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  1. Yeah, it pretty much already tops KNY for me. There are a lot of great songs on KNY but there are like 3 on the B-side that just feel uninspired. It really hurts the overall score for it as an album but I really do love the songs that are good. I feel like "Poltergeist" suffers from a really lackadaisical final vocal take/edit. I just know he could have done that with more feeling but I really love the song itself and the idea of it. Just feels like he phoned in the majority of that vocal for the record. Early live versions were better.
  2. Yeah, Team Sleep or Palms would have been greatly preferable to Crosses for me. Oh well. Can't win 'em all. At least Ohms is one of their best albums of their career.
  3. I just want to say that is all Deftones albums finally come back into print like they had been for years recently, I hope to god that when S/T comes back in print, they decide to do it the justice it deserves and package it with a full color, complete reproduction of the the CD booklet but in a roughly 11x11" or 12x12" size. I could pretty much die happy if that would happen. The CD booklet is integral to that album and should be immortalized in the LP size as well. EDIT: Same goes for the SNW CD booklet. That shit needs get the same treatment as I mentioned above.
  4. Perfectly succinct and literally tells the entire story. The rest is just scenery.
  5. Yeah, I noticed that listing today. Don't know anything about it. I really hope the back catalog goes back in print in the US editions of the LP's. I need to replace my White Pony. And I just think these records should always be in print. They were all in print steadily since about 2011 when the S/T and SNW represses came out and every new album that was released since then pretty much stayed in print until about 5 months ago or so. Its weird how they all dried up but probably has something to do with Covid and potential staffing downsizing at pressing plants and vinyl resource manufacturers.
  6. Thanks for asking, man. I love dissecting this shit. So overall, my issues with the album are all like you said, minor qualms. Its really nothing drastic at all. So, I first want to say that I get your hang up on the Error chorus. And yes, that song in its totality is Goddess-level gorgeous. Literally the entire second half is like a free jazz full band explosive flourish filtered through the style of Deftones at their most spacey/psychedelic but modern. Like, I can't believe how much that didn't register in my first 15 listens to the album. When I finally took the time to realize what a gem of pure musical bliss that passage is, it just floored me and totally floored me that I couldn't recognize it until message board communities hit me over the head with it. I love your assessment of "sugary" as a potentially negative overage in music. I completely identify with that sentiment. And so its interesting that that phrase perfectly encapsulates my hangup with so much of the "mood" of Urantia. It feels fuckin' "sugary" but not just that, it has the gross misfortune of not just being sugary but also recalling some of the cheesy tonality of 80's rock/pop "sugar" like Huey Lewis or Eddie Money and I know that LITERALLY, that is a fucking stretch and I woudln't really expect ANYONE else to understand it and feel that way like I do. Its just something in that melodic structure overall that taints some aspect of the whole song for me but I DO want to ensure you that I actually do really feel myself getting over that hang up and really seeing it differently. Now I completely get your assessment of the sugary aspect to the chorus of Error and I honestly feel that too, it just so happens that its particular flavor of sugar is one that almost always really works for me. Again its something about the melodic and harmonic structure that comes from the combination of all the timbres involved. I think what it also is, is that Urantia feels way more like a Crosses song to me, and I only really liked about 2 or 3 tracks from that project and it was a certain type of "sugary" that just hit me all the wrong ways. For me Palms has its own types of sugar in it but it still feels more like... I don't know.. "big boy sugar" or "wise learned man sugar." The kind of sweetness that doesn't fall into your "guilty pleasure" category. Crosses felt more "guilty" and something about Urantia recalls that feeling for me. But I have to say that as a song structurally and with all the bells and whistles of those odd female voice playback samples it really does create a seriously cool atmosphere in parallel with the meat of the song which I find less favorable. The last thing I want to say about Urantia is that I'm quite certain the lyrics tell the tale of a homicidal stalker describing his exploits in crossing some major boundaries with the subject of their predation. Seems like it ends in a murder/suicide as well. So the lyrical tale holds all of this juicy, psychotic Lynchian noir intrigue which I find very interesting but there are still those hangups about the "melodic sugar" problem which for me feels like a consistent melodicism throughout the entirety of the track with little to no resolution away from the melody structure that doesn't sit well. Thanks for asking. I really feel like it helped me to articulate even for myself what the problem is for me. Oh and with The Spell of Mathematics, I totally understand where you're coming from on the outro but I actually love it. In fact, with that track in particular, knowing how long it was supposed to be I was hoping that those keys were going to lead to one more round of the more aggressive motifs of the song coming back to take us out but when it was just the keys leading to This Link Is Dead, I was a bit disappointed. That said, re-listening to the song repeatedly has had me just appreciating all of the magnificent passages of it that are there and the extent to which they are repeated in the structure and I've totally resolved my need to hear them restate an aggressive passage after the keys but before it ends. Now I just really appreciate the atmosphere the keys add to the album overall. This album is amazing and it took me a while to realize I was in love with it, but it really has taught me to stop anticipating the flow of the structures of each song by simply knowing the track lengths ahead of time and hoping they'll give me more of the part I want before I can see tracks coming to a close and I'm instead just learning to appreciate the payoff parts while they're actually happening and not trying to rewrite/restructure in my head what could have been that I was hoping for. Does that make any sense? Also, The Spell of Mathematics is pure bliss in every single part of the structure. It might be a perfect song for me.
