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Found 18 results

  1. US: https://www.indiemerchstore.com/item/81254 Use promo code 15JASTA (thanks @BeerMonger) EU: https://pelagic-records.com/product/rosetta-terra-sola-12-ep/ Solid White w/ Black Marble (Ltd. to 300) Black (no pressing amount listed)
  2. - Aqua Blue (Opaque) /600 - Metallic Silver (Opaque) /400 " All vinyl is pressed using the high resolution 24 bit Wav Masters and housed in 350 gsm heavyweight jackets! All copies come with a D/L card as well." http://translationlossrecords.bigcartel.com/product/rosetta-wake-lift-2xlp-reperss-pre-order
  3. Rosetta - Terra Sola 1. Terra Sola 11:25 2. 57844 06:06 3. Where Is Hope? 04:48 Digital only right now, vinyl and CD coming later https://theanaesthete.bandcamp.com/album/terra-sola Pay-what-you-want
  4. Updated with what's currently available! http://www.discogs.com/seller/Daegor/profile Make me offers on here rather than discogs and I'll be way more flexible with the price. Buy lots and I'll be way more flexible with the price. Vinyl for sale: Alessandro Cortini ‎– Forse 1 (OG Press out of 200, 2xLP Transparent Red) Being As An Ocean ‎– Being As An Ocean (Cloudy Clear / Cloudy Grey) Craig Wedren & Theodore Shapiro ‎– Higher And Higher: Original Music From The Motion Picture Wet Hot American Summer (7") Helicon Blue ‎– Collection (Clear & Tan Marble Vinyl - Limited to 200, Exclusive to Dine Alone 10 Year Vinyl Bundle – Pt.1) Pre-City & Colour Dallas Green Snow Ghosts ‎– And The World Was Gone (12" Single) Dr. Demento Presents The Greatest Novelty Records Of All Time Vol VI Christmas (12" Comp) Comeback Kid – Wake The Dead (Pink) Animals As Leaders – Weightless (2015 Repress) Mestis – Polysemy (Blue Translucent) Big Black Delta - RCVR ft. Debbie Gibson 7" (Signed) Hacktivist - Outside The Box (Clear Red) Meantime [Redux] Deluxe Edition Test Pressing - Helmet tribute album featuring I Am Become Death, Earthship, Ironweed, Sunflo'er, Ken Mode, Kings Destroy, Meek Is Murder, The Glorious Rebellion, Fuck The Facts, Fashion Week, Rosetta, Livver, Heads, Blackwolfgoat, and Brief Lives Plus a butt load of 10" Shellac 78's, CDs, and a few cassettes Sold: Mestis – Basal Ganglia (10" Picture Disc) August Burns Red ‎– Leveler (Green in Clear) Alessandro Cortini ‎– Forse 3 (OG Press out of 200, 2xLP Transparent Purple) Celldweller - S/T (2x LP Clear Blue) Comeback Kid – Rain City Sessions +1 (10" Solid White) Comeback Kid – Die Knowing Comeback Kid – Outsider (Clear) The Misfits – Static Age (Repress) Silent Planet ‎– Come Wind, Come Weather / Lastsleep (1944-1946) (Clear w/ Black Splatter) Norma Jean ‎– Polar Similar (2xLP Opaque Off White / Translucent Red) Unconditional Arms - Fever Basin O'Brother - The Death of Day (2011 Green Translucent) Nevermen - S/T (Black) Birds In Row ‎– You, Me & The Violence (Black) Thrice - Alchemy Index Psychopunch / Windfall 7" Split (blue) Fidel Catastrophe - And The Bleak Shall Inherit The Earth Low & Behold - Blood Red '68 - Midnight (Gold, Coffee w/ Creamer #101, Half Translucent Dark Blue / Half Black, Opaque Medium Blue & White, Test Pressing #16, Gold SIGNED, Red/White/Blue tri-colour) Black Jesuses - Black Jesuses (Transparent Red / Orange) BR/DGES ‎– Love and Hate 7" (2015 Bundle signed test pressing) K-OS - Black on Blonde (Picture disc) Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster (Picture disc) Queens of the Stone Age - ...Like Clockwork (Standard edition) Every Time I Die - Low Teens (Violet Misprint LP no jacket) Nine Inch Nails ‎– The Slip (Black) '68 ‎– 68 Recorded Live At Little Elephant (Black) Nine Inch Nails - Broken 12" + 7" (Official pressing) Sir Sly - Gold EP (signed by the band) RPM Turntable Football Beat Happening ‎– Indian Summer b/w Foggy Eyes 7" (Black) Moneen ‎– Pleasantly Saying The Most Terrible Things 7" Deftones - B-Sides & Rarities RSD Gold w/ DVD Beloved ‎– Failure On (Very Dark Green / Black, limited to 10 hand numbered!) No