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  1. Purge time. And no, I'm not breaking these collections up. Most of these haven't been played for years, and are in pretty good shape, but defects will be noted. All prices in CAD based on median Discogs sales with condition taken into account. Shipping IS NOT included and will be paid by the buyer based on location. Since these are big packages, ballpark at least $30 within NA, and $50+ overseas - for tracking/insurance, double those prices (thanks, Canada Post). Caspian: $180CAD - You Are the Conductor (1st press, clear brown, /100) - 3" crease on right side front/back of jacket, 2" hairline crease on left side front/back of jacket, seam splits on all sides of printer inner sleeve. - The Four Trees (1st press, white/beer split, /500) - slight ding on bottom right corner of jacket. - Tertia (1st press, beer w/ maroon haze, /100) - minimal corner wear on jacket, excellent condition. - Waking Season (1st press, 180g black, /300) - minor bottom corner dings and ring wear on jacket. - Caspian/Constants split 7" (gold w/ haze, /500) - slight corner wear. If These Trees Could Talk: $180CAD - S/T (1st press, clear w/ orange haze, /150) - minor scuffs and ring wear on jacket. - Above the Earth... (1st press, ice blue, /100) - seam split on bottom of printed inner sleeve. - Red Forest (1st press, highlighter yellow w/ splatter, /200) - harsh 1" seam splits on top and left of jacket and same with printed inner sleeve. Ulcerate: $150CAD - Destroyers of All (1st press, clear, /170) - seam split on top of jacket, minor corner dings and ring wear on jacket, - Vermis (1st press, gold, /300) - minimal corner wear on jacket and printed inner sleeves. - Shrines of Paralysis (1st press, gold w/ splatter, /500) - slightest crease to right side front of jacket, seam split on one side of a/b printed inner sleeve. Whirr/Whirl cassettes: $90CAD - Demo #28/80 - Distressor Bridgetown 2nd edition - Pipe Dreams - Part Time Punks #54/200 - Around - Sway - some faded printing on the cassette shell. And some cheaper stuff. If you have questions on condition, PM me: Constants: $50 OBO - Murder of Tom Fitzgerril (180g black, /200) - The Foundation...3xlp (brown/silver/clear, /100) - If Tomorrow the War (red, /125) - Passiflora (opaque purple, /100) Kerretta: $50 OBO - Death in the Future 7" (black, green screenprint) - Antient (grey, /300) - Vilayer (black, /500) - Saansilo (black, /400) - Pirohia (black, /500) - His Streets of Honey...7" (silver/black center, /100) After this is over, I'll start putting single items up... Thanks for looking!
  2. OLD SOLAR - SEE [2xLP] Releases January 18th, 2019, by A Thousand Arms Music, and dunk!records. SEE by Old Solar on double 180g colored vinyl with special screen printed D side. Comes in reverse cardboard cover with design by Flesh And Bone. Available in two vinyl color editions: A Thousand Arms: gold in black (150 copies) dunk!records: gold with orange/yellow splatter (150 copies) (PICTURES ARE NOT MOCK-UPS - these are the actual records) FFO: Mono, Spurv, PG.Lost, The End of the Ocean FIRST LISTEN - check out "Winter Solstice: Hallow the Hushed Earth" exclusively at Dunk!zine, with copy by my very good friend David. https://dunkzine.com/home/2018/12/28/old-solar-winter-solstice-hallow-the-hushed-earth-song-premiere?fbclid=IwAR0j4k9_A4zDKp1yBd4yL72-9hXELDDLmqrbf6G0O3Tpec8OiGUTZ0xOidA It's been a while since I've been this excited about a new post-rock release! The band takes the meloncholy melody of Silent Whale, Mono and Spurv and mixes it with the bad-ass head-bang riffery of The End of The Ocean, PG.Lost, or even Tides of Man. I find myself getting the melody to Hushed Earth stuck in my head for hours. https://dunkrecords.com/products/old-solar-see-2xlp https://athousandarms.store/collections/oldsolar/products/old-solar-see-2xlp
  3. Hey all. I’ve decided to sell most of my record collection in persuit of another hobby. I will be very fair on the pricing, as i’m eager to get started in this new hobby. please don’t hesitate to ask questions on condition, pressing, etc! The only thing that is NFS is any of my Elder records. everything else, make me an offer! i will post my discogs link below but i’ll end up making a list to put here soon. G&S paypal payments only. NO FRIENDS AND FAMILY. https://www.discogs.com/user/PigeonsPlayingWhatNo/collection list below, i’m doing this slowly as I work,so bear with me Acid Witch - Midnight Movies Bad Religion - Suffer Balance & Composure - Only Boundaries - CLEAR /500 Balance & Composure - Only Boundaries - 2011 RSD /50 Balance & Composure - The Things We Think We’re Missing - Yellow /4000 Black Flag - Jealous Again Black Sabbath - Paranoid 2016 RM Blue vinyl 180g
  4. Show Me A Dinosaur - S/T album via Elusive Sound will begin pre-orders on 9/9/16 with a full-album release on 9/16/16. LOOK AT THESE FREAKING VARIANTS!!!! I am told the price will be 24.99euro and 19.99euro, but will confirm later. Anybody in the US interested in purchasing, contact me to get in on the group-buy. If you are unfamiliar with the band, check them out on their bandcamp. Their earlier stuff was more traditional post-rock, but they have since gone a more aggressive direction in the vein of Deafheaven or Vattnet Viskar, incorporating more elements of black metal. Zvednoe Serdtse - "Heart of a Star" - Limited 100 - 180g+ 33-RPM cut from 24bit masters - Gold Hot-Foiled logos on front and back - 350gsm gatefold outer sleeve on reversboard with black flooded inside - Black Anti-Static Innersleeve - Swiss made screenprinted 12" handnumbered artprint - Exclusive A4 printed lyric sheet with translations - A6 printed inlay - A7 printed inlay with handwritten download code Exclusively available at Elusive-Sound.com/catalog Holodnaya Vesna - "Cold Spring" - Limited 150 - 180g+ 33-RPM cut from 24bit masters - Gold Hot-Foiled logos on front and back - 350gsm gatefold outer sleeve on reversboard with black flooded inside - Black Anti-Static Innersleeve - A6 printed inlay - A7 printed inlay with handwritten download code Also available at @showmeadinosaur's official bandcamp: https://showmeadinosaur.bandcamp.com/
  5. Hey guys, Looking to purchase the Rainbow Splatter pressing of Elder's Reflections of a Floating World. Also looking to expand my If These Trees Could Talk Collection, let me know if you're willing to sell me anything. I am paypal ready, this account is new, long time lurker, just got around to making an account. I have 100% rating on discogs. Thanks in advance.
