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  1. Cheapest shipping is $13.86. Goddamn. Still the only listing I've seen for the 2xLP as it is though and very fair base price for the record.
  2. SHIT, YES! Thank you so much. I totally tend to forget that Earache ends up having a lot of great titles in their shop that weren't ever actually put out by them. That's awesome! Thanks again!
  3. Yeah. I'm really hoping to find a copy of the 2xLP remaster new in a store in the states but so far all I'm seeing is the 5xLP box from $99 to $130. Can't I just get the damn album for like $30 max? Damn.
  4. Seriously considering waiting for the price drop though I have been waiting for a reasonably formatted and (I suppose comparatively) reasonably priced vinyl edition for this goddamn thing. What I would really like to see now is some modestly packaged reissues of all the past albums remastered with Lateralus having the original CD track order and just a basic playable copy of Aenima plentifully available finally for all the poor fucks who are pining for that album.
  5. That's interesting. I didn't really get into Memorial or Guidance. Guidance was better than Memorial but didn't really stick with me either. Blood Year actually felt like a reinvigorated band with a more intriguing scope of song craft especially compared to the prior two. This new song makes me feel like we are going back to Guidance which actually feels like autopilot to me but with a late 90's proto-nu metal spice.
  6. This is more like it but still a slap in the dick of a price. I guess the Clouds Hill FTM is about the same and is a triple LP but that is also a slap in the dick of a bargain.
  7. That sucks. Are you sure there isn't a New York store that could ship it to you for a much cheaper rate? I mean Toronto touches borders physically with two different United States.
  8. I had a similar thought. I'm glad I'm not the only one who hears it that way.
  9. I got Oxeneers and Easter from them in Chicago and both ended up being black so I'm assuming that is all they had with them.
  10. I listened to the leaked youtube upload yesterday a few times and was intrigued but generally underwhelmed. Listened for the first time today with headphones to the official TMV YouTube page audio and the song seriously hit for me. I'm very much into it. I do feel that it could have been longer with a tempo transition or a half time bridge or something to really vary it up but being just what it is, I can really accept and enjoy it as is. Of course I'm the type of fan that if TMV come back, I'm going to have immediate critique of what's happening because of my fanaticism but overall I'm pleasantly surprised on how this track landed and I can't wait to hear more and get the details a full LP if that's what is awaiting us.
  11. Yeah, I'm still reeling from the TAAS reissues and having seen them again for the first time like 12 years so this TMV stuff is slowly breaking through and registering for me. During their first run from '03 to '12 I was ridiculously hype over them. I would buy Japanese versions of their CD's because they would release slightly earlier than the US street date. I was nuts. I still love the old material but I may have worn it out pretty hard. I am super excited to see what a new LP will bring.
  12. I'm trying to prevent myself from listening to that recording in the cube since the song should be out by tomorrow. But the hype is pushing me toward the video.
  13. So... haha... I had two different orders in at deepdiscount each order with a copy of both Oxeneers and Easter. The first order was more expensive than the second one I made so since I actually purchased a copy of each at the Chicago show I cancelled the more expensive order. I still have one order for both LP's at deepdiscount right now and an order from bestbuy.com containing one of each album. So I have a copy of each at home right now and two copies of each on the way. I'm sick. lol
  14. Steve will very much consistently be piss faced drunk at (read: before and during) every show and the banter absolutely follows suit. I normally can never understand singers on stages when they are speaking between songs. Something about the reverb and echo and the non-orated way people tend to speak through mics just makes it very difficult for me to decipher what almost anyone is saying in those scenarios. That said I could make out a couple of his comments in Chicago and it was pretty funny. Can't remember any of it now though. That's actually really cool that they even played the opening notes when they heard the request. It would have been better if they had just played it of course, lol. That is one of my top favorite tracks by TAAS.
  15. No sweat! I figured I'd ask. But really, focus on being in the moment as much as possible. This band is so tight and energetic, its so cool to just watch and listen to them burn the place down.
  16. Dude, I fuckin' FELT THAT. Like it was wild. I actually ran into Steve before their set in the alley behind LH (which is its own wild story) and he expressed to me that he was a little nervous and that there seemed to be "a lot of people" in attendance. I was like "no, man. You're golden. Its going to be beautiful. I'll see you in there." I don't know if that helped him at all or if it was a totally neutral experience that he forgot seconds after we talked. He seemed pretty much already intoxicated at that point but still very much functional. I'm always surprised by the way he sounds in speech doing his banter between songs that the same guy is actually handling his business while the music is going. One of the last times I saw them in 2009, he was super sloshed up there and still asking fans to grab him another beer which several people in attendance did oblige. haha. He was still doing his shit but clearly hammered. I don't know what it was but you're right about the energy in that place. I can still feel it. I just hope they'll do more than this small run of dates and these reissues. I want them back as an active band to never miss again. Dave from Russian Circles was also there. I saw him and Brian Cook in the alley taking a photo while Young Widows were still playing. Also noticed Dave up in the VIP balcony during the TAAS set.
  17. No problem, brother. We all obviously love TAAS and seeing them live and having their records on vinyl. We have a renewed interest and life for the band now and that's a beautiful thing for all of us. Not everyone can get to these 4 or 5 shows in the States but at least its happening. And I saw that they were filming the whole time from the soundboard at Lincoln Hall so maybe that will be released soon! Plus, with all the albums being repressed more of us have the opportunity to own those records and crank them. Its a celebration. Let's celebrate it. 😁
  18. Smaller, more independent bands like TAAS definitely have way more gaps than full set contributions. So I'm not sure what you mean by "basically 'every' show gets uploaded there." Most of the bands I've seen that aren't enormous names that found success in the 90's or prior usually have more gaps than fully filled out set lists. The reason is because there are too few contributors and too little emphasis on archiving for bands that don't have huge fan bases so the likelihood and size of a collective memory to draw from to build the archive of those setlists is deeply reduced. So me and Juan collaborated to get the 6/16 TAAS set archived. Water is wet. The internet connects people.
  19. Do you like know that the way setlists are submitted to setlist.fm is NOT actually some sort of automatic NSA AI program that observes and records all human activity which then delivers band set information to each concert date listing for every band on Earth that has a listing on the setlist.fm server? The reason the setlist from the Chicago show is up right now is because Juan sent me the picture of an actual setlist from the show which I corroborated and added the unlisted second encore song because I was there and can confirm the performance. Literally the behavior you are dogging right now is why you can rely on there even being a setlist.fm with any information on it at all.
  20. If you can snatch a set list or just take note of the set somehow, that would be awesome but more than anything enjoy being in the moment. I was so ecstatic during the show. I just couldn't believe I was seeing them again after the '09 breakup. Plus they were absolutely on fire. Steve's performance was particularly noteworthy as he's the only band member who can really get away with any slop or drop off in the execution of his parts and has traditionally taken advantage of that at least more so toward the end of their first run as a band. He was seriously hitting the whole night on Thursday though. In many live shows he doesn't typically reach the pitch he has on the recordings but for most of the show he was performing at the same range as the recordings. It was killer.
  21. And in case anyone was wondering, I did pickup Oxeneers and Easter at the Chicago show and the matrix etchings are different than the originals so these are in fact remastered. They are the black versions that they have for sale on tour.

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