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  1. Just received my Blue copy and I must say they listened to feedback, as the records where between cardboard and the jacket. The jacket had cardboard inside, all to preserve it during shipping! Nice touch. Now if they could just use anti static inner sleeves or polylined inners. For this price point it’s criminal not to!!!
  2. was guessing it would hit there website at 12pm...but guess not...maybe 1pm or 2pm at latest?
  3. Is the Patreon variant sold out do you know? Thinking of joining to get it!!
  4. The deluxe cream edition is sold out! I’m a little surprised, as I feel like other deluxe editions of theirs stuck around for quite awhile …
  5. Topographies - Ideal Form recently found and loving this! https://topographies.bandcamp.com/album/ideal-form All but one variant is sold out
  6. After few listens I’m not blown away. But I feel this one will develop and reveal itself with time (like most national albums and songs)… it feels pretty long too, but that can be a good thing!!!
  7. Didn’t sell out. The color came out different at the pressing plant. If you ordered the red, blue, yellow you will now receive the blue, violet, turquoise. Which is still for sale at the link above.
  8. There’s also a Spotify green and Newbury comics brown splatter
  9. The first release was stated on Instagram to be 2,500 but it was a leave up for 24hrs and press as many as it calls for. That one however had almost no warning or heads up like this one. My guess is at least 1,500 of each color. Then 250 each for autograph copies….so 3,500 total would not be a stretch for this big of a band to sell out in few hours…
  10. They have been sending codes via the email list- but looks like the last one expired 7/28 - I’m sure there won’t be any valid codes for this, intentionally 🤨
  11. Buzzard Orange vinyl limited to 100...hurry! https://shop.lunamusic.net/buzz-p/buzzardluna2021.htm
  12. My vinyl came with ring wear, large indent on front cover, and scratches all over the vinyl that cause noise...sooo join the club lol...had to provide photos and video, while see what happens...

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