  6. Taken from www.elusive-sound.com (look at those variants!!! Not mockups!) Berne, Switzerland, February 10, 2017: Elusive Sound is very proud to announce the release of Au Revoir’s “Veles” on vinyl in Europe. Pre-orders start Friday, February 17 at 20:00 Zurich time. Official release date March 3, 2017. Au Revoir are a heavy expansive instrumental rock five-piece from New Jersey. The band now consisting of Eric Annicchiarico, Tyler Mandich and Gregg Peterson on guitar, Carl Kranz on bass and Tyler Gilbert on drums have an exceptional ability to create sublime, expansive soundscapes and hypnotic crushing doom. After two solid releases in “In the Key Of Night” (2012) and “Black Hills” (2013) Au Revoir went into Backroom Studios with the intent of their next album sounding as huge as they do live. They have at long last not only accomplished that with Scot Moriarty but also produced an absolute stunner of an ever-evolving concept album that we immediately embraced and were determined to release in Europe. Au Revoir have reformed themselves as a huge serpent, coiling tightly around the roots that lead us into the wet underworld of Veles. It is not only a world of wet grassy plains and eternal spring but one where we find ourselves in the deepest of caverns, watched over by the ghosts of the dead, awaiting impending doom. Veles is richly bleak with decadence but the listener never succumbs or falls prey. He watches the ground ripple like water and feels an irresistable urge to be lost in Veles’ violent sway. Au Revoir have shed their old skin and are now full-bodied and in constant transformation, reborn as a lethally charged bringer of chaos. Veles unveils the descent of man into utter misery. When one stands and contemplates his fate, the troubles that have fallen, looks back at the path they have taken to reach their end, surrendering to their undoing by taking one last breath and bracing themselves for the full force of impact, as the water comes rushing over. The LP features stunning full artwork by Dylan Partridge and will be released on two high quality Gatefold coloured variants, Transmigration limited to 150 copies and Rebirth limited to 100 copies, featuring an additional numbered art-print by Dylan Partridge. Both variants will be sold via our official label website shop at http://elusive-sound.com/catalog/
  7. Pray For Sound's new full-length album is now officially live for pre-order! They haven't announced it yet themselves, but the links are up. Available on 2xLP, CD, digital, as well as new merch to go along with the release. Variants: half/half (Baby Pink/electric blue) color-in-color (coke bottle green/bone white) Splatter (Milky clear w/ sea blue splatter Vinyl Record 2xLP with 200 GSM Gatefold Jacket Full spread inner layout of artwork by Nevan Doyle 140-160 gram weight discs, cut at optimum 45 RPM speed Exclusive vinyl master of the album (3) Available variant colors from I Am Shark, AM/FM Records, and Dunk! Records Includes digital download. Product ships on or around September 23rd. Preorder comes with one 320 kbps MP3 single from Everything Is Beautiful and some digital extras. As additional songs are released, updates will be provided. http://store.prayforsound.com/ http://music.prayforsound.com/
  8. Hey guys! So, I have an extra copy of this record that I need to sell. I bought them from their drummer via Facebook, and I decided to get a 2nd copy because it brought the overall unit price down and I figured I could pass the savings on to someone else. I'd rather it to go to someone here rather than Discogs where it could be flipped.... I'm just looking to recoup my cost is all! The 2 records cost me $55 USD total, so I'm asking $30ppd (media mail). They're in great fucking shape, the corners are perfect.... and I'll pack it like a tank to make sure it arrives to you just the same. I have orchestrated a couple group-buys here and I am also on Discogs as Gumbo72203 so you can check my feedback references. Liam has told me these are the last 2 copies he had, so as of now the record is officially sold out. This would make a great holiday gift for yourself!
  9. Hey guys! My initial sale thread slowed way down so I thought I would update it. I'm seriously in need of some funds so I'm willing to let a lot of this stuff go for pretty cheap. $10-$15 on a lot of them. Still looking for decent prices on the stuff that goes for a bit but otherwise just shoot me an offer and we can make something work! LP's Actors and Actresses - We Love Our Enemies (Clear Pink) Aeges - Above and Down Below (Test Press 8/25) Aeges - Above and Down Below (Pilsner w/Green Splatter) Aeges - Above and Down Below (Pilsner w/Brown Splatter) Aliens OST (Mondo Powerloader Variant) All Get Out – The Season (Maroon/Cream Mix) All Get Out – Movement EP (Half Blue/Half Brown w/Orange Splatter) American Football – S/T (Yellow/Green) Ancients- Star Showers On the Euphrates (Purple/Cream Swirl w/Splatter) Angel Eyes - Midwestern (Gold) Armor for Sleep – What To Do When You Are Dead (White Tour Exclusive) Armor for Sleep – What To Do When You Are Dead (Pink) Ashes and Iron – The Wind Takes A Side (Silver) Athletics – Why Aren’t I Home (Blue/Silver Swirl) SOLD Athletics – Why Aren’t I Home (Clear w/Black and White Splatter) Athletics – Who You Are Is Not Enough (Coffee Creamer #113/300) SOLD Bad Books – II (Deluxe Hard Book w/Black Vinyl) The Bear Romantic – Firewood (Test Press #9/10) The Bear Romantic – Firewood (Beer w/Green Center) SOLD Beware of Safety – Lotusville (A/B Purple C/D Pink) Blink 182- California (Red w/Black Splatter Hot Topic Exclusive) Braid - No Coast (Electric Blue w/Black Haze) Brand New – Your Favorite Weapon (White *Hot Topic) Brand New- Daisy (Black) Brand New - TDAG (Red Marble) SOLD Brand New- Deja Entendu (2xlp Black w/Black slipcover) Breaking Bad Soundtrack Vol 2 (2xlp Hazmat Yellow) Broken Bells – S/T (Black) Casey Crescenzo – Amor & Attrition (2xlp 180g Black w/Signed Score Book) Cannibal Holocaust (Green Inferno) Caravels- Lacuna (Clear w/Red Splatter) Chasma - Declarations of the Grand Artificer (Black Chiodos - Bone Palace Ballet Grand Coda (2xlp Red) Circa Survive- Descensus (2xlp Black Test Press) PENDING Circa Survive- Juturna (White and Orange Swirl) Citizen – Everybody Is Going To Heaven (Grimace Purple/Beer w/Black Splatter) City and Colour – Little Hell (2xlp Green/Red Holiday Edition) Cj Boyd - Precariat (Splatter) Cloud Kicker- Beacons (Black) Cloud Kicker- 4 EP’s Compilation (2xlp Clear with Gold and Silver Splatter) Cloud Kicker- The Discovery (Blue w/White Haze) Cloud Kicker- Subsume (Clear w/Red and Grey Splatter) Cloud Kicker- Fade (Blue Inside Coke Bottle Green) Coasta- Sunzal ep (White) Coasta- Sunzal ep (Red) Coasta- Sunzal ep (Orange and Red Starburst) Coheed and Cambria- The Afterman Ascension/Descension (Delxue Boxset) Constants - The Foundation/The Machine/The Ascension (3xlp Cream) Copeland- In Motion (Coke Bottle Green) Copeland- Ixora (Black) Copeland- You Are My Sunshine (Root Beer Brown) Counterparts – Tragedy Will Find Us (Orange/White Starburst w/Simpsons Screened Printed Cover 54/100) Daylight- Jar (Olive Green/Orange Swirl w/Splatter) Death of Lovers - Buried Under A World Of Roses (Green/Yellow Swirl) Defeater - Empty Days and Sleepless Nights (2xlp Teal Marble) Del Paxton - Worst. Summer. Ever. (Clear w/Black Smoke 44/50) Del Paxton - Worst. Summer. Ever. (Mint) Diiv- S/T (Black w/Tour Printed Cover) #372/500 Diiv- Is The Is Are (Captured Tracks Exclusive) Dikembe - Mediumship (White/Green Starburst) Drug Church – Paul Walker (Coke Bottle Green Sub Variant 25/200) Dustin Kensrue- Please Come Home (Sky Blue) Dustin Kensrue- This Goodnight is Still Everywhere (White/Blue Swirl) Dust Moth - Dragon Mouth (Cream w/Blue Haze) Emery – You Were Never Alone (Clear w/Black Splatter) Emery – You Were Never Alone (Test Press #4/20) Emery- The Weaks End (Test Press #5/15) E!E! (IWALE) - You Will Eventually Be Forgotten (Clear w/Blue/Yellow/Red Splatter) Enter Shikari - The Mindsweep (Green/Purple Swirl w/Black and Purple Splatter) Field Mouse - Hold Still Life (Lavender) The Format- The Snails EP (Olive Green) The Format- B sides and Rarities (2xlp Clear) Frameworks - Loom (Purple) From Indian Lakes- Absent Sounds (Clear Tour Exclusive) From Indian Lakes- Absent Sounds (Black) Gates - The Sun Will Rise and Lead Me Home (Black) Gates - The Sun Will Rise and Lead Me Home (Coke bottle Green Tour Exclusive) SOLD Gates - Bloom and Breathe (2xlp Clear w/Blue and Green Splatter) Gates - Bloom and Breathe (2xlp Cream) Gates- Parallel Lives (Clear w/Blue Haze Tour Exclusive) SOLD Ghost House - Sorry About Everything (Peach/Cream) Giants- They, The Undeserving (Maroon/White Swirl) Giants – They, The Undeserving (2nd Pressing Test Press 8/25) Giants – Old Stories (Sea Blue w/Mustard Yellow) Glaciers - Mirrored Through The Ancients (Red/Black Splatter 75/100) Good Time Boys - What's Left To Let Go (Clear w/Peach Splatter) Good Time Boys - What's Left To Let Go (Red/Green Swirl) Good Time Boys - Rain (Clear w/Pink Splatter) Gorillaz- Plastic Beach (2xlp Black) A Great Big Pile of Leaves – Have You Seen My Prefrontal Cortex? (Red/Green) Grieves- Together/Apart (2xlp Clear) Grizzly Bear- Shields (Gold) Grizzly Bear/Brian Eno/Nicolas Jaar - RSD14 (Black) Grizzly Bear- Veckatimest (Black) Half Hearted Hero - Defining.Refining. (TMNT 3/11) Half Hearted Hero - Defining. Refining. (TMNT 10/11) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Pt 1 (2xlp Dark Green Marble) #116 Hrvrd – The Inevitable and I (2xlp Black 1st Press) Have Mercy/Daisy Head Split (Red w/Cream Haze) Herra Terra - Quiet Geist (Deep Purple) Hotelier, The - It Never Goes Out (White/Green/Yellow Starburst) Husband and Wife- Dark, Dark Woods (maroon marble vinyl) Hussey – Ground Me (Sea Blue w/Splatter) If These Trees Could Talk – S/T and ATEBTS (A/B Orange C/D Blueish Green) SOLD If These Trees Could Talk – S/T and ATEBTS (2xlp Black Test Test 20/50) SOLD Incubus- Morning View (2xlp Black) RSD #2407 Incubus- Light Grenades (2xlp Black) RSD #2050 Incubus- Make Yourself (2xlp Black) RSD #1613 Into It. Over It. – Proper (Black/White/Clear Tri-Color) Into It. Over It. – Intersections (Gold w/Black Splatter) John Mark McMillen- The Medicine (2xlp Coke Bottle Green) Junius - Days of The Fallen Sun (Black w/Orange/Ivory Splatter) Junius - Days of The Fallen Sun (Brown/Cream Swirl Mylene Sheath Exclusive 50/100) Juno – OST (Orange) Kevin Devine – Between The Concrete and Clouds (Clear) Kite Party - Come On Wandering (Green) La Dispute- Rooms of the House (Clear/Blue Mix) Listener – Time Is A Machine (Highlighter Yellow w/Splatter) Lite – Installation (Black) Lowercase Noises- This is for our sins (2xlp Maroon) Lydia- Illuminate (Black) Manchester Orchestra – Simple Math (Black) Manchester Orchestra – Simple Math (White Tour Exclusive) Manchester Orchestra – I’m Like A Virgin Losing A Child (Black) Manchester Orchestra – I’m Like A Virgin Losing A Child (Clear/Yellow Gold Mix) Mansions – New Best Friends (Black w/White Haze) Mansions – Dig Up The Dead Acoustic (Half Pink/Half Baby Blue w/White Splatter) Mansions- Dig Up the Dead (Black) Mansions- Doom Loop (Green/Black Swirl) Marathon - S/T (Screen Printed Jacket w/Black Vinyl 59/75) Marathon - S/T (Black) Mars Volta, The- Deloused in the Comatorium (2xlp Silver) #973/1500 Mastodon - Call of The Mastodon (Clear w/Blue/Gold Splatter) SOLD Mewithoutyou – Pale Horses (Grimace Purple and Milky Clear) Mew- And The Glass Handed Kites (Clear) RSD #1964/4000 Minot – Equal/Opposite (Orange w/Black Splatter) Minot – Equal/Opposite (Black Test Press 7/25) Modest Mouse- Good News for People Who Love Bad News (Green Newbury Exclusive) Moving Mountains – Pneuma (2xlp White w/Screen Print) My Epic- Behold (2xlp White) No Sleep Records Warhouse Sessions #1 (Coke Bottle w/Coke Splatter /50) Of Sinking Ships - The Amaranthine Sea (Hazard Orange) Of Sinking Ships- The Amaranthine Sea (Half Clear/Half Purple) Of Sinking Ships- S/T (Olive Green Mix) Of Us Giants - Nova Scotia (Purple Marble) Of Us Giants- Nova Scotia (Blue) Test Press #12/19 One Year Later - Life Between The Lies (Half Red/Half White w/Olive Splatter) Our Lady- II (Turquoise Marble) 35/100 Over The Ocean - Be Given To The Soil (2xlp Forest Green) Passion Pit- Kindred (Clear Newbury Exclusive) Paulson – All At Once (Red) Pity Sex - Dark World (Light Pink w/Some Swirl) Pray for Sound - Dreamer (Deep Purple) Run Forever - Settling (White/Blue/Yellow Starburst) Sainthood Reps – Headswell (Forest Green) Sainthood Reps – Monoculture (Black) Senses Fail – Pull The Thorns From Your Heart (Purple In Pink w/White Splatter) Set and Setting – A Vivid Memory (2xlp Dark Purple and Light Purple) Shaun of The Dead – OST MONDO (Strawberry Cornetto) Sir Sly – Gold EP (Gold) Small Brown Bike/Casket Lottery Split (Root Beer Brown) Something Corporate- Leaving