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Storm Chasers LTD - Patreon Membership - IIOI, T/T/T, Pet Symmetry, & More

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Evan started a Patreon program for his Storm Chasers LTD label.  A couple different monthly subscriptions offer vinyl options.

$25/Month - 1 vinyl release each quarter from IIOI or artists from the Storm Chasers extended family.

$35/Month - 1 vinyl release each month from IIOI or artists from the Storm Chasers extended family.

There's also a $10/month option that includes new music but no vinyl.


Other perks are included and info can be found here:




Storm Chasers LTD was started in 2012 in order to act as a community driven record release project but since 2015 has remained mostly dormant. 

Fast forward to 2020.

Between Into It. Over It., Pet Symmetry, Their / They're / There and the broader Storm Chasers LTD family we have built an extensive community of creators and artists... All of whom are extremely active right now. 

This Patreon is the ability to connect with ALL of us. 

Hitch a ride with our kooky family and get yourself some exclusive access to EVERYTHING we're working on now and in the future. This Patreon will provide you with the ability to connect directly with not just what IIOI is doing but with the extended SCLTD family at large. 

Together we are currently putting together exclusive content ranging from how-to's, podcasts, play throughs and private studio footage to live sets, MONTHLY LIMITED VINYL RELEASES and more. 

Help us choose our creative directions, make records WITH us and actively become a part of the family we've built here in Chicago, IL. 





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8 hours ago, marc32137 said:

The first release  was announced. It's a 7" with the Version 2.0s of 22 Syllables and Embracing Facts. A copy of each variant is being sent to both monthly and quarterly tiers.

It's also gonna be sold on the Storm Chasers store tomorrow.

Just snagged.


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