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  1. I definitely forgot, the dollar sign just made me think it was USD. Still a little pricy but I went ahead and ordered.
  2. Appreciate the heads up! Can’t pull the trigger on 21 dollar shipping though.
  3. I don't trust any list that has 40 fuckin' records listed and none of them were ones I had in my top 10.
  4. I slept on this band big time. If anyone has a lead on a copy of the full length, I would greatly appreciate it.
  5. It’s absolutely phenomenal. It’s gonna be one I listen to for years and years, like Floral Green.
  6. Julien Baker-Little Oblivions Fiddlehead-Between the Richness Scowl-How Flowers Grow One Step Closer-This Place You Know Turnstile-Glow On Soul Blind-Third Chain Spiritbox-Eternal Blue Dying Wish-Fragments of A Bitter Memory Knocked Loose-A Tear in the Fabric of Life Citizen-Life In Your Glass World
  7. I’ll try to scoop up the Colter Wall live record if I can find it online. That’s about it.
  8. Had to run to the bathroom a work but dammit I got it.
  9. This is my exact train of thought. I was lucky enough to have some friends wait in line while Dying Wish played so I could catch their set, but I had to miss Bad Cop Bad Cop to stand in line for the Chariot.
  10. Yeah man! This sounds like a great idea! The late night scene here is pretty dope.
  11. My red arrived yesterday. Gonna play it real fucking loud tonight.
  12. Because Julien Baker already put out the AOTY. I’ll be surprised if this one tops fiddlehead.
  13. I agree. I think it's a ticking time bomb. Just waiting on the official announcement.
  14. He’s right though. It sucks big time but we are headed right back to square one.
  15. Fiddlehead-Between the Richness Julien Baker-Little Oblivions Dead Heat-World at War im sure there’s more but that’s off the top of my head.
  16. My shop (Seasick Records) had plenty of FFTL, don’t be surprised if they have some online at 5 pm central. I’m in the lookout for Peggy Lee if anyone spots it anywhere.
  17. How can you believe in a god that would give Mark fuckin’ Hoppus cancer.
  18. This is insane to me, because I can't even think of 26 records that I want right now.
  19. https://seasickbham.us10.list-manage.com/track/click?u=21ffa931e166e2c482d134cff&id=c8304e56d4&e=e8c5d3111d my local shop just posted their leftovers. At least 1 senses fail.
  20. Hell yeah. Appreciate it! Literally the only thing I was after.
  21. Not gonna make it to a store thanks to work, hopefully gonna grab Senses Fail online.
  22. My copies of CS and DTGL came yesterday. Visually very nice, haven’t listened yet.
  23. looks legit to me. i'm excited to hear this record.
  24. Jesus this record is so good. I’ll be happy when my Newbury variant comes in but my Blue/white galaxy will hold me over.
  25. I didn’t get this email! How bizarre. I’ll probably pick a copy up from my local store to hold me over.

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