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  1. on par for buying vinyl in 2023. Looks pretty but sounds like shit...
  2. I have been listening to the cd for the last 20 years and this sounds noticeably worse.
  3. This pressing epitomizes the bullshit the vinyl industry has become now. Overpriced splatter record that sounds like trash. I was excited that this album finally got a pressing, but totally deflated when I put this on the turntable. I really wish we would focus less on what these discs look like and more on what they sound like...
  4. This is going to be the first Baroness album I don't buy. It has a few moments, but overall, I'm really disappointed with the effort.
  5. really glad these are not single disc 33 RPM. The albums are too long, and as mentioned, Matt is meticulous about the sound quality. I have all these albums, but happily double-dipped for the 2xLP versions of Electra and Astronaut
  6. How often are deluxe editions the only version available? rarely. Yeah, it's been a few years since this has been available, but there are over a dozen variants/presses of this album. It will get a regular version repress, probably on some stupid looking color variant to make everyone happy. Cool move on calling me "you american." Solid comeback. You can have an opinion, but getting your panties in a wad because extra content is made available on a a physical media - a format the people specifically joined this forum to talk about - is weird and it gets tiring after the nth time.
  7. I love how xfactor675 has to throw a fit anytime a band releases a deluxe with added content on vinyl. Dude, you don't have to buy it... I'm really happy to have the extra content on vinyl, and not sitting as MP3s on my hard drive, never to be listened to.
  8. This was not what I was expecting, but I love it. Will for sure be picking this up
  9. I'm in that camp too. This album feels less than the sum of its parts. I periodically try with an open mind, but just find it dull.
  10. Why are we still using PVC sleeves in 2023? Jesus Christ, have not enough records been ruining from off-gasing?
  11. I loved Gold & Grey, but this first single is really underwhelming. Will probably cave for the black LP, but I hope there is more excitement on the record...
  12. lol, wow. Bravo for the dedication, but also WTF.
  13. I need a Jay Ryan print for Inlet to complete the set. Do it.
  14. Same. I get annoyed with anniversary or deluxe editions are just another dumb color variant.
  15. So glad they are pressing this stuff. I picked up a black copy from when they pressed it in 2019.
  16. Got my blue galaxy in, and yeah it's light blue marble at best. I had a somewhat knee-jerk reaction when this was first released, but after listening to the digital copy several times, I really warmed up to it. There are aspects of the re-record that are really great. My enthusiasm was kind of squashed when I put this on my turntable. There is practically no low-end on this...
  17. Lindsay and/or Joel were having some serious mental health issues. Basically collecting money for projects and sales and not shipping or doing anything. It was messy, shitty, and just sad. I hope they are in a better place now, but they needed to come clean and end the label stuff a LOT earlier than when it eventually imploded.
  18. Got excited to see this post bumped, and then I walk in to more shaking fists at clouds. dammit guys, you're killin' me.
  19. Same, I don't recall seeing this option during checkout. They should probably put some limits on physical gift cards...
  20. haha, Bullmoose shipped my gift card with $0.01 on it. Just got it in the mail today.
  21. I got mine from Popmarket (only because I s;lept on the initial drop a little too long), and it came in the thinnest mailer I have ever seen. Of course a large chunk of the corner was basically folded over. Not happy...

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