Through the Window (2xlp Red) Something Corporate- North (Baby Blue Marble) Special Explosion – The Art of Mothering (White) States - Paradigm (Orange Inside Clear) Suis La Lune - Riala (Half Black Half Pink) Superheaven - Jar (Bone) Superheaven - Ours Is Chrome (Clear w/Red Haze) Superheaven- Ours is Chrome (Aqua/Purple w/Silver, Cyan Blue and Black Splatter) Superman The Animated Series BIZARRO Triangle Cut 12” Their/They're/There - Analog Weekend (Maroon) Their/They're/There - S/T (RSD Coke Bottle Green) This Will Destroy You - Another Language (2xlp Dark Blue w/Black smoke) This Will Destroy You - Live ln Reykjavik Iceland (3xlp Black/White/Grey Marble) This Will Destroy You - Tunnel Blanket (2xlp A/B Black C/D White) This Will Destroy You- Young Mountain (Louis Vuitton White Gold Cover, Purple Marble) Thrice - The Illusion of Safety (Black 1st Press) Thursday - Full collapse (Black) Thursday – Waiting (White w/Blue/Red Splatter Deluxe w/ 7”) Tigers Jaw - Charmer (White/Maroon Starburst) Tiny Moving Parts – Pleasant Living (Orange Swirl) Touche Amore - Is Survived By (Clear/Light Blue Swirl) The Tower and The Fool - How Long (Swamp Green) Vales - Clarity (Seafoam Green) Vales - Wilt and Rise (Red w/Glitter) Vasudeva- Life In Cycles (Heady Tie-Dye w/Glow-In-The-Dark Screenprint) Way Yes - Tog Pebbles (Deep Purple 47/300) Weather Box- The Cosmic Drama (2xlp Translucent Blue and Yellow Whisps) Weather Box- Flies in All Directions (2xLP Clear w/ Blue and Yellow Splatter) Weekend - Jinx (2xlp Black) Weekend- Red (Red Plastic Cover, Clear w/ Gold Splatter) You Blew It - S/T (Trans Blue) 10” Andrew McMahon – The Pop Underground (Black) Cloudkicker – Let Yourself Be Huge (Pink w/Red and Blue Splatter) SOLD The Format – EP (Highlighter Yellow) Half Noise – EP (Black) The Modern Post (Dustin Kensrue) – Lowborn King (Gold) Owel – Every Good Boy EP (Half Cream Half Red) Why? – Golden Tickets (#79/700) 7” Aeges – Southern Comfort (Collectors Set) 17/50 AGBPOL – Live from The Living Room (Trans Blue) *Glue is coming off Andrew McMahon – Synesthesia and Sister Golden Hair Surprise (Pic Disc) Balance and Composure – Acoustic (Clear) Balance and Composure / Braid Split (Teal Green) Batman: Animated Series (ClayFace) Batman: Animated Series (ManBat) Batman: Animated Series (Harley Quinn) Christin Nelson – Red Moon Rising (Red w/White Splatter) City and Colour – Thirst (Grey Marble) Converge – Live at The BBC (Trans Green) Dads – Woman EP (RSD Trans Red #0508) Diamond Youth – Shake (Clear w/Red and Highlighter Yellow Splatter) Dikembe /The Jazz June Split (Green) Dikembe / The Jazz June Split (Pink) Frameworks – Small Victories (Pink) Goodtime Boys – Every Landscape (Marble Forest Green) Goodtime Boys – Every Landscape (Coke Bottle Green) Goodtime Boys – Things I Still Don’t Understand (White) Goodtime Boys – Things I Still Don’t Understand (Clear) The Higher – Insurance? / In The Set (Pic Disc) Hrvrd – Cardboard Houses/Parts and Labor (Grey Marble) The Hundred Acre Woods – Cold In The Morning (Clear Yellow) Ivy League/Turnover/Maker/Such Gold Split (Gasoline Splatter) Listener – You Have Never Lived/Falling In Love/It Will Happen (#72/250 Half Pink/Half Green w/Olive Splatter) Mansions – The Biggest Lie/Tangerine (Black) Memoranda – Into The Wild (Black) Miserable – Halloween Dream (Clear w/Gold Haze) Miserable – Halloween Dream (Test Press #15/15) My Mouth Is The Speaker – In Focus (Rasta Splatter) Of Sinking Ships / Glower Split (Black) Of Sinking Ships / Glower Split (Purple) Of Sinking Ships / Glower Split (Trans Orange) Petal – Scout (Trans Blue) Prawn – Settled (Blue/White) The Receiving End of Sirens – Bell, Brook and Candle/The Race (RSD Orange *Unopened) The Receiving End of Sirens – Weightless Underwater (ITC Lathe #2/12) SOLD Sainthood Reps – Monoculture/Telemarketeer (Black) Sainthood Reps / Weatherbox Split (Grey/Silver) Sainthood Reps / Weatherbox Split (Bone) Self Defense Family / Goodtime Boys Split (Light Blue) Silver Snakes / Souvenirs Split (Icy Blue) Tigers Jaw – hum (White/Baby Blue Mix) SOLD Tiny Empires – Just Imagine/Shiny Islands (Black) Why? – Ezra Benus (Black Flexi #295/525) Wild Imaginaries – Carousels (Grenade Jacket Black Lathe Cut from Intheclouds Records #3/40) 5” No Machine (Intheclouds Records Black Lathe Cut #1/358) TAPES The Appleseed Cast – Illumination Ritual (Clear Black) Frameworks – Small Victories (Clear Purple) Koji – Matters EP (Green) Nai Harvest – Whatever (Pink) Of Us Giants – Even If I Meant To (Blue) Of Us Giants – Even If I Meant To (Red) Of Us Giants – B Sides (Green) Of Us Giants – B Sides (Silver) Of Us Giants – Stitch (Baby Blue) Of Us Giants – Stitch (Pink) Old Gray – An Autobiography (Clear Red) One Hundred Acre Ocean – “Where Were You While We Were Getting Hight” (Clear Turquoise) Shambles – Move Away (Black) Shambles – Move Away (Red) Shambles – Move Away (Green) TWIABP – formlessness (Blue) TWIABP – “Complete Discography 09-14” (Clear Blue) POSTERS My Epic – Face (Cream 25/30) 11 ½ x 17 ½ Taking Back Sunday – Happiness Is (Red w/Black Panther) Anchorhead Cardinal – Balloon (101/200) Loudmouth Magazine 12 ½ x 19 B&C – Grey Man (18/19) Loudmouth Magazine 12 ½ x 19 Circa Survive – Esao Andrews Bee (78/150) 18 x 24 DCFC – Music Chart/Note (White w/Black Ink) 18 x 24 Spiderman 2 (Imax Poster)
  10. Hey everyone, PO is now LIVE!!!!!! So, this dude I talk to all the time from Switzerland has a label, and it's called Elusive Sound. They are just about to drop their first release, which is 2 variants of Glasir's "Unborn" EP. Glasir is a post-rock band from the USA. You can read more below. They label guys are going all out in the variants and packaging, and it looks to be an impressive release. 