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SALE - Murder By Death Boxset - 6 LPs, DVD, & Finch CD - 33% off - $109 shipped

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This is from the Murder By Death Facebook today.   Insane deal!  $109 shipped for the boxset!


33% off these box sets! Only 40 of the boxes left! Get 5% off (stacking discount) for each item you order from http://www.murderbydeath.bigcartel.com/ . Get 'em while they last.
MBD MOVING SALE details below!

We're moving and don't want to have to bring all this vinyl with us- so we are offering stacking discounts to you! For each item you order from the store, you get an additional 5% discount. Just type in the discount code below that corresponds with the amount of items you ordered, and the price in your shopping cart will automatically reduce. SALE ENDS AND ALL ITEMS SHIP APRIL 24

Buy 1 Items get 5% off. code = 05
Buy 2 Items get 10% off. code = 10
Buy 3 Items get 15% off. code = 15
Buy 4 Items get 20% off. code = 20
Buy 5 Items get 25% off. code = 25
Buy 6 Items get 30% off. code = 30
Buy a box set get 33% off. code = 33









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are those new pressings?  ive got the wooden box from 2010 but i feel like these are different


i guess they are constantly updating this, pretty genius idea, haha.  whatever press they're on of the records, they just order extra boxes, and keep throwing them all together to sell as a set. 

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Can't say enough great things about this band. I've met them numerous times over the years. Booked them a few times back in 2004-2006. Stellar people with great talent. Support them if you can.

I already have their discography, but just not in a box.

This x1000

I've only been into them for four or five years and only gotten to see them twice, but both times I saw them, we hung out with them for a while and chatted with them and they're the coolest people ever. Super genuine and some hard-working motherfuckers. Adam's Kickstarter story is great.

I got the box for free when I ordered a bunch of stuff from them during one of their specials a few years ago, and it's super nice.

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