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  1. Definitely happy I hung onto mine instead of sending it back to TMR for a lousy 7".
  2. "We've been keeping this as quiet as possible, so please exercise the same caution. The jade swirl version was supposed to go directly to the band to do with as they please. I do not know what the band will do with the records once we get them sent over. We want to respect the wishes of our artists to the best of our ability, which is why we are so dead-set on getting these variants returned to us."
  3. I don't see comments regarding pressing issues other than the jade variant. A couple of comments that it was mastered too low appear under the black vinyl pressing, but nothing about bad or noisy pressings. Some even rave about how good it sounds.
  4. I don't see on Discogs where this is a common problem. Where are you seeing that info?
  5. I'm not sending it back. You are correct in your assumption that it is a band exclusive. I had an issue with TMR regarding a glitch in their system that made me believe I was still Vault member. Even after admitting it was a problem on their end, it was insisted that I should have known and they were not at liberty to do anything about it. Based on that exchange, I'm keeping their fuck up. I am interested to see what 7" they send people who return their copy.
  6. When I reached out to Third Man because I had received the wrong pressing, I asked what this variant was and received no response. I'm not sure that I'm sending mine back.
  7. I can't believe some of the advice being doled out regarding "customer service." You don't need to take your listings down or rush out to ship something the next day just because it's Christmas. If someone demands that you ship immediately because they couldn't get their shit together in time to order something, fuck them. It's always the guy who buys the $2 7" who wants it tomorrow. The entitlement generation is the worst.
  8. I have a solid VG+/VG+ copy---some would call it NM but it has been played a handful of times. Anything for trade or you looking to just make a purchase?
  9. If you think the price of that Sparklehorse box is outrageous, wait until you see their subscription increase.