Machine - 5" Lathe Alexisonfire / Moneen - The Switcheroo Series (2015 Bundle on Red) Massive Attack vs Burial ‎– Four Walls / Paradise Circus - #292/1000 Manchester Orchestra & O'Brother / Thrice ‎– Don't Speak (No Doubt) / I Want You (She's So Heavy) (The Beatles) - WARPED Austrian Death Machine - Jingle All The Way 7" moneen ‎– Are We Really Happy With Who We Are Right Now? (2015 Bundle on Black in Red) Belle & Sebastian ‎– Last Trip 7" The Chariot - The Fiancée (Green) '68 – In Humor And Sadness (I have Green Marble, Pink Marble, White, Teal And White Swirl) Sublime ‎– Jah Won't Pay The Bills (Black) The Black Queen - Fever Daydream (Black #0152 of 1000) Burial - Burial Burial - Untrue The Black Queen - Ice To Never Single The Dillinger Escape Plan - Miss Machine Silver The Dillinger Escape Plan - Ire Works Silver The Dillinger Escape Plan - Calculating Infinity Silver The Dillinger Escape Plan - Limerent Death Various - CMJ 2014 Fall Sampler #009 Celldweller - Switchback Cee Lo Green - Fuck You! Norma Jean - The Almighty Norma Jean Limited Edition Vinyl Boxset Set A, signed by the band Cult Of Luna - Eternal Music Gold & Black
  5. hey guys! after doing a pre-move sale, I'm done moving but all of these things are still in the boxes and I dont have room for them in the new house. as full-time working dad, I have no time to listen to these things, either. so most of them go. Please see my tradelist / sale list and get these things outta my house. TONS of cheap stuff and good stuff, Metal, Hardcore, Rock, etc. stuff of note: Converge stuff Cursed - Demo Cassettes & other stuff Deafheaven stuff Glassjaw LP's and 7's MAMMOTH GRINDERRRRRR Rosetta - tons of stuff Wolves In The Throne Room - Two Hunters 2xLP - 180g clear w/ gold foil printed cover - /1000 I'm gonna give you guys about a week or so to chisel away at this before I start posting them to Discogs. make offers, deals, the more you buy the better deal you'd get. prices do not include shipping. everything shipped in proper mailers. Paypal & Venmo
  6. Looking for these variants Capsize - The Angst In My Veins (Green /100) Rosetta - Wake//Lift (1st press Translucent Purple w/ White splatter /100) Emery - The Weak's End (Tour edition w/ Screened OBI strips White /50) I know these aren't the easiest to find but if you have any of these, holler at me and Im willing to work something out
  7. Hey everyone, PO is now LIVE!!!!!! So, this dude I talk to all the time from Switzerland has a label, and it's called Elusive Sound. They are just about to drop their first release, which is 2 variants of Glasir's "Unborn" EP. Glasir is a post-rock band from the USA. You can read more below. They label guys are going all out in the variants and packaging, and it looks to be an impressive release. 180g, 45RPM, 350g covers, screen printed extras, records shipped in poly-lined inner sleeves.... the works. Pre-orders go up Friday. http://elusive-sound.com/2016/06/21/glasir-unborn-ep-vinyl-pre-order/ EDIT: Pictures are up! These things look freaking incredible!!!!!!!!! You can listen to the entire EP here: From their website: Berne, Switzerland, June 21, 2016: Elusive Sound is very proud to announce the release of Glasir “Unborn” EP on vinyl for the very first time. Pre-orders start June 25, 20:00 Zurich Time. Official release date July 8, 2016 Included in Post-Rock Essentials Best Releases of 2015, “Unborn” is the first EP by Texas based sonic seekers Glasir and the first Elusive Sound release. Working with perfectionist producer and audio engineer Sam Hunt out in McKinney, Texas, Glasir is a project that consists of longtime collaborators Nate Ferguson on bass, Conner McKibbin on guitar and Austin Vanbebber on drums. Together they have crafted a heavy siege cannon, one that draws in post-rock, ambient doom and psychedelic rock and is masterfully loaded with enough black blasting powder to fire relentlessly at all levels. It took only a few minutes to realize that we