180g, 45RPM, 350g covers, screen printed extras, records shipped in poly-lined inner sleeves.... the works. Pre-orders go up Friday. http://elusive-sound.com/2016/06/21/glasir-unborn-ep-vinyl-pre-order/ EDIT: Pictures are up! These things look freaking incredible!!!!!!!!! You can listen to the entire EP here: From their website: Berne, Switzerland, June 21, 2016: Elusive Sound is very proud to announce the release of Glasir “Unborn” EP on vinyl for the very first time. Pre-orders start June 25, 20:00 Zurich Time. Official release date July 8, 2016 Included in Post-Rock Essentials Best Releases of 2015, “Unborn” is the first EP by Texas based sonic seekers Glasir and the first Elusive Sound release. Working with perfectionist producer and audio engineer Sam Hunt out in McKinney, Texas, Glasir is a project that consists of longtime collaborators Nate Ferguson on bass, Conner McKibbin on guitar and Austin Vanbebber on drums. Together they have crafted a heavy siege cannon, one that draws in post-rock, ambient doom and psychedelic rock and is masterfully loaded with enough black blasting powder to fire relentlessly at all levels. It took only a few minutes to realize that we were listening to greatness. Glasir’s music is as resplendent as the gleaming tree from which they have taken their name. It is as loud as a thunderous grey cloud and as clear as a heavenly stream. It’s a masterful aural descent into darkness, the fury of the mind and the unwavering firmness of will to obstinately cling to life. There are moments when one resigns to the fatality of life, the grief that takes over after great loss, the impotency felt after withering in the dust of failed pretensions, when dreams have burned down to cinders, when vision once clear and formidable is left blurred and short-sighted and the body too frail to sustain a mortal blow. Unborn conjures a bleak and lonely existence, when one loses his heart and falls prey to the recklessness of despair, peers deep into the darkness and dares to dream dreams that no mortal should ever dream. The end however, has not yet come. From the all-consuming sadness there is a glimmer of hope. This Dallas trio reveals the everlasting light that transforms all it touches into riches of life and gives us the ability to soar the skies. Glasir have become the glorified tree. Unborn is magnificent and snuffs out all that we have heard this year in a heartbeat. The EP features stunning full artwork by Alex CF and will be released on two high quality coloured heavyweight vinyl variants, the Giallarbru limited to 133 copies and theGleaming Grove limited to 100 copies. Both variants will be sold exclusively via our official label website shop at elusive-sound.com and feature 180g vinyl cut at 45rpm, a high quality 350gsm innersleeve, artwork printed on reverse board and a two-sided band inlay. Additionally Gleaming Grove contains a special Swiss Made screenprinted Thank You note and a screenprinted hand-numbered 12″ artprint also desgined by Alex CF. Full Press Release and Pressbook available on pdf at http://elusive-sound.com/artist/glasir/ These are NOT mock-ups, these ARE the records: You can see another picture of the actual cover and inserts and the /100 variant here: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CljrZfWXIAAfkXZ.jpg:large The guys who run the label are massive post-rock fans, I talk to them just about every day on Facebook. Sold one of the dudes my black/clear ITTCT "Red Forest" a while back. They've got more coming from Au Revoir, Show Me A Dinosaur, and more. I keep bugging them to join the discussions over here, because they're massive music fans just like us. Please support them!
  11. So, the subject pretty much says it all. Jakob have repressed all of their first 3 full-length albums. Someone here had picked them all up for me in Germany at a show, but due to the server change here our messages were lost and he thought I didn't want them any more because none of our messages were going through to each other. So... I'm out of luck, and the band won't sell them online themselves to anybody. If anybody picked up an extra copy at one of their recent shows, or would be willing to part with theirs, I would be extremely grateful. This is a supremely aggravating situation; this album should not be so fucking hard to acquire.
  12. SSIA. If you have it, I want it. I pay money. Lots of money. Please let me buy your stuff. I love this band so hard.
  13. I looked up and down for the original thread for this album but for the life of me I could not find it. Science of Silence is doing a 3rd pressing for this superb album and pre orders go up at 1PM EST. http://www.scienceofsilence.net/ Pressing Info: - Red w/ White Haze - 100 - Clear/Black Mix (A Side/ B Side) - 150 - Half Red & White w/ Black Splatter - 150 - Clear w/ Red & Black Splatter - 100 (Band Exclusive) The variants don't really peak my interest too much so this may be where I stop variant collecting this band. Anyhow, if you don't have this album pick it up today!
  14. For Sale IF THESE TREES COULD TALK (Self-Titled & Above The Earth, Below The SKY) Limited to 150 on Clear Vinyl. I currently have it on Discogs for $75AUD Its in really good condition! Pm if interested or for more info. Thanks
  15. Looking to buy Giants 'they, the undeserving' tour press. 100 - White w/ Green Splatter (Tour Edition). Would trade ITTCT- Self titled & Above the earth, below the sky, on clear limited to 150 plus $$. PM if interested. Thanks!
  16. Pre-order for Boston post-rock outfit I/O's debut album "Saudade" on 180g clear vinyl is now up!!!! If you like post-rock, this stuff is necessary. These guys have written some brilliant material, and are financing this release all on their own. You can stream the whole album for free right now. My favorite tracks are "Twins", "Input/Output" and probably "Noise Floor". http://iomusicofficial.bandcamp.com/
  17. Hey guys, so this is pretty basic. I'm looking for a clean copy of the coke bottle and rainbow splatter version of this record. I have a navy blue swirl I can trade plus cash, if that is helpful! Thanks!!!
  18. Hey guys, I've got some stuff I'm looking to get rid of to help pay some bills and flesh out some other things in my collection. My first offering is special limited edition of Gates "Bloom & Breathe" album that comes in a numbered outer slipcover. This is the super awesome-looking Coke Bottle Green with purple and oxblood splatter. So sick. Per Discogs: Pressing Info: 200 Coke Bottle Green w/Grimace Purple & Oxblood Splatter + Custom screened LP jackets assembled and hand numbered by Gates. This copy is sealed and unopened, and numbered 140/200. The slipcover has imperfections due to shipping, with bent corners on the jacket and the slipcover having some bends as well (it was not shipped in an outer plastic sleeve) but still looks great. Ideally I'm looking to trade for a copy of If These Trees Could Talk - Above The Earth, Below The Sky (any variant). Or, I'd like to more or less recoup my cost, so I'm asking $45, which includes Media Mail shipping. I'll have more things for sale, with some stuff going for super cheap, so keep your eyes out! Thanks guys!
