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  1. I would trade a sealed starburst Luminiferous for a black Euro Luminiferous if anyone is interested.
  2. This release is being handled by literally ONE man who runs his own recording studio, record label and is in at least two bands all the while packing and shipping probably around 2000 or more copies of this record. It may be a while before he responds and it may be even longer before you get any notification of your order shipping.
  3. OK. The reason I ask is because I see a shit ton of Live At Third Man LPs all over the place and am not familiar enough with their vaults or the nature of a LATM vault exclusive to have been aware that those other standard ones I saw never had a colored vault exclusive version only to have a standard version available later. Thanks for clearing that up. Looks like I have pretty much have to get this one and then be sentient enough to remember to cancel after it ships.
  4. Yeah, that clip sounds pretty good. Vocals are pretty quiet but shit. This might just be worth it. Are we sure there won't be a standard version of this like all the other LATMR releases??? Anyone???
  5. I vaguely remember listening to one online and thought it sounded really distorted and clipped. I don't know if it was just that one that was like that or if they all end up getting cut too hot like that.
  6. Looks like its $60 which isn't too awful. I was expecting it to be a lot more.
  7. Hmmm... I think I'm most sold on the bitching opportunity.... and the patch is a close second. But I am correct that basically every other Live At Third Man disc has had a standard release that you can buy in a record store usually, right? Another question: Don't a lot of these direct to acetate recordings sound a little ass-y?
  8. So.... there won't be a standard edition that I don't have to buy a vault in order to get like basically all the other Live At Thirdman LP's???? Someone please explain this bullshit to me.
  9. The original multitracks for YPAA were recorded on DAT cassettes so you you'll never have an "all analog" pressing but if they mixed the DAT to a stereo 1/2" tape and then did the standard LP cutting you could get pretty close.
  10. Vinyl edition of new album available Spring 2040.
  11. In that case Matt could go fuck himself and disappear from the face of the planet...
  12. Yeah, I just shoved both the LP and the EP into the oversized bag that came with the EP. Kind of sucks but it works.
  13. This has to be emphasized. One man, who owns and operates his own analog recording studio in 2018, has retained the license to a major label flop of a record (not talking shit, they didn't do well on a mainstream level, pretty sure they never recouped on Astronaut) that he recorded 20 years ago, made a new analog mix, got it cut to lacquer and pressed to vinyl in what seems like a pretty huge quantity and is taking orders from a cult fanbase and is handling each and every order personally, on his own and the final product has been at least 3 years in the making. Now normally I would bitch at this price for this particular product but when you consider the scope of the undertaking and the lack of manpower, I can't really complain. Let's try not to lose perspective.
  14. Summer In Abaddon is amazing. It might be my favorite but the goldenness of the majority of the jams on Blue Screen Life is too much to deny. I highly recommend you check it out unless you're afraid of being so enamored by it that you'll be unrelentingly compelled to pick up a copy on vinyl despite their exorbitant aftermarket prices. I scored like a motherfucker around 2010 and got a clear copy for $5. eBay snipers were slacking that day.
  15. Where are you getting superiority from? I shave my neck meticulously.
  16. There is nothing hyperbolic about those words nor the context in which I used them. I avoid paying high prices for new production vinyl so as to not encourage such pricing in the future. $40 is too much for any gatefold 2xLP that doesn't come with a blowjob. (hint: none of them come with blowjobs). The way that I know that its too much is because there are more examples of gatefold 2xLPs that are in the $20-$26 than there are in the $40. Major labels not withstanding. Those fuckers are just out of their minds for the most part. Look if there is something essential to my collection that is rare from the 90's and is completely out of print or if the pressing from that era is definitely superior to any repress, I'm gonna splurge on the out of print old one in a number of instances. But I talk shit when a store buys the licensing to have an exclusive variant of a popular record and explodes the price on the merit of exclusive color alone. Its transparently greedy and pathetic. So I talk shit. It doesn't mean I have to just choose not to buy it and forever hold my peace. I'm just talking about it. I do worry about it. The bullmoose price is awful too. Its just not as awful as the Newbury and bullmoose didn't go out of their way to bring that variant into fruition just to overcharge for it. There is a difference but either way I'm not a fan of either price and of course I won't buy it. That's obvious. I don't even want it but I call out shitty practices sometimes.