were listening to greatness. Glasir’s music is as resplendent as the gleaming tree from which they have taken their name. It is as loud as a thunderous grey cloud and as clear as a heavenly stream. It’s a masterful aural descent into darkness, the fury of the mind and the unwavering firmness of will to obstinately cling to life. There are moments when one resigns to the fatality of life, the grief that takes over after great loss, the impotency felt after withering in the dust of failed pretensions, when dreams have burned down to cinders, when vision once clear and formidable is left blurred and short-sighted and the body too frail to sustain a mortal blow. Unborn conjures a bleak and lonely existence, when one loses his heart and falls prey to the recklessness of despair, peers deep into the darkness and dares to dream dreams that no mortal should ever dream. The end however, has not yet come. From the all-consuming sadness there is a glimmer of hope. This Dallas trio reveals the everlasting light that transforms all it touches into riches of life and gives us the ability to soar the skies. Glasir have become the glorified tree. Unborn is magnificent and snuffs out all that we have heard this year in a heartbeat. The EP features stunning full artwork by Alex CF and will be released on two high quality coloured heavyweight vinyl variants, the Giallarbru limited to 133 copies and theGleaming Grove limited to 100 copies. Both variants will be sold exclusively via our official label website shop at elusive-sound.com and feature 180g vinyl cut at 45rpm, a high quality 350gsm innersleeve, artwork printed on reverse board and a two-sided band inlay. Additionally Gleaming Grove contains a special Swiss Made screenprinted Thank You note and a screenprinted hand-numbered 12″ artprint also desgined by Alex CF. Full Press Release and Pressbook available on pdf at http://elusive-sound.com/artist/glasir/ These are NOT mock-ups, these ARE the records: You can see another picture of the actual cover and inserts and the /100 variant here: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CljrZfWXIAAfkXZ.jpg:large The guys who run the label are massive post-rock fans, I talk to them just about every day on Facebook. Sold one of the dudes my black/clear ITTCT "Red Forest" a while back. They've got more coming from Au Revoir, Show Me A Dinosaur, and more. I keep bugging them to join the discussions over here, because they're massive music fans just like us. Please support them!
  8. Hey guys, so this is pretty basic. I'm looking for a clean copy of the coke bottle and rainbow splatter version of this record. I have a navy blue swirl I can trade plus cash, if that is helpful! Thanks!!!
  9. From Facebook! October 18th: Ten years ago today, The Galilean Satellites was released. In honor of that milestone, we have two pieces of information to share with you: 1. New release. Right now we're working on a Remixes/B-sides/rarities compilation that will come out this December/January. We don't have a specific release date for this, but around the holidays it'll be ready to go. This will include tons of stuff: all our Japan-edition remixes, some new remixes, ADOM-era demo recordings, the INFAMOUS acoustic version of "Au Pays Natal," remastered lost tracks from our 2003 demo, live recordings, and some 'quiet' reinterpretations of new and old songs... possibly even more. It'll be a huge retrospective. We should also note there will be significant content bonuses for people who purchase this release (as opposed to free downloading). 2. Vinyl represses of Wake/Lift and The Galilean Satellites. Translation Loss Records have confirmed that 2016 will be the year for both of these albums to return to vinyl. Again, there are not specific release dates for these, but Wake/Lift will come first, early in the year, and TGS will follow later in 2016. And yes, TGS will be a 4xLP, and yes, you will be able to sync it up on a DJ setup. Fuck yeah!
