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  1. “The rest” as if they won’t sell out. Haha. I’d love a large pressing on black just for it to be available. Maybe there’s a chance further down the road since they’re doing this small press.
  2. Haven’t heard anything. It was supposed to come out a few weeks after the album release (or at least have a date given), but haven’t heard any update on it.
  3. Greatest Hits is on Target. Orange. Have the first three on MoV so don’t need this, but might grab it anyway.
  4. Gonna wait til my local shop / Amazon / online shop stocks in. Definitely want it, but given it’s 10k, they’ll stock it here.
  5. Icky Thump repress pre order: https://thirdmanstore.com/products/icky-thump-12-vinyl-or-cd
  6. Yah very true. I’ll get my buddy to ask if he’s going to and report back.
  7. I wouldn’t doubt it since he came out and played a song with Walter when they played a show together (Converge, Caspian, and Walter opening) in Boston a couple weeks ago.
  8. They’re playing here in August with Quicksand and I’m gonna lose my fucking mind. I’m so stoked.
  9. Got my /100 in yesterday. Listened to it and it sounds great.
  10. Ordered 2 years ago. Cancelled a year ago. Reordered yesterday. Glad to be getting this.
  11. https://www.newburycomics.com/collections/record-store-day newburys is up.
  12. I have an extra copy of Ramones if anyone wants it for cost + shipping.
  13. Was able to get Ramones, Iggy, Foo, and Childish Gambino. Most people were in line for Swift. About 12 people in front of me at 5:30am and I’d say half were trying to get it.
  14. Grabbed it. I’ll sleep an extra hour. Just need Foo and Iggy now.
  15. To order Ramones now for $15 more plus shipping and not have to worry about it…
  16. My shop got 4 or 5 Taylor 7”s. I’ll grab one for you if I can. Getting to mine at 5am and they open at 9:30am.
  17. Needed both and have been waiting on a repress. Grabbed em. Now I just gotta not buy stuff til tomorrow morning. Haha.
  18. I’m thinking of getting to my local shop at 5 or 6am. They have 3 copies of The Ramones box and definitely want that. Time to get me a foldable chair to sit in.

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