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  1. Oh sweet. Which Friday is the free shipping? Stoked to grab this. Out of curiosity, what is the run size? Thanks!
  2. Not only is the music good, but that price is fantastic.
  3. I’d grab an OG if I could justify that price tag. But yah, all are great. I like that they’re all a little different so one version is bound to please various tastes / ears. The 30th Anniversary is remastered from the digital transfers, so I’m curious how they’ll sound compared to the DMM version. Wonder how different the ‘newly mastered’ version will differ if at all. Probably won’t be able to tell much of a difference personally since it’ll be the same mix I’m assuming. I’m gonna grab this eventually when it goes on sale. I was able to grab the Nevermind box $103 in a pre-order, and I’m sure we’ll all be able to grab In Utero on sale a few months after release. I’ve been seeing the Nevermind one go on sale for ~50% recently, only a year after it came out.
  4. https://www.discogs.com/release/4940893-Nirvana-In-Utero
  5. GARRISON - A MILE IN COLD WATER Remixed by Kurt Ballou. 250 x Blue / Yellow with White Splatter 300 x Midnight and Amber Galaxy https://deathwishinc.com/collections/all/products/garrison-a-mile-in-cold-water
  6. I just got the black resissues recently and they sound great. $30 each.
  7. Apparently they’re selling everything individually on white / black marble as well.
  8. Have all of these individually. Hmm. Might just grab the 2xLP of Crisis since I have the RSD LP version.
  9. This is probably AOTY for me. So damn good. Vinyl copies seem to be delayed a few weeks, at least my indie clear copy is. Grabbed tickets to see them in DC.
  10. Same. I pretty much get the majority of my pre orders from them as well as records I’ve been meaning to pick up. About to grab all the Samiam represses.
  11. https://mewithoutyou.com/collections/pale-horses/products/pale-horses-collectors-edition
  12. https://www.newburycomics.com/collections/exclusive-vinyl/products/the_receiving_end_of_sirens-between_the_heart_and_the_synapse_exclusive_2lp?variant=42358359130292 $44…
  13. Elephant UHQR : 200g 2xLP 45RPM + SACD + Reel to Reel https://www.instagram.com/p/CwXzT5duZ0r/?igshid=MWZjMTM2ODFkZg==
  14. No. The master tapes aren’t in great condition. They’d probably be ruined if they tried to digitize them.
  15. Damn. I gotta cancel my order, order the shirt from the store, and get the box from 1234. That’ll save me $43.

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