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  1. This album is really solid. I think it's their best post-reunion material. I will probably end up picking this up eventually.
  2. For anyone who missed out on the Dirty Three Oceans Songs boxset a few months ago: Touch & Go just put some leftover copies up on their webstore. Really happy to order one, but I'll be more relieved when it actually shows up.
  3. That's debatable. It's arguments like this that drive prices for boots to $75. Both prices are stupid.
  4. repress of Electra is huge news. I wonder if it will be complete in terms of the bonus tracks released across different CD versions. I have an original, but will gladly double dip
  5. ^ this. I want to buy their albums, but this shit is annoying. I don't give a shit about color vinyl, but a $15 upcharge is bananas.
  6. This song has some The New What Next vibes, which I know is divisive for some, but I love it. Really curious to hear more now.
  7. That sounds really decent. Like others, I wasn't into the last album. This sounds promising though!
  8. eh. I really liked There are Rules. The Simple Science EP is pretty solid too. I couldn't get into Problems, mostly because of the brick-walled production. I may be tempted to double dip on this to get the unreleased songs
  9. Glad these are available again, but really not a fan of that artwork. Glad I have a copy with the original art.
  10. I would love to see that Rock Action box happen. The Rave Tapes and HWND boxes are great, and they seem to use that same box style for all their deluxe editions (just varying depth). YT is the only box I am missing, aside from the Central Belters comp, which seemed unnecessary. I'd love to see them go all out for an updated Young Team deluxe box set.
  11. I know they confirmed YT would be repressed, but I haven't heard any musings of the box set getting another press. That is what I really hope for.
  12. My Father My King needs a quality repress. The OG sounds like garbage.
  13. Cheers. Doesn't look like any US stores have it in stock currently, but it was like $38 shipped from JPC, so I tried that.
  14. not seeing this in r/Mogwai. Do you have a link to the thread?
  15. anxiously waiting to see if any US retailers get this.
  16. yep, these singles have been consistently good. Really stoked to hear this album.
  17. I'm pretty sure I am in the minority in thinking that Under the Boards might be Saves the Day's best record
  18. I'm sure the variant didn't help, but even I wouldn't blame it sounding that bad on just the gloopy grey and white puke variant

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