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  1. Came to post the same thing about the Spotify version. Not too mad because this is the only copy of this record I ordered so it’s nbd. I thought it was the whole sleeve also.
  2. ordered, thanks. Is this the only version with that cover or are there others?
  3. Maybe a longshot but did anyone get a Paddington 2 poster and want to sell it? I got one, and USPS says it was delivered but it never came. Never had that happen before.
  4. got 520 error at the review phase but got a confirmed email
  5. Apparently I won a skateboard from preordering these? Was very confused when it randomly showed up today. Checked their Instagram and they sent 3 to people who preordered.
  6. Saw this on the band's store before this so I ordered there. Got splatter & white 5". Gold 2xLP and Gold 5" were out of stock. is the gold 5" supposed to be $20 on tank crimes? the white is $10.
  7. I got an email that Third Man canceled my PayPal automatic payments. I didn’t ask them to do this and it’s been active for years. Anybody else have this happen? edit: I tried to log into the TMR site and it couldn't find an account w/ any of my emails. I never log in there so maybe they wiped my account?
  8. I just got into this band recently. Is all their stuff always impossible to get?
  9. Also got OOS for deluxe bundle. Tried to add them separately and it said specifically Loveless was OOS. Ordered the bundle from recordstore.co.uk and it was $122 to the US
  10. Anybody want to sell any of these records? I don't care which pressing, color, condition, whatever. Just want a copy to listen to. Will pay fair prices. Glossary - Feral Fire Glossary - Long Live All Of Us Glossary - The Better Angels Of Our Nature Red City Radio - The Dangers Of Standing Still Red City Radio - Titles Banner Pilot - Heart Beats Pacific Richmond Fontaine - We Used To Think The Freeway Sounded Like A River Richmond Fontaine - The High Country Richmond Fontaine - You Can't Go Back If There's Nothing To Go Back To
  11. What is the deal with this album? I listed a copy this week on Discogs and it sold in like 30 minutes and multiple people messaged me about it? Just a cult classic?
  12. I wanted to post this here before I listed on Discogs. I am also currently going thru 7"s and will have those up soon. Google Docs list - Updated 2/25/21 Prices This is what I was going to list on Discogs for. So take 10% off if you buy more than one thing. Shipping Media mail w/ tracking $5 for first item + $1 for each additional I'll refund the difference if there is any I have mailers ordered, should be in on Saturday or Monday Payment PayPal You can send G&S, that's fine Condition Most of these were bought new by me and listened to 1 time at most. In general, anything pressed ~2009 or later looks new and was probably never played. Any serious defects are listed on the spreadsheet Can send pics and verify conditions as necessary
  13. I have this. It's awesome, but pretty redundant.