  10. Just stumbled across these guys. If you're in the mood for something unique. They are on the same label that released the new Rosetta album. "The second full-length from Minneapolis/Saint Paul, MN blackened doom three-piece BLOOD FOLKE. Comprised of guitars, viola, and drums, BLOOD FOLKE's Init Records debut is five heavy dark songs mixing doomy guitar riffs and post-rock drumming with haunting viola that can be both melodic and screeching at times." Limited edition pressing of 300 copies on white vinyl. Includes insert and MP3 download of entire alb http://initrecords.corecommerce.com/BLOOD-FOLKE-My-Heart-In-The-Brilliance-Of-Fire-LP-PRE-ORDER.html Alright, I can't embed the media player because I'm dumb. It showed up on the preview? Here is their bandcamp. http://initrecords.bandcamp.com/album/my-heart-in-the-brilliance-of-fire
  11. I've decided to clear out some copies of records that I have multiple variants for, despite not needing multiple variants for them! A few of these are pretty rare, others are not. I'm mostly hoping to get back what I've put into them, so if you don't like the price, don't hesitate to shoot me an offer! All of these are listed below the median popsike price. I'm also always willing to trade, so if you think you've got something cool, send me your trade list as well. No minimum orders, everything packed to survive the holocaust, and you're supporting my abilities to put out more records this year. Thanks for looking! 12" New Found Glory - "Resurrection" (Clear w/ Black & White Splatter, unplayed) $15 Chelsea Wolfe - "Prayer For The Unborn" (Red /700) $40 Rosetta - "Wake/Lift" (Blue & Silver Swirl) $50 PENDING 7" The Get Up Kids / Rocket From The Crypt Split (White) $4 Pianos Become The Teeth - "Close" (2015 RSD, SEALED) $20 TEST PRESSES Cute Is What We Aim For - "The Same Blood Rush..." (Screen Printed Jacket 9/24) $60 City & Colour - "Little Hell" (Transparent Red, Tour Exclusive / 350) $50 SOLD City & Colour - "Little Hell" (Black) $15 SOLD Cartel - "Chroma" (Red, ETR Pressing) $15 SOLD As Cities Burn - "Son, I Loved You At Your Darkest" (Red) $50 SOLD Anberlin - "Cities" (Black, RSD, Unplayed) $40 SOLD He Is Legend - "It Hates You" (Black, SEALED) $20 SOLD
  12. I have one copy of the Navy Blue and Gray Swirl and also the Cokebottle Blue with Rainbow Splatter. Navy Blue is in Mint condition and Cokebottle has a dent on the bottom left corner (the record is in great shape though). You can ask me for pictures if you wish. Looking to sell one of them and will take offers via PM. Shipping is to be paid by the buyer and please note that I'm in Dublin Ireland so shipping to the US might be a bit more expensive. Payment only by PayPal.
  13. This is a set sale. If you want to play the “make offer” guessing game, please make sure your offer is more than the asking price . I am only shipping to the U.S. at this time. Some titles are bundled together at a discount for you. I want to get rid of as many of these records as I can. I’m not desperate for cash, I just want the room, so don’t write me with some lowball offer. Also, not looking for trades at the moment unless you have some rare stoner/doom. This is a first paid, first sold deal. Please be ready to pay if you PM me and want the record. Flakes suck. Thanks for understanding. These prices do not include shipping. Shipping via USPS Media Mail with tracking is $4 per record and an additional $1 per record. Insurance is an extra $2.50 and may be required for larger orders, so we are both covered. Sorry, ONLY SHIPPING TO Continental U.S. locations at this time. PM me with your wants and any questions. Here is the first batch with more to come: SALE CLOSED DOWN FOR MAINTENANCE Sorry, ONLY SHIPPING TO Continental U.S. locations at this time. PM me with your wants and any questions.
