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  1. Had to get it, I hate myself if this is mastered properly, it's going to sound incredible
  2. Really need confirmation that this will be available with a normal cover at some point
  3. Man, you guys are a bunch of fucking weirdos, lol Don't really listen to this band, but this new song is cool and I always end up seeing them live and I've never seen another band like them, maybe I'll check out the new record
  4. Yeah, it was the worst mastering job ever. It literally sounds worse than when I heard it back in the day on MySpace at 128 KBPS. My guess is CD sourced and not specifically mastered for vinyl, but even then, it sounds worse than that.
  5. Not trying to be a dick but just letting everyone who doesn't already know know, my copy from the last press was one of the worst sounding records I've ever owned. Basically buy this because it looks cool if you want to
  6. We haven't officially announced anything yet, but we'll be putting our store back online soon with test presses and possibly some deluxe variants, but also we'll be releasing my new band's EP on tape within a month. Download that for free if you like Pavement, Built to Spill, or Weezer (I dunno, you tell me what we sound like): http://www.teencreepswi.bandcamp.com
  7. Cool song, definitely better than what I've heard off of the last 3 albums
  8. Someone bump the ETR Mystery thread or at least link these people to it before they buy from this label
  9. Welp, two months later, my Vertigo Flowers variant has been sent back from the seller's country because he/she let it sit at the post office without picking it up. Soooo I have it for sale/trade for Dido records (110% serious). Dude doubled paid for shipping, all is good.
  10. The BandCamp page shows a release date of July 15th, 2016, possibly when the vinyl will go on sale.
  11. Got mine today. Sounds great which is a plus, and I really like the song, but man, mine came bent and the record is warped, plus why wouldn't they press this at 45 RPM? Weird.
  12. yeah, but the release is basically being handled by the band anyways so I know it'll be good
  13. Can't back these guys enough (obviously), and yeah, we're probably done doing Butterfly Puke, at least for the time being. I got a full time job and Brandon is a dad so it's a lot of work! We still have plenty of stock and we're planning to get rid of it for like, $3 per record, I'll keep you guys updated. But yeah, BUY THIS.
  14. FYI, they're selling their recent repress of Jar with the cool screen printed tour covers on their final tour. pic related; it's me and my bish
  15. Those who know me on here know I've helped out a bunch of people with rare stuff for the past two or three years, but for some reason I just don't care about this one lol
  16. Hey I'm negative in my bank account so don't be mad that I'm putting on eBay tomorrow starting at $1