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  1. Thanks! I quickly added to my cart and checked out so couldn’t remember seeing if their was a shipping date or not. Lol.
  2. Reviving this thread because I just got the 2nd press of best of in the mail. Just gotta say if you were on the fence about picking this up it is a truly fantastic live album and worth the price tag. I don’t normally grab live albums but this is great.
  3. Anybody get shipping confirmation from Vagrant on this one? Just realized I ordered on the 6th and haven’t heard a peep since. Order still says received status.
  4. I have also discovered this in the past month. Rodrigo is a pop masterpiece and Girl in red is a new favorite for sure.
  5. I’m actually back from a 3 or 4 year hiatus as far as collecting and being active on this board goes. Wasn’t listening to my records much anymore and was in a shitty place financially. Sold nearly everything. But I’m in a cool place financially now and my new home needs some vinyl vibes. I’ve accepted the fact there’s some records I’ll never get back. I’m just grabbing new releases and represses at reasonable prices now. The game has changed a lot it seems.
  6. Liquor store employee here. Can only speak on observations and sales trends, haven't tried the products you mentioned. Can confirm that for a $77 or $120 price tag those whistle pigs fly off the shelf. Nikka coffey grain is slowly building a reputation. Everyone who has tried it has come back and bought more. Was glad to see you already grabbed a bottle of rittenHouse rye, another rye you should look into is high west rondezvous rye. Or keep your eyes peeled for sazerac rye 6 year.
  7. BUMPIN DAT OLD JAM. Hey guys from this thread. I'm selling off my whole collection. I do not feel comfortable selling my misprint Finch copy with Patrick's screen print with it since it was a generous and awesome thing he did for the community and should stay within the community and not be used for eBay fodder. Any of yous guys with a misprint copy miss out on this and would like it? Patrick? Would you like it back as perhaps a memorabilia piece? or whatever. ...how do i tag someone...
  8. Precisely. I was a big fan of his for quite a while. He's the only author I have like 10 books by. Fell off at some point and haven't read the new stuff. I don't read enough at all anymore in fact.
  9. this thread is glorious. i support Boomside and all of this hoodrat shit.
  10. Y'know I was thinking if you were in a relationship with someone and then one of you needed to go to prison for a year.... shouldn't ya just.... call things off for the time being? this season was wayyyyyy more depressing than the first. i loved seeing everybody's background story but shit was intense. I'm hoping next season Larry and Polly can go be boring together... somewhere off screen... and we never have to see them again Also apparently one of the writers realized and came to terms with her being a lesbian during filming of the first season... and is possibly dating poussey! http://theybf.com/2014/06/13/is-poussey-from-%E2%80%9Corange-is-the-new-black%E2%80%9D-dating-one-of-the-show%E2%80%99s-writers-stacey-dash-is
  11. i feel like i know this girl..... does she live in northern va? and even if i don't, it sounds like your chick just wants to be wanted... and you're in for a lot of bullshit.
  12. interesting. my US "self titled" copy still had the bleed american track title.
  13. i'm rewatching it now. i'm all about crazy eyes and nicki. also Alex is smokin hot in this show so i'm kinda bummed she won't be around as much.
  14. duuuuude i love this and it is right up my alley. we're still getting chilly evenings so i'm still wearing my knit hats. i'm unimaginitive and idk what colors or design i'd want.
  15. Top shelf tequila alternative to Patron, AVION. Shits dangerous!!! smooth like water, no burn dawg. also srunk punk slam bdunk
  16. BAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!!!!!!!! i appreciate you so hard right now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znUS2KqPYCw
  17. ....oh.... we're not talking about strip clubs anymore? .... carry on...
  18. I love strip clubs. also i once went to an after hours/on the down low jello wrestling event. i got caught up in the moment and slapped a jello covered ass... which in turn gave me a hand covered in ass jello the girls had just been fucking in.
  19. from what i gather from friends with hedgies, they are reallllly hard to socialize (as in with humans). Takes lots of patience and proper & gentle handling. They will hate your guts and ball up every time you near them until then. Also they are nocturnal, so if it's gonna be in your room he'll be up and running around in his wheel and partying and making loud phone calls to his friends all night. Also their lifespan is shorttt. Got to talking to a local pet store owner and he said parents buy them for their kids, the kids wanna hold/pet them, hedgies ball up cuz they're scared, kids drop hedgie, and they die. Don't drop da hedgie, acquire rough manly hands suitable for holding a ball of toothpicks.

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