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  1. Reading that tracklist is like reading the lyrics to a Menzingers song. I'll probably stream this a couple of times, but this song isn't selling me on a $30 preorder.
  2. Well clicking on that "Off With Their Heads" link sure was anti-climactic...
  3. I don't have screenshots, but it was supposedly written by the other woman in the story, I believe her name was Stacy and she was dating Ray at the time. In it, she picked apart the victim's behavior in very much the same way you just did (congrats on thinking the exact same way as every other rape apologist in this toxic scene). Masked Intruder shared the post without comment, only to delete it and post this bullshit after receiving blowback. The post and comments under it should hopefully clear your personal burden of proof that TBR's post existed. Bottom line, Ray is not a safe person for women to be around, and the reason this shit never changes is these guys get their scene-bros to back them up, as you've done, congrats on fulfilling your duty. The band was quietly dropped from this year's Fest lineup. Look at their fb for about a week after 7/21, the date the podcast came out. All the comments were turned off on their posts, but not on the post about the podcast so they could do damage control. The band managed to semi-successfully sweep this under the rug. And Fat still chose to put out their new album.
  4. The band's response was trash too. They took it down, but it was 100% victim-blaming and slut-shaming. I'm done with them.
  5. Ray was accused of sexual assault in a recent podcast. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Js7hIPOozFk
  6. Probably quite a few canceled preorders. I know I canceled mine.
  7. Someone had to remind us just how triggered they were.
  8. Just snagged a copy, so the remaining batch would appear to be up!
  9. Definitely don't spend too much on a copy, iirc the original pressing sounded like shit.
  10. I mean, if someone really only wanted the second LP, what do I care?
  11. "Ugh, NOFX is really phoning it in this time, better just buy 2 copies." 😆
  12. Can confirm. I'm a Thrice superfan, never cared for MO, happened to luck out and snag one of these. The Thrice cover is fine, but the MO side just reaffirmed my distaste for that band. Ended up selling it for $250 on Discogs. I listed it at that price as a joke.
  13. Just got my boxset yesterday! This thing is massive! Like, seriously, it won't fit in an Expedit/Kallax, it's over over 14" wide and almost 15" tall. I assume it's oversized because of the boxset cover, which is the keyboard photo set behind a plastic cover with "The Aggrolites Essentials" printed on it. The plastic cover even came with a protector sheet, like electronics often have. The box includes foam inserts to secure the vinyl in place within the oversized box. Haven't had a chance to spin any of these yet, so I can't comment on sound quality. But overall, I'm stoked with how this turned out and I'm glad I jumped on preordering this. The shipping was hilarious though. It came packaged in a perfectly sized box for the boxset...which was then thrown into a massive cardboard box with a tiny bit of packing paper thrown in. It's totally unscathed though! 😎
  14. Off-topic, but since everyone was talking about the game before, I figure it can't hurt to add this: https://www.ign.com/articles/scott-pilgrim-vs-the-world-the-game-2021-release-date-announced The "complete" edition is getting re-released in January with all DLC. If it's more than $10, I'll probably wait for a sale.
  15. Then I guess we're all making fun of the half of you that wasn't joking. If you're complaining about this, then you must be new to the LTJ vinyl game. We're all still clamoring for our Anthem and B is for B-Side represses; the former has been out of print for well over a decade and the latter was never pressed. Add to this the fact that they've frequently done elaborate vinyl releases in the past, so this is not new. Yet you're (half) upset that their new album is being kept readily available? Damned if you do, damned if you don't, I guess.
  16. Well fuck. I was going to pass on this because I already have every LP that's available, but I forgot they were single LPs with cut tracklists. Goodbye, $175+shipping. Now someone needs to press Westbound Train's discography.
  17. It's not Volcano or S/T, but this is up for preorder: https://boards.vinylcollective.com/topic/146728-gatsbys-american-dream-modern-man/
  18. I was ready to pass if it was '09, but a '19 live record is an insta-buy! Thanks for the heads up!
  19. Aren't test pressings primarily for sound evaluation? I have a hard time believing a band that does as many variants as TA does a test run for each variant. Also, the machine operators have probably never seen a mockup of what the finished product is intended to look like. Checking the specificity of the variant is not part of their QA process.
  20. I've always bought the deluxe version of TA's albums and then a regular copy for actual playing. This time I was just going to get the deluxe and save some money... Until that goddamn Revolver variant popped up. That was $30 I didn't need to spend, lol. Love the new song/video, but that might be the poppiest song TA has written to date.
  21. Nope. I just moved and had to update my shipping address and asked about the ETA on it. On 9/21, they said it was delayed because of COVID (obv) and should be shipping this week.
  22. Yep, this thread just reminded me how dumb this forum is sometimes and why I only check it about once a week these days.
  23. Best deal I've ever gotten would have to be original pressings of Ben Folds Five's Whatever and Ever Amen and Autobiography.... I think I spent about $40 each, both in pretty great condition. This was 5+ years before they got repressed. Best sale I've ever made is easy: I sold a copy of the Thrice/Manchester Orchestra split for $250 on Discogs a few years back. That was bonkers. I listed it at that price as a joke, since there's only two songs on the thing, both mediocre covers. When someone actually bit, I followed through on the sale thinking there was no way they were serious about it. Turns out they were.

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