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  1. Went with the blue swirl, I liked it the most out of the colors. Record sounds like it’s going to be awesome
  2. Track 10 has a Heavenward appearance listed. Heavenward = Kam’s new project
  3. Anyone have any Hepcat vinyl they would be willing to let go of?
  4. Anyone see anything about pressing #’s between the different variants?
  5. Just take my money for YPAA and Electra. Their attention to detail on vinyl releases make these instant buys.
  6. Why 10” 🥺 would love to grab GM, but not in that format, I know I would never play it
  7. Was able to grab Beach House from this one. Thanks
  8. Looking for Beach House if anyone gets a line on some, my store was sold out of it by the time I got in
  9. Ordered the /100. Loving the new track. Stoked to hear the whole album.
  10. Grabbed the Night Verses LP /500, thanks for the heads up
  11. Scored LA tickets after getting kicked out of the queue 5 times. Would get to the pay screen and it crashed multiple times. Got pretty good seats in the end, but I definitely had better seats on the first couple of pay screens before crashing, kind of a bummer, but still stoked to be going. The whole sale was stressful
  12. It seems ALL - Mass Nerder is getting repressed. Here’s the ones I’ve found so far, if anyone sees them elsewhere, please share Newbury Exclusive Loud Pizza records
  13. Pre orders up at the bands official store. exclusive translucent red Here Amoeba has this up for preorder with free shipping for the regular black Here Amazon : Clear variant Here surprised no one started a topic already
  14. I’m the weirdo who prefers Manic, I just like the songs better. I’ll see myself out….
  15. Just snagged a Galaxy from merch direct, I like what I’ve heard so far, I’m actually digging this trend of bands re-recording albums, they add the little twist they’ve come up with after playing them live for all these years
  16. Ordered an 800. I’ve never owned a physical copy of this, I feel I owe them some money at this point after how much I’ve listened to it 🤣
  17. I haven’t been keeping up with these drops, but love this ep. Does anyone know if the other releases been preorders, or are these in hand and ready to ship?

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