  19. BTW, please don't ask how much I want for XYZ... I'm only looking to trade the rarer records and will not sell them! (I might sell the more common ones) This is what I have for trade: Amplifier - Hal/Eternity [42/500, Black, signed] Baroness - Blue Record 2xLP [/1000, Baby Blue, 1st Press] Baroness - Live At Maida Vale (BBC Recording) [/2000, Black, Etched] Botch - Unifying Themes Redux 2xLP [/1500, Black, Remastered] City and Colour - The Lonely Life 7" [/202, Pink] Crëvecoeur - #1 & #2 2xLP [Pink/White] Cult of Luna - Vertikal 2xLP [180gr., Black] Daturah - Reverie 2xLP [89/200, Black] Eksi Ekso - Brown Shark, Red Lion 2xLP [/100, brown/red] Eksi Ekso - I Am Your Bastard Wings 2xLP [/600, White, Etched] Envy - Compiled Fragments 97-03 2xLP Explosions in the Sky - Prince Avalanche OST [/936, Transparent Red] Giants - Giants 7" [/100, Opaque Maroon] Giants / Beware Of Safety Split 7" [#205/200, Green] Grails - Black Tar Prophecies Vol's 4,5, & 6 2xLP If These Trees Could Talk - If These Trees Could Talk [/100, Solid Orange, 2nd Press] If These Trees Could Talk - If These Trees Could Talk [/250, Black, 1st Press] If These Trees Could Talk - If These Trees Could Talk & Above The Earth, Below The Sky 2xLP [/100, Translucent Orange / Translucent Sea Blue, Tour Press] Instrument - Instrument [/100, w/ Green Cover] Instrument - Olympus Mons [17/100, Translucent Blue] Jakob - Sines 2xLP [/300, Half Translucent Red / Half Translucent Orange w/ Black Haze] The Mars Volta ‎– Frances The Mute 3xLP [black, Etched] The Mars Volta - Televators [/5000, picture disc] Newsted - Heavy Metal Music 2xLP The Ocean - Aeolian 2xLP [/100, White vs. Gold] Opeth - Ghost Reveries 2xLP [/200, gold] NO COVER Our Ceasing Voice - When The Headline Hit Home 2xLP [/150, Clear] Periphery - Juggernaut: Alpha & Omega 2xLP [/100, White] The Prize Fighter Inferno – Half Measures 10" [/500, glow in the dark, rsd 2013] - SEALED Red Sparowes - At The Soundless Dawn 2xLP [/500, Forest Green] Red Sparowes - At The Soundless Dawn 2xLP [/500, Swamp Green] Red Sparowes - Every Red Heart Shines Toward The Red Sun 2xLP [/500, Red Heart] Red Sparowes - Every Red Heart Shines Toward The Red Sun 2xLP [/500, Red Sun] Shearwater - Rook Sleepmakeswaves - ...And So We Destroyed Everything 2xLP [/300, Black, 180gr.] Sonic Youth - Simon Werner A Disparu - SEALED This Will Destroy You - Communal Blood 7" [/500, Black] Tool - 10.000 Days 2xLP [bootleg] Tool - Ænima 2xLP Tool - Lateralus 2xLP [bootleg] All other items for trade can be found here (marked on the left): https://deadformat.net/collection/Sasan This is what I'm looking for: And So I Watch You From Afar – And So I Watch You From Afar 2xLP And So I Watch You From Afar – Gangs BLCKWVS - 0110 [/30, Red, Hand-Numbered] BLCKWVS - 0120 [/30, Purple, Hand-Numbered] BLCKWVS - Discography Box 5xLP [/75, Red] Bloodbath - Unblessing the Purity [/1000, Clear Red] Daturah - Daturah 2xLP [/150, White w/ Black Screenprint] Dredg - Leitmotif [/500, Black] Faith No More - Album of the Year [/2000, Gold] Faith No More - Angel Dust [/2000, Blue, fixed B-Side] Ghost Brigade - Until Fear No Longer Defines Us 2xLP [/250, Clear or /250, Grey] Gifts from Enola - From Fathoms [/100, Blue/Green Haze & Orange/Brown Haze, Tour Press] God is an Astronaut - Far From Refuge [/500, Black] God is an Astronaut - God is an Astronaut [/500, Black] God is an Astronaut - Age of the Fifth Sun [/100, Yellow or /200, Orange] Hans Zimmer- Inception OST Hans Zimmer - The Dark Knight 2xLP HOWWEMAKEMISTAKES - This Time Last Night 7" [/1, Lathe Cut] I.E.M - ANY!!! Jakob - Erfo 7" Jakob - Semaphore / To Be Locked Up Javier Navarrete ‎– Pan's Labyrinth OST 2xLP Junius - Junius 2xLP [/100, Translucent Red + Black Swirl or /100, White/Red Splatter, Black/Red Splatter] Liquid Tension Experiment - Liquid Tension Experiment 2xLP Mutemath - Mutemath 2xLP Oceansize - Effloresce 2xLP Oceansize - Everyone into Position 2xLP Oceansize - ALL SINGLES/EPs Opeth - Damnation [/1000, Clear] Opeth - Deliverance [/1000, Translucent Marbled White] pg.Lost - Almost everything Porcupine Tree - OFFER ME ANY LP/10"/7"/CD you have; I'm looking for anything Steven Wilson / PT related that I don't own yet Porcupine Tree - Deadwing 2xLP [/700 Red, /600 Black or /700 Blue] Rosetta - The Galilean Satellites I 2xLP Rosetta - Wake/Lift 2xLP Sigur Ros - ANY EPs/SINGLES Shora - Malval [/100 Clear or /500 Black] Steven Wilson - OFFER ME ANY LP/10"/7"/CD you have; I'm looking for anything Steven Wilson / PT related that I don't own yet Strand of Oaks - Pope Killdragon [/300, 1st Press, hand-numbered] Strand of Oaks - Dark Shores [/100, Blue] The Cinematic Orchestra - Ma Fleur 2xLP The Unwinding Hours - Afterlives LP[/1000] The Unwinding Hours - The Unwinding Hours LP[/1100] Transatlantic - Bridge Across Forever 3xLP [/1000, Blue or Black] Various - Watchmen OST Why Bother? - Still Not That Great 10" [/3, Lathe Cut] You can always offer me anything regarding Porcupine Tree & Steven Wilson as well!
  20. Selling my deluxe package. Not digging this album as I thought I would. Comes with the water bubbles variant, the flexi, lithograph, and the two shirts that were included in the package in a size medium. It's all boxed up and ready to go. $50 Shaun of the Dead Soundtrack (Black) $25 Every Time I Die - From Parts Unknown (Orange) $30 Pet Semetary (Black) $30 Pet Semetary (Green w/ Haze) $50 Friday the 13th (Green w/ Splatter) $40 2001: A Space Odyssey (Black) $25 You + Me - Rose Ave (Black) $30 The Omen (Red w/ Black Stripe) $30 If These Trees Could Talk - S/t & Above the Earth, Below the Sky (Translucent Orange/Blue) $55 Between the Buried and Me - Colors Live $30 Protest the Hero - Volition (Black) $20 Periphery - Periphery II (Red w/ Black Swirl) $35 Jurassic Park - Dilaphosaurus and Amber (Won't likely sell, but if the right offer or trade comes along...) All set prices include shipping. Holla at me if you wanna propose a trade or offer. Thanks!