  14. Apologies if you think this is too premature, but I'm really eager to hear what they have done with their sound on this EP per the description: http://rosettaband.tumblr.com/post/83720147323/new-ep-update New EP update Our new EP, titled Flies to Flame, is being mastered this week. It’ll be out later this year in traditional formats — LP and CD — on Translation Loss Records. This not a pay-what-you-wish digital release. This recording was a departure from our normal working style. We wrote the material in late 2012 and recorded it in a garage in early 2013, while we were writing The Anaesthete. It’s deliberately lo-fi, jangly, and experimental, a tribute to the stripped-down sound of the post-rock and drone records we loved when Rosetta began. Most of it was improvised as it was being recorded, and it was not edited or ‘fixed’ to make it sound polished. All the grit is there. We used different instruments and equipment than we normally play with, since this material isn’t intended to be played live. Instead it functions as a kind of process document, from an important and transitional year in our life as a band. For the first time since The Galilean Satellites, we did all recording and mixing ourselves (with the invaluable help of our intern engineer, Alex Ruday). Mike Wohlberg is returning to create the artwork and layout, and James Plotkin is mastering it for both CD and vinyl. Track list: 1. Soot 2. Seven Years with Nothing to Show 3. Les Mots et les Choses 4. Pegasus
  15. hey everyone; new to the forum! I'm desperately seeking a copy of Rosetta - Galilean Satellites Disc 1! I have all the rest if their vinyl releases, and this has been haunting me! if anyone is willing to sell me one, please don't hesitate!!! thanks! -brendan
  16. Sorry for making a seperate thread for this one, but I remember that someone her was looking for this record. So here it is. Hit me with offers via PM. Rosetta/East Of The Wall/Year Of No Light - Split || 2 x 12 " Gatefold || Denovali/Vega Vinyl (DEN45 / VV - 006) || Black || lim. to 100 || OFFER Thanks!
  17. Russian Circles: Memorial Translucent Gray Euro Press Junius: The Fires of Antediluvia 7" // Need Green (Earth) and Black (Aether) on Natural Card and Green (Earth) on Black Cover **I have a nice Clear (Air) on Black Cover duplicate to trade + $ for your trouble** ISIS/Melvins Split: Test Press for decent price (not kidney or gonad prices on discogs) Rosetta Test Presses: TGS, Wake, Split with Balboa, Split with YONL/EOTW Jakob: Erfo 7" /200 -- (Crawlspace Records, USA) The Angelic Process: Solipsistic CD-r Magyar Posse: Random Avenger CD The Pax Cecilia: Nouveau (...) CD Suffocate For F*** Sake: Self-Titled, first CD Offering $$ and / or titles from my tradelist-- see sig line. I also may have some postrock/postmetal duplicates that are always coming and going and may not make it onto the list as current. Just PM me what you're looking for.
  18. not interested in selling singles, would prefer to get rid of as much as i can in as big of lot(s) as possible. the more you want, the easier it is for me, and the more inclined i am to give a good deal. PM offers please, thanks. Cave In - Anomalies Vol. 1 (white, Vacation Vinyl exclusive, /100, SEALED) - $30ish Cave In - White Silence (white, Vacation Vinyl exclusive, /100, SEALED) - $30ish Cave In - Tides Of Tomorrow (picture disc) Converge - On My Shield 7" (black & white, Estore version, /1000) Constants - If Tomorrow The War (letterpress version, red, 109/125) Constants - The Murder Of Tom Fitzgerril (black, 193/218) J. Bannon - The Blood Of Thine Enemies 7" (bone/cream, etched B-side, /600) East Of The Wall / Year Of No Light / Rosetta (2xLP, black) The Austerity Program - Song 20 (The River) 7" eBay feedback score: 311, 100% positive

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