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  1. This. How hard would it be to put the tracklisting on the product page? ... I have Pink Mammoth and the other releases around this time. I don't really need to double dip unless the remaster is drastically different and/or the bonus material is unique.
  2. I never claimed you said that. It's all good. My point is, that for a lot of bands, demos, alternate takes, and b-sides can be absolute treasures. I hate when really great material in this category is relegated to digital only. For quite a few bands, I jump on the Deluxe versions that come out and then sell my regular LP if the audio quality is similar. I'm not a variant collector. I just want the music on vinyl in the best quality as possible. For Less Than Jake, yeah, I'm not really interested. To be frank, I don't like most of their post 90s material. But, to claim that the band is milking people by making this available is a little silly. Nobody is holding a gun to the consumer's head and making them buy these releases. If people buy it, that's on those people. All of the weird quirks about the modern vinyl pressing industry are completely consumer driven. If people weren't buying these deluxe editions, bands wouldn't invest the time and money in making them available.
  3. For Less Than Jake? No. But for many artists, yeah, I love their demos and alternate versions. Again, no one is forcing you to double dip. They are not creating "fake demand." WTF even is that? If people buy it, there is demand... I highly doubt that this version will replace the regular album moving forward in subsequent presses. Chastising a band for releasing music on physical media, in a forum about physical media is dumb. There are what, at least 12 variants/presses of this album? People can still easily purchase the regular album if that is what they prefer...
  4. Kind of a dumb argument. I get more annoyed when there is material that I would love to have on vinyl, but it's only available digitally. I can see how the double dip can be annoying, and a better solution might be just to throw those on a 7" or 12" EP that people could buy separately. No one is forcing you to double dip though... More cancerous is only making albums available as super low runs of ridiculous color variants.
  5. Agreed. I have the OGs too, but I know these are going to sound amazing. Will definitely pick these up.
  6. How many times has LLO and Mare been pressed though in recent years? At least twice. I think folks may be underestimating the demand for Sagarmatha. Further, given how difficult it is to get things pressed these days, and how difficult and expensive it is to get licenses to press Appleseed's back catalog, I wouldn't blame Graveface for wanting to do a larger press and have some on hand for the future instead of dealing with the expensive hustle.
  7. having albums available to people longer than an hour is not a bad thing...
  8. The EP set is fantastic. I don't think I would have paid $60 if it were another band, but I love this band and those releases so much.
  9. Still available: https://mogwai.bandcamp.com/album/e-p-x-3-ep-6
  10. I caved a little while back and ordered it from their bandcamp. Was $59 shipped.
  11. Every fucking time with Appleseed Cast. For the most part, I liked the new artwork that Graveface did, but it would be really nice if we could just get the original art. I hate the cheesy artwork used for the Ring Wars reissue. I want to see the OG cover with that kid's wonky face...
  12. ^ this. I went for the splatter and it came back looking like a box of melted crayons. Really seems silly for the style of music. I just wish there was a black version for this record.
  13. I really only care for the first couple TMV records, so I wasn't expecting much. I actually liked the first single, but the new track is laughably bad. I expected this to be a pass for me. Didn't quite expect that though.
  14. lol, the new single... Makes passing up an overpriced single LP a pretty easy decision.
  15. In for this. Fuck SRC, but their press sounds good. The album songs are spread out across the 2xLPs a little more compared to this, so I'll probably hold on to both. Hopefully the sound quality holds up on this.
  16. This EP is really good. Any online shops have that indie variant?
  17. Dear lord, that looks like a tour teaser. Who would be on bass?
  18. New song is great, but I feel they have hit the recycle comfort stride lately. I didn't get into Blood Year that much because same-same, and this feels like more of that. I'm hoping for a little diversity on the album, but I'm not going to hold my breath.
  19. looks like it: http://countyourluckystars.limitedrun.com/products/727043-penfold-amateurs-professionals-12-vinyl It was available this morning.
  20. the cover with the giant minecraft pixels still makes me laugh. Classic Hot Topic.