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  1. https://imgur.com/Jn0tDzn https://imgur.com/1UFGPR2
  2. Richmond just got cancelled. Along with VA Beach and WV. I have tickets for TID so I’m not super bummed, but this still sucks. His tweet about Jordan talking about replacing him is very weird. I hope it’s just some misunderstanding / out of context situation and everything is ok. Not just for the life of the band, but for his well-being.
  3. Hoping for a wider release cause I can’t justify $55 on this.
  4. Laughing at all the reviews on Target about how the album sounds like a man cause they aren’t playing it at 45rpm.
  5. MoFi is good but honestly BG is better, especially for the money. MoFi didn’t really didn’t do Nevermind the justice it usually does for all their other pressings. It’s just hype for the label at that price. You’re honestly not missing much. I can send you a MFSL 24k CD rip if you want. It’s really good. If you’re gonna spend money you should get the OG, but it’s only a bit better than the BG. So worth it if you’re a die hard collector with the money.
  6. You’re the first person I’ve hear say the 20th is good. That thing is brick-walled to hell. Just spin the BG cut (Pallas or Target, same plates).
  7. The BG is great and this pressing is great. BG is natural and the 30th brings Kurt’s vocals to the front. Different flavors for different moods. It’s nice to have options. Both great in their own regard.
  8. Was gonna wait, but grabbed a blue copy now. Stoked for Astronaut presses.
  9. https://thetrustees.org/place/coolidge-reservation/ A lot of Caspian songs were written here. Also, they’ve been bringing back Fire Made Flesh in their recent sets. They opened with it in Boston night 2, Philly, and DC. Closed night 2 with Collpaser > Castles > Sycamore. It was amazing.
  10. If you don’t own the BG / Pallas pressing I’d absolutely recommend getting this as it sounds great. I’m gonna compare it to the MFSL 24k next; have a fun week ahead of me. But yah, this version sound great.
  11. Got mine in today. The packaging is really nice, as mentioned in the video above. https://ibb.co/34DG3c6 https://ibb.co/cQr6wLh https://ibb.co/CzF98GX
  12. I found it on Soulseek. I can upload it for you. Do you want 16 or 24bit?
  13. I preordered the box too. I really love this album, so all the live stuff will definitely get listened to. I wish it came with the Blu-ray Disc though. Weird that it’s only in the CD set option. Will definitely be A:B’ing the single LP version to the Bernie version next weekend. I doubt it’ll be better, but still curious to hear the differences.
  14. I grabbed one cause I’m really curious. I was gonna stream it, but I wanna compare it to the Pallas pressing.
  15. There will be no Vault edition for it. PLEASE NOTE: we are not releasing Fear of the Dawn or Entering Heaven Alive as a Vault package.
  16. Urban is Black with a slip. https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/jack-white-fear-of-the-dawn-limited-lp?category=vinyl-records&color=001&type=REGULAR&size=ONE SIZE&quantity=1

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