  7. Right on! Of course, that status of potential future Palms material has remained the same since roughly 2015. I just gave up hope on it. Chino mentioned something about it in a recent interview regarding Ohms and his comments didn't sound super promising. He certainly didn't hint that it was impossible but he didn't make it seem imminent either.
  8. Before I heard the album I had read people saying the same thing about that ending which made me stupid excited to hear it and in all of my listens today, and there were MANY, that reality never really sunk in until I went and listened specifically to that part alone with that assessment in mind and putting it under the microscope like that and truly hearing it in that way for the first time and being elated by it; it makes me realize that in all my multiple rotations of this album it still has not fully revealed itself to me. Like its so brimming with layers and depth and moments of pure musical bliss that I think my mind is too overloaded to truly appreciate each song for what it is. Its like I'm too embedded in it to notice the full expanse of the landscape of it. This makes me really excited to continue the journey through this album and discover it truly like the rest of their albums. And good godly fuck, do I wish Palms would do more Palms albums.
  9. Cool. I'm hoping the issues are not pressing wide. Maybe just some bad copies and I'm only hearing about it because its bad and that's when most people speak up.
  10. Black or gold? Pretty much every report I've seen has been from people is with gold copies and there seems to be sound issues like noise and silibance.
  11. As a whole, I feel like it is the best since SNW which only features two tracks that I find weak but not dismissively so and is an album I've only grown MORE fond of in the last few years. I already loved it and that love somehow increased after being deeply familiar with it for 14 years(?!! Fuck, I'm aging!). DE is a nice regrouping effort and contains a few of my favorite Deftones songs but multiple tracks I find so lacking that it really hurts the whole of it. KNY again has several pieces of their greatest work but still has about 3 tracks I find disruptively lackluster. I'd say its better than DE as a whole. Gore is a weirdo and some of the major key main riffing took me a while to assimilate and the production was super-DAW-y and mechanical in ways I couldn't get into but I'd say the net result of that album's quality has it roughly equal to KNY for me. Its the obscure sounding, non-traditionally-hooky stuff that I really like about. The "anti-hooks" are MY hooks. Go fig. This album only has the one problematic track so far and where this album is strong, it is FUCKING strong. I'd say this is the killer (and that sweet DEFICIT of filler) I was hoping for after SNW and before Chi's accident. I still really wish they could finish and release Eros. It haunts me what that album might be made of that we can't hear. Fuckin' live debuted tracks that were meant for it like "Melanie" or whatever. That shit was insane. There was one or two other debuted live tracks from that album if I remember correctly. I was hyped as shit for that. I'm not even considering "Smile" which is a nice jam though. But anyway, this is about Ohms. Its the shit.
  12. Ok. You guys are right. Its stupid. I have the $62 and I want the damn thing. Thanks for helping me out with that one. I just finished placing the order.
  13. Damn... I don't know. That's not the worst price I've ever paid for a new LP. Well, maybe it is... I don't know. Now I'm struggling, yet again, to commit. I very much appreciate the link, man. Damn it. I still don't know if I can justify it. A sincere thank you for the link though.
  14. I finally listened all the way through and I am deeply loving the album. "Urantia" is the only weak track to me. Everything else has several reasons to be lauded. My attempt at a first solid listen from start to finish was thwarted multiple times and I ended up having to have my first full listen at work today. Sucky ambiance but it made the suckiness of work way better by being a "revelation".... or whatever. Cinema snobs love that word to describe anything positive in their critique of a film. And now I'm deeply regretting missing out on the clear press. Just thought it was too much but between the more ornate alternate cover print and the potential for the LP to be pressed on the real "crystal" clear PVC (my second favorite vinyl "color"), I'm feeling sore. Plus, I'm feeling like the "zine" would make up for the generally pretty minimalist album artwork. I do LOVE the mood and motif of the art that IS there but I really miss the dedicated vivid photography associated with the lyrics to each song like S/T and SNW had. I really wish that had become a regular practice for every album. This album deserves a similar treatment.
  15. Ok, bro. That legit had me giggling from my guy like a fool. That was awesome.
  16. So has anyone here actually received their LP in the mail or picked up in a store yet today? If so, would you say the LP is more heavy and stiff or more lightweight and flimsy-ish? One of my locals hasn't gotten any copies yet but had the CD (which I promptly picked up) and my main store I order from hasn't contacted me yet. Reckless is stocked however. Might have to run down there and grab one to spin tonight if my main place doesn't come through.
  17. Moose with the Bull, you get the horns... But anyway, fuck Amazon. Been avoiding them like the plague for years now.
  18. That just happened last year. https://www.discogs.com/Oasis-Whats-The-Story-Morning-Glory/release/13866837 So now someone else is doing ANOTHER remaster/reissue?
  19. fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...... I was really looking forward to getting this soon.
  20. Preferably at least VG+ all around. Would also settle for purple vinyl if someone is looking to offload that one.
  21. True that. I'm super happy they waited til it was just a month away before making the announcement. Makes it feel so much easier than wondering about it for 3 to 6 months
  22. Yeah, I'm the same way. My point still stands. If you play the shit out of this particular song before the LP is released, its still the song you'll hear the farthest in time away from the time in which you "wore it out" each time you play the album.... Feel what I'm saying? I realize it may not make the implied impact in practice but I think there might be something to the temporal distance principle of what I'm saying. Maybe I'm just crazy.