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  1. I want Senile, but Buzzo is a nut job, so I don’t really wanna give him $42 for an LP, even though those riffs are always stuck in my head.
  2. Got shipping today. Record got here yesterday.
  3. I mean, he didn’t explicitly say that. But I hope he does.
  4. It’s what BV mistakenly posted. I think whoever made the original graphic just fucked up cause the color descriptions were swapped and the variant was wrong for FPU anyway.
  5. Would you mind embedding the photo? I can’t see it cause I don’t have IG. Never mind. BV updated their site.
  6. Would you mind embedding the photo? I can’t see it cause I don’t have IG.
  7. From Parts Unknown /500 Yellow w/ Red Splatter and Low Teens /300 Pink and Black Merge https://shop.brooklynvegan.com/collections/every-time-i-die
  8. Udiscover is 30% off and free shipping. Grabbed a few Paul McCartney records.
  9. Awesome collection. Love all the paint colors too. For your set up, see a few posts back about my suggestions for speaker placement. Make that killer collection sound even better.
  10. Everything in the family room. Wife didn’t want a tv in the living room, but I convinced her to let me have my set up and records in there. Records on one wall, set to on perpendicular wall. Obviously she’s into Xmas. Haha. Slowed down on records the last 2 years since how damn expensive they are, so I’ve been really loving my network player + Roon. End up listening to way more music now which I love. Even taught the wife how to use it so she uses my set up which I’m all for. (Excuse the mess. We got married a week ago so there were way too many people in my house. Haha.)
  11. Hell yah. Love your store so that’ll be perfect. Thanks.
  12. Same. Was raining here and didn’t wanna go out just for that. Am only looking for Dream Widow too. Will link if I find any.
  13. I’ll echo my speaker placement post. See above. Will help a lot! https://uturnaudio.com/pages/speaker-placement — here’s a helpful link.
  14. Yah, I’m still bummed I didn’t grab that box set.
  15. What’s your price range? My immediate suggestion is an SVS SB-1000. So much bang for your buck, and I’m sure you can catch a good deal coming up this week. If you have a large space / bigger budget / etc. let me know. But given your comment I really think that would be the best bang for your buck and round out your set up. Plus there’s an app where you can set it up and tweak; super user friendly. One piece of advice I can give for your set up is also speaker placement. I know it’s easier said than done as your room might not allow it, but if you can get your (badass) Def Techs on stands that would help a lot. It’ll bring them to ear height, and you can get them away from the wall a little (if the room allows). Your soundstage will improve dramatically. If not, maybe try experimenting by putting them on the outside cubes of the third row and see what that sounds like. Toe them in a little (stands or not) so they’re just angled slightly to the outside of each respective ear at your listening position. Def Techs are already killer (I loved my SM55s — recently gave them to a buddy as his intro to hifi) and I remember how much they opened up one I got their positioning right. But I do agree that they could use a sub to help round them out. But yah, just play around and see what happens. Took me 15 years to get a room where I could even place speakers the right way, so I totally get if it isn’t in the cards, but I bet there’s a few minor tweaks that you could do that’ll help.
  16. That’s rad that you have a killer collection after such a short amount of time. If 23yr old me has all those I’d never leave my house. Haha. I’ll suggest these stands: Monolith Stands — they’re on sale too. You can fill them with sand / cat litter or whatever and they’re perfect.
  17. Guess I’m doing RSD since the Dream Widow LP is being released for it.
  18. Not to be that guy, but what’s your speaker placement situation? I’m curious cause it looks like it’s maybe tucked away in the corner? I love good speaker placement cause it’s (usually) free and can improve the sound of most systems with just a little tweaking. Awesome collection. How long have you been collecting? I’m guessing you have ~1,200? I love that all the boxes are up top. Plus all the Unwounds *chefs kiss*.