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Postrock/metal, Shoegaze, Instrumental, Drone, Experimental, and other COOL genres!

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Looks like Lacing found some copies of Honey Glow -  4 left at $5 + ship (mine is already on the way)

Lacing - Honey Glow ltd CS

Aidan Baker, I think new material, "Portraits" CS

If you order from him, the total is about $12.25 shipped to USA; if you order from the label in Canada, the tape is less expensive but you get spanked on the shipping to about $14 shipped.  I'm still listening through the first time as I type this.

Aidan Baker - Portraits from his bandcamp

Portraits from Quiet Bedrooms

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For any that like Lacing, I have had Honey Glow EP CS on my want list at discogs. I bought one of the super loud tye dye shirts earlier this year, and the cassette was listed as sold out.

Lo and behold, there were 5 up for sale on bandcamp merch section (not there when i bought the shirt) when I checked tonight. No mention on Instagram etc. Now there are 4 :)

 $5 + $3 shipping 

Lacing - Honey Glow CS

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On 6/21/2016 at 8:28 PM, jonrawks said:

Bridgetown Records has put up their summer batch - http://www.bridgetownrecords.info/search/label/available?max-results=5



i think  Sindre Bjerga has some lovely live clamor tapes (think Throbbing Gristle without vocals) up on Bandcamp - still accessible last I checked.

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Thom has phase 2 of Planning For Burial - Below The House (Destroyed Cassette) up for pre order here.



Details on second phase destruction:

Between July and November 2018 I continued the process, this time I took a production copy of the 2nd pressing and pulled the tape out so it would flow on my dashboard while on tour driving through the country, much of the time was spent driving through the desert during the summer months, at times flowing down to the floor and being stepped on in spots, later it was burnt and taped back together in a spot, then played over and over in cheap tape deck.

Third pressing is limited to 100 copies.
new art work. purple coloured cassette with white imprinting. pro dubbed.
pro printed j card


No download codes will be sent with this because the idea is that you're supposed to play it and further degrade it.

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