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  1. Assuming the band has very little to do with this and it's just BMG trying to cash in. At the same time, I'm hoping this might be an indicator that the early releases are coming soon. Morgan confirmed on a podcast not that long ago that they were in the works but the hold up was actually due to the artwork and not having the original files for them.
  2. All three have been pressed on vinyl in the past? I have the OG Malice press and the Mirrors/Controller double set.
  3. I really hope so. They've had nothing but trouble trying to get licenses from Warner for the first three albums.
  4. Man, this has been an expensive morning. Instantly grabbed this and the Thrice 'Artist' variant, then the Misery Signals EP a few hours later.
  5. While trans black is certainly pretty meh, I'm just stoked that there's going to be a copy that is pretty readily available. EVR did their typical 'launch at 3am Melbourne time' and I missed out on everything by the time I woke up for work. Stoked I could nab the BV clear variant though.
  6. Had my 'Shine' copy arrive on release day and honestly, they've nailed every facet of it. The variant, artwork, layout and signed insert are all spot on. Really enjoying the album so far and feel like it's only going to get better the more I listen to it.
  7. Saw Fiddlehead last night in Melbourne and grabbed the Neon Orange variant of the new album. Huge AOTY contender for me.
  8. Immediately pre-order for me. Song is huge and Acle has outdone himself on the mix. Bold leading with an 11 minute single. Imagine the album has a lot to offer.
  9. "Celebrate 10 years of The Dillinger Escape Plan's fifth studio album "One of Us Is the Killer" with an exclusive 2LP vinyl pressing containing the original release, plus a second disc with album instrumentals on monochromatic wax. Housed in a silver foil gatefold jacket with printed lyrics sleeves and download card." Three variants up on the Sumerian Store: https://sumerianrecords.com/collections/the-dillinger-escape-plan/products/dillinger-escape-plan-one-of-us-is-the-killer-10-year-deluxe-silver-white-black-tri-color-side-a-b-vinyl https://sumerianrecords.com/collections/the-dillinger-escape-plan/products/dillinger-escape-plan-one-of-us-is-the-killer-10-year-deluxe-silver-white-split-w-black-splatter-vinyl https://sumerianrecords.com/collections/the-dillinger-escape-plan/products/dillinger-escape-plan-one-of-us-is-the-killer-10-year-deluxe-silver-black-cornetto-w-white-splatter-vinyl
  10. The latest band to pull a Taylor Swift and completely re-record a hallmark record rather than try to repress the OG due to the publishing being locked up by a major label. Looks like it' s a great package with a triple gatefold and all: https://switchfoot.com/products/the-beautiful-letdown-switchfoot-version-vinyl?fbclid=IwAR0IAxZ632RZ9LCZ2woiJX_va0h7juCm-YbqZriI6wgmN2lGOmuAOt_2skE
  11. So I ended up grabbing the JB/Australian exclusive as some copies ended up making it to stores and goodness, it turned out so much better than the mock. Also, album is wonderful. The title track and Bow Down To Love are particularly great tracks.
  12. Genuinely surprised at how easy that was. Unreal to finally complete my Saves The Day discography.
  13. Dude, right? Give me a Second Stage and Can't Slow Down repress, and I will give you ALL OF THE FUCKING MONEY
  14. Wasn't the last run of this album an open pre-order to ensure that everyone who wanted a copy got one? Seems a waste to keep repressing this when there are so many great EVR titles that desperately need a repress.
  15. Tried valiantly to get In Reverie last time to no avail, so here's hoping I can get it this time around.
  16. Jumped on the smoke variant immediately. Unreal to finally have an official copy coming my way.
  17. Didn't Relapse confirm that essentially everything except Antenna was getting repressed?
  18. Feeling really sorry for anyone who dropped a chunk on boots in recent years thinking an official repress was never going to happen. Soooooooooooooo stoked for this.
  19. Despite having the OG pressing of this, I'm gonna have to get that splatter.
  20. Went back and forth on whether to get the deluxe but caved and nabbed it after hearing the remaster on streaming. Gotta say, I'm stoked Relapse didn't just drop a heap of presses for all of the Cave In albums at once as my wallet wasn't gonna be able to handle that.

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