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  1. Yeah, sounds like the new company is going to fulfill the outstanding bandbox orders per the email. Pretty rad.
  2. If anyone in the Southern California area is out and about and sees some Team Sleep or Blur, let me know, I’m out driving around today
  3. Here at my local. They open at 6am for RSD. Arrived 30 minutes early, easily 40-60 people ahead of me. Not holding out to much hope on getting anything I’m looking for
  4. I don’t get why people care so much. If you’re not feeling a re-record, just listen to the og. It’s there, always will be. Let the band actually make some money off of their work and get it out of the hands of the label. I for one, an hoping for a more “guitar” based mix. I always felt they buried a lot of the cool riffs on this album with the mix.
  5. Guess I’ll never get that green 420 special American Football LP2 now
  6. Crosses Merch setup apparently, they set up 2 merch stations with different items for each show
  7. Same. I saw blur - park life and was stoked…. Then I saw it was a picture disc 🙄
  8. Guess I’m hitting RSD this year. Anyone into Anti Quant? Team sleep guitar player + Gil on drums from the TS Woodstock sessions
  9. Love this album, almost picked it up for the demos but already own the 2xLP and with it being 10” and $60, the final nail in the coffin. Will probably regret down the road.
  10. Barnes and Noble exclusive Band Store Orange Variant Turntable Lab
  11. This is definitely something I plan on picking up somewhere on super sale down the road
  12. Re-records are probably a thing because of bands being locked into shitty deals with record labels that have no interest in releasing a quality version of their album. Re-recording puts the bands back in control of certain albums in their catalog.
  13. Ordered. Will forever blind buy whatever Strung Out wants to release.
  14. Same story here, I definitely ask myself “ will I actually spin this” a lot more now, prices have gone through the roof, I only blind buy stuff from bands I ride or die with, and anything else can be picked up at some point in the year from a sale. I’ve definitely learned to not FOMO into a release because a couple of months down the road it will probably be on sale. I’m down on my limited variant purchases, I don’t care if it’s plain black or whatever anymore. I used to care more about first presses but will purchase whatever the current pressing is. Just overall trying not to burn money anymore. Favorite record score this year? Probably my Koyo record release show variant with the Polaroid
  15. I wonder if this is some weird work around to get this pressed since I imagine this record is wrapped up in legal red tape
  16. Sold my SRC Astronaut the minute these were announced, it’s been over a year or two, can’t wait to spin it
  17. Same, I remember it was like $6 bucks, also picked up Deftones SNW same day on sale. The good old Hot Topic clearance sales days. What a time.
  18. Just going to put a feeler out, I have a hot topic orange 2xlp everything, black W&T MOV and a white material control that I might let go off to get this new set. HMU

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