  21. Selling more odds and ends that don't get any spins. Posting here before IG, discogs, ebay, etc. Add $5 for shipping within the US which includes tracking. All records are NM/NM unless otherwise noted. Let me know if you have any questions. As far as the ITTCT test press, please don't low ball. I would much rather sell it to a real collector on here than take it to ebay, but please be fair (especially since it's hard for me to sell in the first place, but bills are bills). Thanks, guys! $20 Alkaline Trio | Agony & Irony | 2xLP | Black | /1500 | 2013 | SRC Alkaline Trio | From Here To The Infirmary | LP | Black | 10yr Anniversary Edition | 2011 | Vagrant SOLD Baroness | Yellow & Green | 2xLP | Black | 2012 | Relapse SOLD Beastmilk | Climax | LP | White | /400 | Magic Bullet Beck | Morning Phase | LP | Black | 180g | 2014 | Capitol SOLD Between The Buried And Me | Colors Live | 2xLP | Red | /1400 | RSD 2014 | 2014 | Victory SOLD $10 Bl'ast | Blood | LP | Black | 2013 | Southern Lord Brand New | Your Favorite Weapon | LP | Black | 2011 | Triple Crown SOLD $15 Death of Lovers | Buried Under A World of Roses | LP | Translucent Gold | /1006 | 2014 | Death Wish $15 Dust Moth | Dragon Mouth | LP | Green/Grey Swirl | /104 | 2014 | Mylene Sheath Eagle Twin | The Feather Tipped The Serpent's Scale | 2xLP | Black | 2012 | Southern Lord SOLD offer Glass Hits | Better Late Than Never | LP | Clear/Black | Screen Printed Cover | /100 | 2013 | Snappy Little Numbers $20 Green Day | Warning | LP | Translucent Green | Black Labels | 2006 | Adeline If These Trees Could Talk | S/T | LP | Orange/Black Split | 2nd Press | /300 | Mylene Sheath SOLD If These Trees Could Talk | S/T & Above The Trees, Below The Sky | Test Press | 38/50 | 2014 | Mylene Sheath | M/M SOLD $25 Kyuss | Welcome To Sky Valley | LP | Black | 180g | 2008 | Germany | Elektra $15 Neil Young | A Letter Home | LP | Black | 180g | 2014 | Third Man Records o'brother | Basement Window | LP | Black | Etched B Side | /1000 | Triple Crown SOLD $15 o'brother | The Death Of A Day | LP | Brown | 2nd Press | 210 | 2009 | Broken Circle $15 o'brother | Disillusion | 2xLP | Gray/Blue Starburst | 2013 | Triple Crown Pelican | Forever Becoming | 2xLP | Black | 2013 | Southern Lord SOLD $15 Purity Ring | Shrines | LP | Black | 2012 | 4AD Radiohead | OK Computer | 2xLP | Black | 180g | 2008 | Capitol SOLD $15 Red Fang | Whales & Leeches | LP | Black | 2013 | Relapse $15 Replacements, The | All Shook Down | LP | Black | RSD 2013 | Reprise $15 Sainthood Reps | Headswell | LP | Forest Green | 2013 | No Sleep $15 Soledad Brothers | The Hardest Walk | LP | Translucent Purple | 2006 | Alive Taking Back Sunday | Where You Want To Be | LP | Gray | Hot Topic Edition | /812 | 2013 | Victory SOLD Third Eye Blind | Out Of The Vein | 2xLP | Army Green | 2013 | Elektra SOLD $25 Turbowolf | Turbowolf | LP | Black | 2011 | Hassle Weezer | Pinkerton | LP | Black | Mofi 180g | Original Master Recording | 2013 | Mofi SOLD $25 Weezer | Green Album | LP | Black | Mofi 180g | Original Master Recording | 2013 | Mofi
  22. 12” Cursive – Burst And Bloom, 2012 RSD Limited Edition (Yellow, Black and White Marbled) Beirut – March Of The Zapotec/Realpeople Holland, 2009 (Black) Beirut – Lon Gisland, 2010 (Black) Wife – Pipe Candy, 2011 (Half Clear/Half Bubblegum Pink) Whirr – Around, 2013 (Heavy Black Splatter on Milky Clear) Verse – Agression, 2012 (White w/Grey) Touche Amore – PTSBBAM, 2011 Deluxe Edition (Black 180g) Touche Amore – Is Survived By, 2013 (Opaque Blue) Toe – Songs, Ideas We Forgot, 2013 (Clear w/ Purple Splatter - 100 Copies) Sigur Ros Kveikur, 2013 (Black + Exclusive 10”) Sufjan Stevens – Come On Feel The Illinoise, 2005 (Tri-Fold Cover) Neon Blonde – Chandeliers In The Savannah, 2005 (Black) The Notwist – Neon Golden, 2002 (Germany Only: Black) Pinback – Summer In Abaddon, 2004 (First Press: Black) Foxes – Foxes, 2012 (UK Press: Black) The Geeks – Every Time We Fall, 2006 (Green) The Gentle Waves – Swansong For You, 2000 (UK Only: Black) Giants – Old Stories, 2012 (White and Grey w/ Oxblood Splatter - 300 Copies) Let The Right One In – Soundtrack, 2012 Deathwaltz w/Poster (White) Moving Units – Dangerous Dreams, 2004 (Black) mewithoutYou – Ten Stories, 2012 Limited Edition Box Set, Hand Numbered: 1230 (Icy Blue) La Dispute – Somewhere At The Bottom, Between Vega And Altair, 2011 (Brown) The Blood Brothers – Crimes, 2004 Test Press, Hand Numbered 2/10 (Black) The Blood Brothers – Young Machetes, 2006 1st Press (Multi-Color (Lp1 Green/Grey, Lp2 Orange/Yellow - 440 Copies) 10” At The Drive-In – Vaya, 2012 (Red - 1000 Copies) 10" I'm getting out of the vinyl game, and would like to see my collection (at least the more rare portion of my collection) go out to some good homes. Everything is best offer, I'm not looking to make a fortune off of anything. Any prices I give upon request will be based off of the low median sale price of that particular rec on discogs. I'll take detailed photos of anything by request. Any questions on condition or anything at all please feel free to message me, I'll respond as quickly as possible. I only have limited feedback, but all good so far (http://www.discogs.com/user/bschelin). UPDATE: I'll try to update this list as quickly as possible as things sell. Thanks for looking and happy listening.
