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  1. I have to work in the morning. If anyone happens to pick up an extra copy of three six mafia, I’d pay a little extra for it.
  2. I thought all of his albums are readily available ? except for maybe rain dogs and bone machine
  3. the band has them up on their site for $20. https://ringodeathstarr.org/store
  4. no worries, I dont mind waiting for records and I understand that life happens, but a bit of communication goes a long way.
  5. Has anyone else that purchased from this seller received their records? I have not heard back from this seller and have not received anything.
  6. ISO: Gold, Americana, Leave Here a Stranger, and Everybody Makes Mistakes on vinyl.
  7. missed out, that super limited one would have been cool to own.
  8. im interested, is there any jazz like Coltrane, Sun Ra, Miles Davis, etc?
  9. I found a copy a few weeks ago for 14.99, so its not out of the question.