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  1. Pre ordered Van finally since I loved Ok.
  2. I loved that game so much. But I have no idea what any of the music sounds like after all these years.
  3. A few minutes if that. I kept refreshing and each time new stuff would come up as the e-commerce team was adding them. The tickets went up first then some clothing and drum heads. The drum heads going up made me stay on there to see if anything else unique would go up. After that the archival photos. Then the tech package and the FC copies. They say they had 20 available.
  4. Strange that it dropped $10 after the fact. It was $240 when I posted it, and like you said it’s down to $230 now. For anyone wondering, at $230 with 10% and various shipping rates: Service Cost New Total USPS Media Mail $7.27 $214.27 USPS Priority Mail $12.06 $219.06 FedEx Ground $14.50 $221.50
  5. These actually sound good and are quiet. I’m really surprised. My only complaint is they didn’t make Todd, who is evil ex #3, side 3. Like cmon.
  6. Got my box set in today. Packaging is great. Gonna spin them later and see how they sound.
  7. apparently there were 20. Looks like it’ll come with the slip cover, as they updated the photos. Stoked.
  8. Signed copies of Full Collpase available. Was able to grab one. Redeemed after a dude cut me in line for merch at the DC show and got the last signed one.
  9. The shipping rates were fucked up for a while with v1. Should get fixed again.
  10. https://www.indiemerchstore.com/item/99092 240 + Plus 10% off.
  11. Wow. That box set looks amazing. I like YoNL, but not enough to spend $200 plus shipping. I wish I listened to them more to justify it cause that a damn cool box set.
  12. I’ll only make a new one if it turns out to be represses. Or at least update the title accordingly. Haha.
  13. Looking at Fall now. Summary: We appreciate Kyle taking time to share updates about the MATCHBOX TWENTY 20 LIMITED VINYL BOXSET, in summary: Beautifully detailed 12”x12” booklet expanded from 24 to 36 pages Boxsets scheduled to ship this Fall Once there is a confirmed ship date, you will be the first to know If you ordered other merch with your boxset (on or before April 15, 2021), it will be split shipped Thank you for your continued patience, support & be well If you have questions about your order, please respond directly to
  14. Agreed. I listened and it’s rather boring. I cancelled my order, especially since it’s $42ppd.
  15. Purple is kinda random. Black is great as always. But I’m curious if there’s gonna be any more. A coke bottle would be appropriate.
  16. I think they are, but you can usually find them on discogs via shops for like $38-45 a piece. I need to grab Empire as well.

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