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Status Updates posted by drds89

  1. "Eeating seeeds...is a past-time...activity..."

  2. Well, it lasted 48 hrs - not a single order or preorder outstanding :) First time since 2011. It felt good actually. Just caved on the new Junius, and grabbing all the Kindling stuff thanks to @jonrawks

  3. Down to 3 pending preorders! :)

    Will I ever make it to zero? Set and Setting is tempting me...

    1. lexicondevil


      I can't even remember how many preorders I have in limbo! I'm thinking in the 5-10 range.

  4. It feels really good to have 'only' 4 pre-orders outstanding, with two on the way soon!

  5. "If one day the night takes me, would you search for me?"
    — I will 
    "Even with your fears, your doubts, would you come for me?"
    — I’ll try… 
    "Don’t try: find me " 

    — I’ll try…  

    "Don’t try"

    — I’ll try… 

    "Don’t try"


    'Mirrors' from Nuit Noire by Lost In Kiev

    1. drds89


      "Does it get any easier?"


  6. Anyone else finding themselves more frequently asking that pivotal question regarding vinyl purchases: "Is this something I'm likely going to NEED and keep forever?" Witness these pending PO's that formerly would already be locked in: 1. Helms Alee, 2. ERR (RC would have been a good timing to wait re: shipping, but RC is always a forever/need), 3. Alcest Box Set 4.True Widow, just to name a few biggies for me. I need to hear more of the music first!:(

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    2. drds89


      Yes, the Albini factor. He really has had the Midas touch on many peoples' ears, mine included. Esben And The Witch had him do their last album, which I listened to at least 15 times, but only the single really resonated with me. BTW: I caved on the Alcest 3xLP Magenta:Black marble box. Probably jinxed that one good now. Sargent House will have to wait...

    3. TheGhostOfRandySavage


      I've been having this dilemma all too often lately. I've let a bunch of stuff slip past and regret very few of them.

    4. wbhendrix


      bro I'm right there with ya.... 

  7. It's not cute or artsy anymore to just put plain art on vinyl labels without a clue or legend to which side it is - and also the speed of the record. You don't have to put megadetails like the old school black vinyl, but a simple "A" and "45rpm" would be nice. #petpeeve #lame #pms

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    2. lexicondevil


      Yep. That completely pisses me off. I have to squint to try and see the matrix scratch. I don't know why bands think it's cool to do this.


    3. Hairy Potter
    4. radiatorhums


      Couldn't agree more!  Glad I'm not the only person who can't stand that.  Hate having to look at the matrix to see which side is which.

  8. No funk. No punk. No elevator junk. (favorite billboard of all time for radio station #RVA)

  9. 3,050 posts and no warnings! w00t! :goodboy:

    1. tokimedo


      dont get one, they will refuse to take it off. ive had one for almost 3 years with no incident yet the warning point stays...

  10. (You gotta) Lose your cool; let them win. Until somebody else comes to take them in...

  11. Sheer - Monochrome / Song of the year, maybe the last 5 years

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    2. omik11303


      I don't know... I might like "Heavenly" more

    3. drds89


      Heavenly, Orion and several others are incredible; my least favorite ironically is the title track - they had someone else produce it. Would be nice done slow and acoustic I bet. I messaged Gina for the lyrics to Monochrome, which is exceedingly rare, because instrumental and shoegaze are so nice without that 'hassle' on my brain of decoding lyrics. She responded right back, very gracious, as I was wavering on whether to ask and if I really wanted them. They are simple and spot on.

    4. drds89


      Thank you for taking time to listen and comment Charlie, Zach and Owen. It's a very personal thing, and a rarity. For those who listened and it was not your cuppa, and refrained from dissing, thank you as well. I try to do so unless asked point blank for an honest opinion. This music business is frighteningly subjective.

  12. You're missing the point again.

    1. drds89


      I've been so sick of flowers on everything.

  13. Cheatahs binge, big time, almost whole discog

  14. Shake hands with beef!

  15. So I made a big mistake, try to see things once my way.

  16. The cat's in my head and I'm...wide awake

  17. I'm a picture disc

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    2. THE_James_Champ


      I'm a dick picture

    3. drds89


      haha - I made 2000 posts and they insult me calling me a picture disc! Wut?!

    4. THE_James_Champ


      you and me both bro

  18. "Does that get easier?" "No (echo)" [Repeat] Lost In Kiev, Motions, I'm Stuck.

    1. omik11303


      Love that album. Still need to pick up a copy somewhere.

  19. Much respect for instrumental and power trios!

  20. "I hope I die before I get old." Roger Daltrey (fail)

    1. drds89


      "Old means getting rich." Roger Daltrey (fail)

    2. drds89


      "Better to burn out, than it is to rust (or fade away)." Neil Young (fail) Attempts to explain this to critcis (fail, double talk, gibberish)

  21. "A Million Tears, A Trillion Times..."

    1. drds89


      "I've seen that g(l)aze, and glitch in your eyes!"

  22. "I burned myself down...with the bridge"

  23. "Am I the rain in your eyes?" *shels

  24. "I care, I know I do; 'Cos wouldn't I burn if it wasn't true?" (I can't see...)


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