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  1. I've got all the Kanye full-length boots , Channel Orange, Coloring Book, most of the Drake boots before they got official pressings, Ex-Military and maybe some more. In addition to Discogs blocking boots, it's also frustrating that Vinyl-Digital no longer carries like 75% of what they used to for these hip-hop bootlegs.
  2. someone on reddit linked to dylan's facebook post where he detailed why he's out. basically he asked to take a month off of touring after this current tour (a day before it started) for mental health reasons. they said "maybe you should just leave the band" and then they made him leave the band a day before tour.
  3. Selling two sets of records from two collections. Big variety of indie, punk, pop-punk, quite a bit of emo. Colored variants, first presses, etc. Shipping starts at $4. Prices are starting points, but should be below discogs. Offers are welcome but please don't lowball. Ideally trying to ship after $25, but it's whatever. Not shipping outside US. Definitely willing to work with people on anything reasonable! Message me with any questions and thanks for looking! COLLECTION #1 $11 - Poison Idea - “Darby Crash Rides Again - The Early Years” | still in shrink $1
  4. 21 21 21 i got the VMP Savage Mode and love it. not really into ISSA that much, but i'm glad it's getting pressed.
  5. added the splatter to my cart less than fifteen minutes after they went up and it's out of stock
  6. glad to see this is getting pressed. planning to get the splatter.
  7. I've probably had 30+ transactions from that sub and haven't had a single issue. I've had more issues with people on VC than on reddit.
  8. is anyone willing to pick up "Savage Mode" for me? I'm not a member, but I can paypal someone today. PM me!
  9. bed bath and beyond wasn't that surprising, but they had their own exclusive variant of the Trolls soundtrack and that was a little wild.
  10. Tim said on the Washed Up Emo podcast that they were going to reissue "Storms" and "Starving Eyes" in one 2LP package. So basically like that Bear Vs. Shark reissue. Wonder if that's still the case... http://www.washedupemo.com/news/2017/17/ep-97-tim-kasher-cursive-the-good-life
  11. didn't grab an extra copy, but i'm curious to see how many people lowballed him and don't get their orders sent. can't believe jeff is at the point he can sell 700 copies of something in 2 hours in the middle of the night.
  12. the presale code is SLOMO. I work for a venue that has them on this tour.

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