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VC Fantasy Football Season: Fourth Time's the Charm

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6 hours ago, himynameisShane said:

They never paid. So we have 8 paid. $80.


We could do prizes as:

1st - $50

2nd - $20

3rd - $10

If thats fair to everyone.

are they active on the league board?  i mean you have to sign yourself back up to play right?  im fine with the prize amounts. 

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two slots will be open at a minimum.  will be setting up the league and getting the draft in order shortly.  No game of thrones finale to worry about, either.


Cut/pasting the keeper rules we set before last season, it follows the rounds you drafted someone, and then applies a negative 2 rounds each year.  Basically, any player from rounds 1 and 2 are all free agents every year. 3 players can be kept.  max of 1 per position since we only have 16 rounds.


The link below shows your roster and the round they were drafted.  Undrafted keepers are 12th round keepers.



  • Keepers will be based on the round they were drafted this season.  So for next year, if you choose to keep anyone, it will be based on this years round minus 2.  If you draft Jay Cutler in the 13th round this season, and you choose to keep him for the 2016 season, he would take your 11th round pick.
  • If you TRADE/RECEIVE a player you wish to keep, the same rule applies.  If you receive Jamaal Charles, and he was drafted in the 3rd round, he would be your 1st round keeper for 2016.
  • If you decide to keep a player picked up off of waivers at any time during the season, and no one had drafted them initially, they will be kept starting in round 12, and each kept player will be added to the next following round.  If you draft Jay Cutler in round 13 and cut him, but then pick him back up before the season ends and decide to keep him, he would take your 11th round pick.  If I drop Jamaal Charles, and I drafted him in the 3rd round, and you pick him up off waivers, and decide to keep him, he would be your 3rd round keeper.
  • If you trade a draft pick that would have been assigned to a player you are going to keep for 2016, that kept player will be assigned the next available draft pick.  If I trade my 1st round pick for Jamal Charles, who was drafted in the 3rd round, and I decide to keep him, he would take my 2nd round pick.
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