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  1. the cover with the giant minecraft pixels still makes me laugh. Classic Hot Topic.
  2. LOL'd at retail retail. Does retail retail mean unlimited? Deepdiscount is kind of unreliable, so I may wait to see if these pop up elsewhere.
  3. I have an original press from when I was a kid. I'm pretty sure I do not need another copy, but I'm somewhat curious about the remaster.
  4. LOL'd at Santos popping up out of the toilet and getting hit over the head with a casserole dish (??) by vampire Nate. Song is solid.
  5. I wondered this as well, and really hope it's not a trend. I would rather have the album be consistently quieter overall than jump around from side to side. There may not be a huge perceived distance when playing digitally on your computer on a small setup, but I definitely noticed it with this cranked on my setup.
  6. I for the most part agree. I do wish there was a little more care in getting loudness levels matched across the comp. Side A for example is super quiet on average while side D is quite loud. It's not a big deal on my system, but just something that stuck out when I spun it.
  7. I am not looking to get rid of any boxes. At the time, I had contemplated swapping the color discs out for black discs, but no way am I getting rid of those boxes.
  8. This. I am never going to buy this record apparently, because the band is really happy with how atrocious it sounds.
  9. Going to go out on a limb and predict that whatever they do sounds better than that Hot Topic pile of trash from a few years ago.
  10. During 90s yeah, on release days. Aside from a few very special events more recently at my local shops, this kind of died out around 2000.
  11. holy shit, and Chris Enriquez filled in on drums? Would have loved to have seen that. Also, I missed out on this comp and I'm still kicking myself in the ass.
  12. these fucking guys... I really wish they would call this something other than The Juliana Theory
  13. I like the new cover art, and it's cool that they worked with Dave Rankin again on this.
  14. How big of a piece of shit do you have to be to come onto a forum thread and spew your personal vendetta garbage to people expressing their love and grief for someone who just died? I wasn't much of a Foo Fighters fan, but Taylor was an absolute monster behind the kit, and he seemed like a really sweet person. I have had close friends and family with addiction problems, and I've seen them do terrible things to themselves and those they love (I've also been on the receiving end). To mock their death with "heroin, amirite?" posts is complete garbage. GET FUCKED.
  15. pretty much this, although I would add the Señor and the Queen EP to the very top of the list.
  16. I knew this was eventually coming, and I can't make the justification. The original box is great, and sounds good too. Going to grab tickets for Columbus though.
  17. I'd be surprised if it was a press of Blood Enough for Us All. They don't really consider that an actual mwY release based on some past comments. I asked Aaron about it once, and he basically said LOL NO.

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