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  1. Damn I really wanna pull the trigger on this but pure noise and their hard on for bundles is getting in the way of my hard on for the most limited variant.
  2. I feel like not a whole lot really jumped out at me this year, hoping this thread jogs my memory.
  3. Fallen Order is a lot of fun so far but man do I suck at puzzle games.
  4. I am absolutely loving the Mandalorian. Hell of a show, incredible world building in just 2 episodes.
  5. I say we all collectively whoop the abusive piece of shits ass, too. Fuck that person. I would contribute if I could, this is a stellar cause.
  6. this happened to me when I saw pity sex, haha. there was a hip hop guy called Jacquees playing the much larger room, and I had to ask somebody where the line was for the other show. It became obvious when I saw a few skinny white dudes standing in line.
  7. Got mine in on tuesday (#167). Cleaned and listened last night and it sounds good! Such a great record.
  8. Mine was created on Halloween but also shows no movement.
  9. They have one of these sets, im not sure which, at winn dixie for 50 bucks. not a bad deal for 10 LPs.
  10. The first Force Unleashed is a lot of fun, the second one is rushed but worth playing after the first. You can get them for really cheap/free nowadays, Id at least grab the first one.
  11. Yep. They lost me with their last one and likely won't get me back. I'm officially "I like their old stuff" status.
  12. Holy shit this intro track though. Damn this record is good.
  13. Can't lie, I am like level 10 excited for Jedi: Fallen Order. The only game I've been playing lately is Nascar Heat 4...which, honestly, if you like racing games is pretty legit.
  14. Awesome. Emailed about the jacket. I wonder if the variant we got it actually the rarest or if maybe they screwed up the whole thing and the other is only /300?
  15. true. about everything except the packaging. a double 7" is dumb. (said by someone who has bought it, though)
  16. idk man i've got the RSD 7" /50 for sale on there and no one is biting on that one.