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  1. Interesting. The Elephant 2022 and 2020 repress I have are great. Along with a few recent Vault releases.
  2. Deathwish: https://deathwishinc.com/collections/vinyl-blowout $3 EPs / $10LPs / $15 2xLPs Polyvinyl: https://polyvinylrecords.bandcamp.com/merch 15% off BC store. Code MAY2024
  3. Anyone have any suggestions I can pass along to maybe improve the process? Like how you can “skip” with VMP and get credit, instead of having to cancel, and later rejoin and possibly losing your spot? Maybe just a skip/pause feature. Also here are some photos of the Eminem release:
  4. So my friend that worked for Capitol now works over at Interscope (Capitol had huge layoffs). So I’m trying to get some more insight into the “club”. Coincidentally she knows the dude that kinda started it. She’s only been there a month now, but I’m just gonna try to get whatever inside info she has.
  5. I finally got tracking today. Should go put tomorrow. I’m not even gonna try for a $7 refund even though I should bother them cause that’s lame as fuck to overcharge on shipping. Media mail is media mail for a reason. Better ship priority (which I never want for records) if you’re charging me priority rate.
  6. Yah I’m not usually one to send emails, but since this label hasn’t done an update thread to purchasers, I sent them all a reply to my original message. This is ridiculous.
  7. Got my order from Seasick yesterday. Packaged well and arrived fairly quickly.
  8. I’m curious if they’re re-recording it because of rights. Wonder if they own the album rights or not. Cause I’ve listened to the album a few times since over last weekend, and man, I forgot how good this album is. The drums are insane, the dynamics rule, it’s no nostalgia and all merit. If they did re-record it I’m not really sure what they would do different. Maybe like AITA and have guest spots and a more “mature” version (as Thrice called it). I’d maybe bring the bass up a little more in the mix, but damn it’s so good already.
  9. I’m gonna do my first for Betty. Really stoked that’s getting a repress.
  10. Don’t need it, but still grabbing it. Can’t say no to Unwound.
  11. Was able to find G.B.I. at Dearborn earlier. Checking out was a pain, but eventually got through.
  12. I was really tempted to get that. But I’m saving up for a Yamaha AS2200, so I decided to hold off for now. Let me know how it is! I’m really curious.
  13. Does anyone know if the Craft pressing for ATDI is using new plates or if it’s the same as the 2012 pressing? I have the 2012 press, but given how good Craft is and if they’re using new plates I might grab a copy.
  14. Only thing I can’t find is the Paramore Talking Heads 12”.
  15. Grabbed Paramore 2xLP, Ramones, and Hives (Black/White) from Seasick. In Groove has 10% off non RSD so I grabbed that Atlantic 75 copy of MB20’s Yourself or Someone Like You.
  16. I didn’t even bother this year. I’m gonna try to find Ramones and Hives online later.
  17. “All ETID are still shipping out and should be done in the next 7-10 days. Once shipped you’ll get tracking.” Email response I got.
  18. Damn. Was gonna place my order this morning, but looks like the flash sale is over.

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