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  1. This album is so good. Maybe their best work.
  2. my box set is out for delivery today. Super excited to get this
  3. Personally I wish we could get a remix/remaster of ACBTLD
  4. hooray! So glad to finally be able to have these on vinyl
  5. I finally picked these up with the recent 3-album bundle that Dark Operative offered. I occasionally revisit these albums, but nothing ever really hits hard for me. As per Magic Bullet (v2.0), the quality is meh. New Others pt.1 is a purple mix, and I was surprised how different this sounded from the digital. It's an improvement, but the low end is a little much. Still, I was pleasantly surprised when I spun it. New Others pt.2 is a vomit mix color, and it sounds like complete trash. There isn't much surface noise, so I'm not going to blame it on the puke colorway. It'
  6. wow, I can't believe that last repress was 7 years ago. These all need to stay in print.
  7. Grabbed a black via bandcamp. Really looking forward to this album
  8. Yeah, it sucks considering how easy it is to customize and make it affordable. Here's what it looks like from one of my band's items in bandcamp:
  9. It's because the seller doesn't set it up correctly.
  10. sigh. REALLY hope these go up individually. I really only want the earlier stuff, and $500 prices me out.
  11. lol, splatter sold out so they added a black/white marble.
  12. agreed. also, they just added another variant (White w/ Black & Red Splatter) after the petal version sold out. I wonder how many variants they are going to keep tacking on.
  13. grabbed the petal vinyl. The teaser audio sounded decent. I wish they left "Better Now" off it though...
  14. I finally spun my copies. They arrived without damage, and the records were flat and clean. I gave them a once-over with a brush before playing and didn't have any noise or pops. Feels Like You sounded good (not stellar, but no complaints). I really wanted that one, so I'm happy it plays nicely. Distressor on the other hand, meh... No major problems like some of those described in the thread, but it just sounds blown out and mastered/pressed shitty. Not the worst sounding record, but the digital sounds better.
  15. I would be surprised if they do that again. I'd still love one for Inlet

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