  23. Selling a few things that I don't spin that much. Gotta get some money for all the Caspian pressings that will be coming out in the coming months. Feel free to ask any questions. I'm open to combined purchases and what not. Bl'ast - Blood! - LP - Black - 2013 - Southern Lord - $12PPD Brand New - The Devil And God - 2xLP - 180g Black - 2013 - MOV - Album Sticker Not on Gatefold - Sealed Brand New - Your Favorite Weapon - LP - Black - 2011 - TRC - Latest Repress - $25PPD Death of Lovers - Buried Alive - LP - Trans Gold - /1006 - 2014 - DW - $15PPD Eagle Twin - The Feather Tipped The Serpent's Scale - 2xLP - Black - 2012 - SL - $20PPD Earth - The Bees Made Honey - 2xLP - Black - Bible - 2nd Pressing - 2014 - SL Glass Hits - Better Late Than Never - LP - Clear w/ Black Haze - /100 - Screen printed - 2013 - SNL - offer Horrible Crowes - RSD - 7" - Black - /1000 - 2012 - SOD -$5PPD If These Trees Could Talk - s/t - LP - Half orange / Half black - /300 - 2nd Press - 2007 - Mylene Sheath - $45PPD If These Trees Could Talk - Above The Earth, Below The Sky - LP - Opaque Aqua Blue - /250 - 2nd Pressing - 2012 - Mylene Sheath Kyuss - Welcome to Sky Valley - LP - Black - 180g - 2008 - Elektra - $15PPD Mastodon - Blood Mountain - LP - Trans Red - /1375 - 2010 - Reprise - offer Mastodon - The Hunter - LP - Black - 2011 - Reprise Mike Patton - The Place Beyond The Pines OST - LP - Black - 2013 - Milan - $15PPD o'brother - Basement Window - LP - Black - Etched - 2012 - TCR - $10PPD o'brother - The Death of Day - LP - Brown Marble - /210 - 2009 - BC - $25PPD o'brother - Disillusion - 2xLP - Blue/Grey starburst - 2013 - TCR - $25PPD Purity Ring - Shrines - LP - Black - 2012 - 4AD - $20PPD Red Fang - Whales and Leeches - LP - Black - /6000 - 2013 - Relapse - $18PPD The Replacements - All Shook Down - LP - Black - RSD - 2013 - Reprise - $22PPD Sainthood Reps - Headswell - LP - Clear Hunter Green - /500 - 2013 - No Sleep - $15PPD Soledad Brothers - The Hardest Walk - LP - Purple - /1000 - 2006 - Alive - $15PPD Third Man Records - Singles 2010 V. II - 2xLP - Black - 2010 - TMR - $35PPD Weezer - Maladroit - LP - Black - 2002 - Geffen Whirr - Pipe Dreams - LP - Black - /500 - 2012 - TeePee Slipmats: Alexisonfire Box Set Slipmat Jack White - Blunderbuss Tour 2012 - Blue Mylene Sheath Slipmat
  24. UPDATE (February, 25 2014) I'm looking for these records and would love to trade/buy them! So, if you have any of those, feel free to contact me and (if you want to trade) check my tradelist HERE And So I Watch You From Afar – And So I Watch You From Afar 2xLP And So I Watch You From Afar – Gangs Bloodbath - Unblessing the Purity [/1000, Clear Red] Dredg - Leitmotif [/500, Black] Faith No More - Album of the Year [Gold] Faith No More - Angel Dust [blue, mit gefixter B-Side] Giants – They, The Undeserving [/100, White / Green Splatter, Tour Press] Gifts from Enola - From Fathoms [/100, Blue/Green Transitional Haze & Orange/Brown Transitional Haze, Tour Press] Gifts from Enola - Loyal Eyes Betrayed The Mind [/100, Clear w/ Black & Blue Splatter, Tour Press] God is an Astronaut - Almost everything Hans Zimmer - Inception OST Hans Zimmer - The Dark Knight 2xLP If These Trees Could Talk - Above The Earth, Below The Sky [/300, Translucent Mint Green, 1st Press] If These Trees Could Talk - If These Trees Could Talk [/100, Orange w/ Black Splatter, 1st Tour Press] Mutemath - Mutemath 2xLP Oceansize - Effloresce 2xLP pg.Lost - Almost everything Porcupine Tree - Deadwing 2xLP [/600 Black, /700 Red or /700 Blue] Samuel Jackson Five – Easily Misunderstood 2xLP [/150, Clear w/ Orange Colour in Colour] Shora - Malval [/100 Clear or /500 Black] Steven Wilson - Insurgentes 4x10" [/1000, Limited Book Edition] Strand of Oaks - Pope Killdragon [/300, 1st Press, hand-numbered] Strand of Oaks - Dark Shores [/100, Blue] Transatlantic - Bridge Across Forever 3xLP [/1000, Blue or Black] Thanks!
  25. Well I put some serious thought in to this and I decided that I do not want to try to collect “Whole” collections anymore, instead one great color variant or something along that line. Anybody want to trade? PM me if you have some I want, and we will go from there . Disclaimer: I will not trade with users with no feedback, or little/poor feedback. Sorry What I have to trade: Giants – “Old Stories” “Test Press” w/Atl. Silk Screened Cover #2/20 (Cover has some wear) Giants – “Old Stories” “Friend's Press” Exclusive Screen Printed cover & Transparent w/ Blue Haze #2/50 (Perfect Condition) Giants – “Old Stories” “Tour Edition” Transparent w/ Blue Haze & Tour Exclusive Screen Printed cover #40/50 (Perfect Condition) Giants – “Old Stories” “Mailorder Edition” Forest Green w/ White Haze /150 (Perfect Condition) Giants – “Old Stories” Sea Blue inside Mustard Yellow /200 (Lower Left Corner Dent, & Ringwear) Giants – “Old Stories” Side A White, Side B Grey with Oxblood Splatter /300 (Very Nice Copy, a Little Cover Wear) This Will Destroy You – “This Will Destroy You” Mixed 2-Tone Wants: If These Trees Could Talk – “Red Forest” Anyone of the Variants: Vinyl 1st Pressing: Bone w/ Oxblood Mix (100) [band Exclusive] Highlighter Yellow w/ Neon Green & Orange Splatter (200) Ultra Clear w/ Blood Red Swirl (200) Vinyl 2nd Pressing: Bone w/ Oxblood Mix (100) [band Exclusive] Milky Clear w/ Swamp Green Swirl (200) Bone & Bronze Mix (200) Caspian ‎– “You Are the Conductor / the Four Trees” Anyone of the Variants: 100 A/B: Blue vinyl, C/D & E/F: Grey vinyl (Tour Edition) 190 Silver vinyl; Hand-numbered (Mailorder Edition) 210 White vinyl Gifts from Enola “From Fathoms” One of the below: 100 - Translucent deep blue/translucent forest green swirl (only available through label's mailorder) 100 - Side A/B swamp green/translucent ice blue swirl, side C/D translucent orange/brown swirl (tour version, only available through band) http://www.mylenesheath.com/products/tour-copy-gifts-from-enola-from-fathoms-2xlp If These Trees Could Talk ‎– "Above The Earth, Below The Sky" ANY 1st press 100 White w/ Black Haze (Tour copies) 100 Translucent Ice Blue (Mailorder copies) 300 Translucent Mint Green If These Trees Could Talk ‎– "If These Trees Could Talk" Anyone of the below: Limited edition of 500 copies: - 100 on orange w/ black splatter (tour edition) - 150 on clear orange splatter - 250 on black (here) 2nd Pressing - 100 orange vinyl (mailorder edition) - 100 orange vinyl w/black splatter (tour edition) - 300 half orange/half black (this) Gifts From Enola ‎– "Loyal Eyes Betrayed The Mind" Any Varient but GREY: /150 on A/B: Clear vinyl w/ White Haze; C/D: Clear vinyl w/ Grey haze (Mailorder Exclusive) (THIS) /100 on Clear vinyl w/ Black & Blue Splatter (Tour Exclusive) /250 on Grey vinyl (Retail Exclusive) PM me if you have something. Thanks, Derek PS: Send me your tradelist if you think I would like something on there.

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