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  1. ^ same. I'm not intimately familiar with all of Elder's catalog, but everything that I've heard I've enjoyed. I loved ROAFW. This new song sounds really lame, and it's not just a vocal departure. I'm going to be open minded and give the album a chance, but I'm keeping my expectations low.
  2. I'm not that crazy about the second single. It's a lot less interesting than Dance of the Clairvoyants
  3. yeah, the OG is grey/purple garbage marble. It doesn't sound like garbage (not like the piece of shit Music From Another Room presses that ETR did...), but it's not that great either. I wouldn't pay a ton of money for it, unless you have a completist fetish. LOL, same etchings in my copy.
  4. Album has definitely leaked, and wow, this was not what I was expecting. This record rules. They new line-up brought just enough change.
  5. I think they would have said represses instead of reissues. I'm hopeful that they did mean their back catalog. I'm still willing to throw money at Fear on vinyl.
  6. Well, fuck-a-duck. I was wondering if they'd ever finish a new album. This seems like a logical progression for the stuff that Jim has done, but I wouldn't mind a little more punch.
  7. ^ this. I kind of like it. It's better all the dad rock they have been churning out on the last few LPs
  8. Consistent... No rush. As always, I'd prefer to have it done right.
  9. haha, I used to keep these in a drawer with other random music stuff, but recently tossed them. No way I was ever going to actually use or look at them and they were taking up space.
  10. ^ This. I don't buy pic discs, but have several 7"s and 12"s that have etched sides that came in the same PVC sleeves. In my opinion, salvage the sticker if you can either by peeling or cutting, and just house the disc in a regular inner sleeve and plain jacket.
  11. Got mine yesterday and gave it a spin this morning. Sounds great. So glad they released this. The clear vinyl is crystal clear.
  12. I hate to throw a wrench in the fun here, because seriously, believing mwY was trying to rip off fans is hilarious, but... the media mail option for the box set was the same price ($8), which is reasonable. It probably costs about $5 or so in postage, plus whatever packing materials they needed. I'm sure it was just a mistake in setting up the shop. So instead of being a righteous douche nozzle on a soapbox, you probably could have just emailed and inquired about it...