I revisit 'Time Will Die', I am still blown away. Such a moving record.
  7. Didn't get with the single the first time around, but having come back to it a few times I'm really liking it now.
  8. Also, the DD and SFTD wider releases were black. Clouds Hill has already done a wide release of TMV on black, so I assume they're just going to continue doing coloured runs as exclusives via specific outlets.
  9. Funny how so often when artists do box sets, the box features exclusive coloured variants and the like. Whereas with TMV, the box was all black vinyl and now they're just going to keep ramming new variants down our throats for eons ha. Can't complain, I got the box and the VMP Deloused. Would love a nice colour pressing of FTM then I'll tap out.
  10. First album from these legends in 12 years and the single is already better than anything Steven Wilson has released in the last decade (IMO). Couple of cool variants up for pre-order: https://porcupinetree.tmstor.es/?lf=787f3846d973f15a391eeab1ec41e434 Album isn't out till June, so a hell of a wait sadly.
  11. Worth noting that Rise also got the publishing rights for Capture & Embrace (on Spotify, it's licensed to them) I would love to see both of those IP albums pressed finally.
  12. They posted vinyl mockups for the Singles EP at the beginning of the year. Safe to assume they pressed them alongside the S/T EP and have just been waiting for the album hype to peak so they can sell them out straight away.
  13. Damn, that came out of nowhere. Wonder if other variants are coming?
  14. For real, while the box itself looked cool and all...........the quality across the board was fairly terrible. Also, I'll never understand the mentality behind making Redeemer a picture disc when the others were regular presses.
  15. It's 5:33am in Melbourne and I've been trying to make this happen but it keeps crashing. If someone manages to land a spare that an avid fan on the other side of the world could take off their hands, then do let me know.
  16. They went up 2 minutes early. Have both in my cart but can't check out. Fuuuuuuuuck

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