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  1. This brought my total to $26.99 for the deluxe LP, after applying the coupon. Thank you.
  2. I know they usually announce it on IG, but is there any word on what titles they'll be selling this friday?
  3. I'll make it a point to show up an hour or 2 before doors open.
  4. Looks like the storefront is SF will be opening on 10/23 for store exclusives. Might make the drive, how is the experience, typically? Do they usually have enough to go around?
  5. Would buy. The 10" set looks cool though, I'll pick that up eventually. Didn't Music on Vinyl do those?
  6. https://bsmrocks.com/collections/pre-order/products/copy-of-laura-jane-grace-stay-alive-lp-cd
  7. https://bestcoast.limitedrun.com/products/678531-limited-edition-signed-numbered-live-at-world-cafe-tigers-eye-vinyl-500-available
  8. According to Chris Conley, Can't Slow Down is in the works. Source: IG Comments.
  9. The tour press (Clear w/ Splatter) is the best sounding one. It's quiet and free of surface noise. I had the tri color at one point and every time the needle would graze the purple wax, there was so much surface noise. Tour press is the way to go if you're looking for the best sounding variant.
  10. Gonna have to email someone about a partial refund for no media mail on the mint / black