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  1. Does it seem like the Paramore releases are flying off the shelf? Forgot about the militarie gun too. Will grab that one.
  2. Just hoping to get the Paramore double album! Would also like the Split with David Byrne but that’s highly unlikely.
  3. Songs are so good but I ain’t spending that much (you can get it by itself for 20 shipped) for two songs.
  4. Holy SHIT. I never thought this would happen. This is the first album “leak” I ever downloaded. Instant buy.
  5. I want the EPs, I used to have the box that was stained and hand made with the 10” records inside but I sold that to someone on here who then claimed to not have received it but I’m pretty sure she was lying because she later ghosted me after I sent a pretty nice secret Santa package.
  6. I’m waiting on the julien baker one still and I don’t even remember where I ordered it. I know Midtown was one but I think I ordered multiples just in case one place said they sold out or something.
  7. I Fuckin’ love this record. Was in my top 10 last year. Got an OG press myself but I’d recommend grabbing this one.
  8. I got lucky and scored the /200. Very stoked to get this record in, I haven’t listened to it nearly enough but it’s a fireworks record which means it’s good.
  9. Haven’t checked this out but we really need a repress of their first record
  10. Ordered the /250. Love this band a lot, probably one of my favorite bands right now. Haven’t released a bad record yet.
  11. I’d join both but I’m way more active on Reddit
  12. Would love a CSD repress! Would also love for SWYA to get the TBC treatment, with demos and stuff.
  13. I think since it’s Furnace Fest selling the vinyl maybe they’ll have it at their merch booth? Idk. Fingers crossed for whatever.
  14. I hope it isn’t the same shit show this year as it was last year. Also hope you can get that blindside on Friday cause that’s the only day I’m going.
  15. I got the Knocked Loose EP on GITD and it sounds really good. That’s the only one I’ve ever had though.
  16. Grabbed the EP, still waiting on the acoustic EP though! I streamed these guys on purevolume so much back in the day.
  17. Ethel Cain-Preachers Daughter. Her entire discography for real.
  18. A repress of the Starting Line and Early November EPS please.
  19. This. That’s my favorite album of all time and it deserves the deluxe treatment.
  20. Question for any of you that are Sabbath fans...which are the best versions of Master of Reality and Volume 4? Need to add these to my collection.
  21. Seasick Records is teasing an exclusive variant of Waxahatchee-Out In the Storm /300.

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