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  1. oh wow. Wasn't expecting this. I still listen to this album fairly regularly. buying.
  2. throwgncpr

    PO NOW : SUMAC - Love In Shadow

  3. throwgncpr

    PO NOW : SUMAC - Love In Shadow

    oh yeah, that wasn't on there earlier. sounds great! According the the mp3 metadata, this is track 1 "The Task"
  4. I like the MS folks too, but to be fair, they've fucked up every. single. order. I've placed with them. I'm really hesitant to give them my money until I see products are heading out the door. You can be a super-awesome, well-intentioned human and still suck at what you do...
  5. definitely grabbing the deluxe. clip sounds great
  6. I loved Beggars and Major/Minor and their progression through that point, but I really disliked TBEITBN. Mostly because of Dustin's vocals, but the entire thing was safe. This is maybe slightly better, but still along the same lines. Beggars and Major/Minor may have been less aggressive, but they were excellent albums (M/M is my favorite Thrice record, and I got into them with Identity Crisis...). It feels like they're phoning it in now.
  7. needing an ad-block blocker blocker

  8. No. Remember when this band was good? I 'member.
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    adblocker blocker is bullshit
  10. I got mine yesterday. Cool concept, but I find the packaging annoying af. I removed the records from the bag, put them on my shelf, and the zipper pouch will probably just hide in a cupboard somewhere for all of eternity. I would have rather just paid $20 less to have the records without the cool but completely impractical packaging.
  11. throwgncpr

    PO: Zao - The Funeral of God (5/3)

    Awesome! Thanks Jeff
  12. throwgncpr

    PO: Zao - The Funeral of God (5/3)

    Really excited about Fear and Awake. I hope the others make it through.
  13. throwgncpr

    PO: Zao - The Funeral of God (5/3)

    any word on numbers? I really just want a nice clean black version. I'll be on the road when these go live. Hopefully not super limited.
  14. I wonder if they figured there site still couldn't handle all everyone trying to buy Sigur Ros at once if they announced it. Probably snuck it in to quietly sell them without their site borking again.
  15. thanks for the heads up! I think I just scored the rest. yay!!
  16. Just got an email, but still spinning on the XL site. I guess that is 1/4 secured (hopefully). I ordered Route One and All Animals via Rough Trade, but not feeling very good about that.
  17. Sigh. Somers' Untitled was the only one left. I'm back at spinning on Processing Payment, although my credit card account is showing a charge.