  17. Relax. Just because it isn't fundamental to life, doesn't mean I can't critique the business practices surrounding the sale of it. I know its not medication (nor a credit card balance) and I never implied that it was in any way similar. In fact I completely rejected the comparison of record pricing to any other type of entertainment product but especially something as fundamentally necessary as fuel for your means of transportation. I merely pointed out that it is a lot by today's standards with direct comparisons to a nearly identical product of the exact same format and if people keep buying up the specialized versions of products at ridiculous prices they will encourage those who produce or sell said products to keep inflating the prices even on the regular non-specialized basic editions. I think that is a valid concern. This is a vinyl message board. I'm limiting my critique to vinyl prices. I'm also not advocating that anyone buy more than one copy of any record. I guess you could say that I'm attempting to be persuasive against anyone buying Newbury Comics exclusives because their prices, in my contention, are an insult. I don't think that's a serious transgression. And still, I'm not even aggressively dictating to anyone that they must not buy those editions. I'm simply providing a voice of dissent for my own venting and for anyone who wishes to engage in the conversation. My concern is that it would be nice if engaging in the practice of consuming products like vinyl records could remain somewhat affordable to me. And of course I'm using my own measure of affordability to make that case admittedly. If the cost of production actually justifies such a spike in the retail price of the product then maybe that just means that I get priced out of participating in the consumerism of a product that is important to me and that is something that obviously concerns me. I hope that its clear that I enjoy accumulating and listening to vinyl records. Here I am on a discussion forum dedicated to records talking about that and all the aforementioned issues surrounding it. Also, if this topic and my position on it aggravates you that much, you luckily have the liberty of ignoring it. If you want to debate it, I'm clearly happy to. PS Fuck golf still.
  18. For some people $40 is much in the grand scheme of things. Especially when you know that the same fundamental item can be and has been made available at an agreeable price. That is my point. The arbitrary over-exploding of a price point for such a trivial detail is transparently scummy. No one has to agree with me. I'm just saying its a fool's game and Newbury are exploiting the fuck out of it. Also, I reject the existence of golf from societal, social, socioeconomic and environmental perspectives. Its a vile, awful waste of natural space and I want it to die.
  19. Nothing is being over-thought. Newbury is a straight up player who licenses popular record titles to have exclusive color variants made only to be sold at nearly double the cost of most other in print editions because their edition is "limited" and "exclusive" and the suckers lap it up. People are free to be taken in by it but when you consider that music purchasers generally aim to have a larger quantity of records at their disposal than rounds of golf, tanks of gas or IMAX movie experiences it stands to reason that if a product can be and is sold at a reasonable price, then selling the same essential product with an extra baked in level of exclusivity or scarcity just to pander to a certain gullible demographic is particularly reprehensible and also thereby your analogy does not land. Not the end of the world. Just a greedy and ugly way to take advantage of those affected by a very particular type of product hype. You vote with your wallet. Keep buying overpriced shit and the shit you want will keep going up in price. I'm one of those crazies who would rather their physical music format be further to the affordable side. Plus, I'm not exactly sitting on a mountain of money and would like each of my dollars to go as far as they can. I would also never play golf. Ever.
  20. I'm pretty sure the rights to the Interscope albums have gone to the band by now. I could be wrong. I think they just have an issue accessing the masters of those albums.
  21. The box set could easily be CD's and/or DVD's. I never take for granted that unspecified box set formats are going to definitely be vinyl. I've been disappointed too many times before. They didn't even specify that the box set was going to be inclusive of the studio albums in any capacity. For all we know it could be box set for a live performance that was recorded and will contain the performance on CD and DVD with a special glossy 32 page hardbound photo book. There is literally nothing specified about what this box would be a set of. And yeah, maybe it would include a pillow. Stranger items have been thrown into box sets for music artists before.