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  1. I don’t know anything, but that’s my favorite Eisley record. I’d buy it in a heartbeat.
  2. Goodness gracious. I used to have the OG press of this like 12 fucking years ago.
  3. At one point they said they would release single day tickets, however I need to see a schedule so I can decide which single day I want to go to. They could get the fuckin' beatles to come play and that price would still be too high.
  4. Yup, UGA is coming to T-Town to play. that being said, there's a lot of hotels here. I honestly don't think it will be that big of a problem.
  5. That is your loss, Shenanigans. Birmingham fucking rules.
  6. They announced From Autumn to Ashes, Mineral, Erra and Unwed Sailor. FATA is huuuge.
  7. That's insane but awesome that Birmingham will have an event like this. If you want any tips for during your time here don't hesitate to PM me!
  8. It's shaping up to be pretty cool, but they need to announce more current, relevant bands for me to be interested in the outrageous ticket prices. This shit is 10 minutes up the road from me and I still can't justify the price right now.
  9. on the fence about PO'ing this one. Absolutely loved her last one but the songs from this one she's released just don't grab me like the last one did.
  10. Also: This is a re-recorded version of Losers. So technically it's a new song, too.
  11. Got the pinwheel splatter. This and Touche amore are my most anticipated releases of the year, but also Phoebe Bridgers and Julien Baker. It's gonna be a great year for music.
  12. Blantons is my favorite, I'm not real picky though. I got the "Whiskey 43" richard petty whiskey for christmas, and th ebottle is bad ass (I'm a big racing fan) but holy shit, it might be the worst whiskey I've ever had. Legitimately.
  13. Your friend in Birmingham wants in on these tasting parties haha
  14. Nope. Return of the Jedi is the greatest movie of all time.
  15. There were a few things I wish happened that didn't, and a few things that happened that I wish didn't, overall I loved it and can't wait to see it again.
  16. I'm avoiding the reviews! Seeing tonight at 6pm and I am insanely excited.
  17. I love this record but I would sell it in a heartbeat for those discogs prices. Just saying.
  18. Anybody planning on coming to Furnace Fest next September? I bet you these guys will play.
  19. Definitely a top album of the year for me. Listen damn near every day.
  20. Damn I really wanna pull the trigger on this but pure noise and their hard on for bundles is getting in the way of my hard on for the most limited variant.
  21. I feel like not a whole lot really jumped out at me this year, hoping this thread jogs my memory.
  22. Fallen Order is a lot of fun so far but man do I suck at puzzle games.