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EDIT (07/21/14): Transaction pending and hopeful! Wish me luck!



So I have one coming in the USPS, so all should be well!


However, Loren13 (of The Broken Radio for all you diehards out there) wants a copy too, so let's keep this going for him.

He says "if anyone else has a copy to sell, feel free to contact me on twitter @lorren13 I will pay between $300-$500 depending on the color and condition." Or you could probably contact him on here. He's a good guy and has a stellar Coheed collection, so somebody help him round it out!


Original Post:


Ladies and Germs,


I am at that point in my life that all C&C and vinyl fans reach: I need to finally muster up the dough to buy IKSSE:3. I know it's "lowballing" it, but I don't want to spend more than $300. It may be laughable, but i've missed some eBay posts where it was around $250-$280. You don't need my justification, but I'm just hoping there is a fan out there with a decent copy that they are willing to help a brother out with. If not, I won't die. I'll just be less happy than I could be.


PS- My luck is such that as soon as I spend $300 on this from one of you, there will be a repress and it will cost $25 and NEVER go out of print, ever, so if you guys want a repress this is fate throwing you a bone.


Heh, I said bone.

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If I had the Defiance pressing of SSTB that would fill the void completely. It's my fav album.

There's a defiance version of SSTB right now on eBay 140 buy it now. It's the only version of SSTB I'm missing but I just can't afford that right now.

Good luck on your search OP! I found someone willing to sell me theirs for 245 about a year ago, you should be able to find something.

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Listen. The green one on merchnow came first. So yeah, not the tour one, because they sold the green one BEFORE the tour. It had a laminate, for the tour (if you chose to go). The tour edition was announced around the same time, as was the white one. But before that, there was no warning, it was just there one day.

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That's what I'm hoping for too. October can't get here fast enough

I also can't wait until Neverender, but EVEN if I buy 3 different copies of a potential repress, I'll still want at least one variant of the first press. I'm fucking weird sometimes (James can attest to this). I'm still open to buy it despite the well-intentioned attempts from everyone to convince me to hold my horses.

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