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  1. Saw that like a minute after it got posted, feel very fortunate about the timing of that, haha.
  2. Yeah, black vinyl can also be found and pre-ordered via the indie store link as well.
  3. I was wondering that too, because a solid blue isn't mentioned in the press release.
  4. Good for them. They could have also probably done a cart limit and not mentioned it, I think Shopify allows that.
  5. Tomorrow is the last day to get raffle tickets for the Gatsbys American Dream, Gates and Matt Pryor test presses. All proceeds go to communitybailfunds.com Tickets are here: overduecollection.com
  6. Thank for the love guys! I think main reason the other variants stay in stock is because the splatter. That's the most popular variant, but I also pressed the most of that one. Hope we can make the rest happen someday. I'm working slowly towards more releases. Very slowly, haha. I'm trying to work on that aspect too.
  7. It's probably got a stamp, something close to this, it's from her instagram. Animal Manufacturing Co. was any of the stuff she did on vinyl.
  8. Every time I reach out to Fearless, they're not interested. They might do it themselves is what I always hear, but that remains to be seen. Who knows though, the future is wide open. It'll be out someday, one way or another.
  9. Fiddler Records has started a deadstock store featuring old tour merch, vinyl, test pressings, and CDs from all eras of it's history. Not a lot of options for shirt sizes, but last chance forever on a lot of these items. Amy from Fiddler also has her book for sale, A Million Miles with the digital version as low as $2.99. Name Taken and Recover vinyl test pressings, the first Fiddler release from the Vacant Andys (featuring Chris Carrabba of Dashboard fame) Some nifty stuff, thought some people might dig it. Don't miss out: http://fiddler.limitedrun.com/
  10. I wish I was. Then I could shred like they do. But when your 'criticism' includes some homophobic bullshit, fuck that noise.
  11. Sounds like you should reflect on yourself, dude. "preaching homosexuality?" I think you mean aggressively being themselves? Genderqueer as fuck and I love it. Especially because they love themselves enough to stand up for who they are. Their music and lyrics are designed to be confrontational. At the same time, some incredibly tender tunes in the mix. Their stage banter is amazing. And people need to be called out on their shit when they're wrong. Then it's a learning experience

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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