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  1. I ordered UP from a reseller on Amazon who claims to have it in stock... no shipping notice yet, but it's in Shipping Soon status.
  2. I have an OG self-titled - been dying for Utopia Parkway. I hope it's released on Tuesday too.
  3. I love Discogs - the format, the organization, the users for the most part. Love the value option, even if it's not totally accurate. I'm about 300 records behind in my archive to add... but all new stuff gets on there right away. It's a great resource for me.
  4. I got Magical Mystery Tour in a record mailer yesterday - expecting my second package of 3 records today. It seems like - for the most part - they've gotten their act together for shipping LPs. A few stores seem to be using bubble mailers still, but most instances I've seen have been real boxes for records.
  5. $51 US is still way better than what I paid for my OG copy earlier this year. Still worth it though - one of my all time favorite albums. Might have to grab it for the bonus LP.
  6. Blur box Beatles stereo box (as someone who owns a ton of Beatles vinyl - good and bad - this set is a revelation) Velvet Underground first 5 box Sonic Youth - Smart Bar Chicago 1985 - (not sure if this is a repress or an archival "new" release) Jellyfish - Spilt Milk
  7. I've got like 10 packages coming between Black Friday sales and RSD, so I don't mind waiting these out... it will be less stress from the wife once they start showing up.
  8. Not necessarily. I think are filled based on which stores carry the inventory. I have 4 records coming to me that shipped from 4 different locations.
  9. So it says the "original album" for the 4 LP set, but does that mean the original vinyl with the different running order and Tonite Reprise and Infinite Sadness tracks or the CD version? I can't seem to find a definitive answer.
  10. Amoeba's got some stuff online - just ordered the Velvet Underground and Moonrise Kingdom sets.
  11. Grabbed Nevermind too - but only for the extras. My Back to Black 320 pressing is going to be my go-to piece for the real album.
  12. Last time I ordered a record from hastings it came in a paper sack. I just got 4 records for $40, including 3 Beatles reissues, but I'm hoping for the best this time around. PLEASE send them in a real box.
  13. Haven't heard from Vintage Vinyl yet, but a charge hit my card yesterday from them. It doesn't add up to all of the items I ordered (Mogwai, Bowie picture disc, My Morning Jacket, White Stripes), so I'm not getting something... my guess is Bowie.