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  1. I'm glad there are tons of new pressings coming out of these records. Whatever keeps them in print is all good by me. It would be nice if the prices were lower. They really could be lower. I think they were just afraid to make the collective price on each individual LP less than what the box costed which is a dogshit way to go about it. That baked in shipping price doesn't really hold water. I definitely would have bought several of the individual LP's of DITC and FTM and probably even AMP and TBIG as presents for people but those prices are pretty tough.
  2. Agree with most here that Four was definitely legit. For me nothing can top Silent Alarm and the rest of the albums never come close but Four is definitely an enjoyable listen that I've replayed a few times. I heard "Traps" last night and I can see myself buying this album. Not necessarily ready to pre-order but I at least have hopes for what could be another good or great BP album.
  3. Yeah, that's what it seemed like from my search. I didn't exactly recall that but once I saw threads with RSD in the title it came back to me.
  4. Altered jacket colors and black vinyl as opposed to the original version's white vinyl. Didn't see a thread for the original press otherwise I would have bumped that. "SHIPS EARLY 2022, SHIPPING DATE SUBJECT TO CHANGE" https://theblackangels.colortestmerch.com/products/phosgene-nightmare-lp-10-year-anniversary-edition
  5. They also have it listed as LPx2. I'm sure its just a typo.
  6. I think that Live At The Fillmore 2xLP was like $60 or $80. That seemed egregious. $40 for a single LP is tough. But these will sell out and you'll be left with discogs prices if you want to get one at that point. I wouldn't normally buy a $40 single LP but I have the 2009 press and I get nervous when playing it because it is so irreplaceable. I don't feel great about the price but I snagged one of these anyway. Its just going to be more expensive later.
  7. Its mostly an assumption but the fact that the plants are backed up especially for popular titles to be repressed seems to logically follow that since a major component of RSD as an organization is keeping physical media flowing to stores and knowing that record stores are waiting for titles to be repressed or pressed for the first instance to carry the media, I made a non-scientific critique about why a bootleg would be getting profiled on the RSD site. The reality that this assumption is based on is that, according to record store owners and staff that I know and talk, the plants are backed up and the stores are waiting for major and minor titles to be back in supply again or in supply for the first time.
  8. My point wasn't that vinyl sales are down. They're not. My point was that production for new releases is even slower than normal due to supply chain issues and possibly Covid era safety measures in plants so not enough records are being produced to meet the demand of keeping retail outlets full of product to sell. Its well known that plants' queues are backed up around a year or more so I'm not sure why you'd assume that I meant something completely outlandish as opposed to the obvious reality I, however vaguely, actually referred to.
  9. So are records stores and RSD just desperate to move product and listing unofficial releases because of it now?
  10. Doesn't mean vinyl nerds can't seek to own a copy of one their most popular albums in the form of a new pressing.
  11. Yeah, I've seen 10/22 and 10/29. I wonder if they were really just dying to make a buck on this album but wanted to release it under the radar because of his recent scandals.
  12. Holy shit. This would be amazing but that price tho'... If this really comes out I'm grabbing it anyway. Being on the RSD site, it pretty much HAS to be real, right?
  13. So this is a weird regional release tour variant for the UK pre-order on an undisclosed special edition of colored vinyl in combination with a tour ticketing process. https://warpaint.tmstor.es/?utm_source=Social-Other&utm_campaign=Warpaint20211014&utm_medium=social&utm_content=&utm_umguk=www.warpaintwarpaint.com%2F&lf=76f18475d6d305e58c50c4079f3a0c37 So it looks like a US pre-order is pending an the release will actually be out in either May or June of 2022. Not sure if the date on that page is in the European/UK date format or the US version. You might be able to pre-order this variant even if you're not in the UK. I don't know. I haven't tried. Looks like you CAN order this and have it shipped to the US but the LP is $32 and the shipping is $24.50 so the total is 56.50 so its probably worth it to wait til the US shop has copies. From the link: "Release Date: 06/05/2022" This is kind of an annoying "soft open" way to "announce" a new album but whatever. They want to be all cryptic. I'm just hoping its good and looking forward to it.
  14. Audrey's original post doesn't seem like an explicit warning that she is looking to take legal action if there is no settlement for compensation. Looks like she has a pretty fine life just based on face value from her Instagram gallery so I would imagine she's not simply hurting for money. If I'm missing some extended text from her let me know. I only see the original caption on her Jane Doe post.
  15. I remember seeing SH were going to announce some mega signing they had recently scored and I didn't think of it until right now (now that I realize this is Brian Cook content) but I'm actually kind of sad that this didn't end up being These Arms Are Snakes with an accompanying back catalog reissue. I'm really itching to see what they might be hinting at for some form of comeback. Still, this is cool for Botch fans. I never got deep into them but I appreciate the material I have heard.
  16. They really need to figure out what they think they're doing with that 7" material. That is way too much music for that format.
  17. I'm going to need to listen to this single a few more times. Listened once and did not really get a good vibe from it. Honestly, it felt a bit structurally messy for being just piano and voice which is an odd gripe for me to have because I generally appreciate non-traditional song structures. I'm open minded to what is happening here but it did not grab me immediately. I think the completely non-ambient deadened vocal mic production technique did not do the overall track any favors but that's just personal preference. Honestly, I'm concerned the entire album is going to be just piano and voice. If that is the case, I really hope it makes good use of that minimalism. I still haven't fully digested or bought On Dark Horses.
  18. Where did the album title and song title info come from? There's no mention of any of it at that link.
  19. I'm not necessarily looking for a retread, simply saying that CTS was the last full album I really dug. I'm also very fond of the prior three albums but CTS might feel like the most consistent from front to back. There are a couple of duds on the prior three albums for me where CTS just had it going on for the duration. Really just looking for consistency in quality and of course those qualities are totally subjective to my unique personal taste.
  20. Track titles all sound cool. I hope this actually good. I haven't really enjoyed a whole album from them since Crack The Skye.
  21. I also wouldn't call any of their records bad. Just a couple that didn't really speak to me.
  22. Memorial and Guidance really did NOT captivate me the way I hoped they would but Blood Year felt like a serious return to form for me.
  23. True that to all that. But in general I always expect backlash when people panic buy a non-color copy only to find out there is a color copy released months later. It tends to cause an uproar but you're right. The consensus overall seemed pretty chill.

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