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  1. I spoke with a USPS employee today. As you and everyone knows they got slammed from holiday stuff. But after the holidays apparently Covid went around like crazy at the sorting / distribution facilities. A good handful are even shut down. So depending on where you live and where your record is coming from it could end up at one that is closed and it’ll sit there til they have employees back from their quarantine time. LA has been hit hard. Any record I get from CA most likely sits for weeks. But yah, I figured they were backed up but what makes it even slower is that media mail is last in the
  2. The 2009 pressing had a DR avg. of 12. This is up to 15. Looking forward to this even more now.
  3. Black 180g sounds good to me. I’ll wait in case something cooler comes out. Not feeling cream. Maybe black translucent. But stoked on a new album.
  4. Get Up Kids + Cave In + Glassjaw + Ghostface + ETID was epic. Such a fun show.
  5. I had a first pressing. It was so damn gritty. Could never get it clean enough. Ended up selling it. Tempted to give this pressing a go.
  6. So he doesn’t want to release pressing numbers, but a special thanks to himself on the back of the record is cool...
  7. Dude for real. I’d love for it to get repressed one day so I can own it. Kinda lame how such an essential collection is so expensive. I mean, it’s the Beatles, press more.
  8. A couple of things: - Most importantly, Caspian owns the rights to their music. So thankfully they didn’t sign them over to D.O. with this pressing. - They did this as a trial, and odds are won’t be using them again for another press. - They’re aware of the IG rant and are pretty embarrassed and don’t want that reflecting on them, so things are probably gonna change next go around. - I spoke with them about a few other things / more in depth about Brent. Don’t be too worried. - New Caspian is in the works. As well as other info I can’t share. The only reason they did
  9. Ugh. I’m trying to buy a house and this pops up. Glad I saved a gift card cause I definitely want this.
  10. Came out well. Strange that the shipping never updated passed “pre-shipment” but showed up today.
  11. They're usually the same, if not maybe a hairrrr better. Really depends on the plant, the QC, etc., but usually the same. I'll probably spin these later to find out since the actual presses haven't come in.
  12. How fucking disappointing. Not paying $150 for picture discs. Even if they weren’t $150 is expensive as hell for a 4xLP.
  13. Got my test presses in yesterday. They aren’t numbered, of course. Just stamped white sleeves, same packaging. Still waiting on my regular presses. They have been in LA for almost 3 weeks. They’re just sitting at the post office.
  14. Man those splatters sold out in minutes. Grabbed an OG cover merge.
  15. Don’t have Facebook. Don’t need to post an image, but can you say what the variants are?
  16. Cancelled my Zia and went for the new cover. Just too cool to pass up.

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