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  1. They also RT'd the composer of the Loki score approving test presses. So maybe that too?
  2. Storm Chasers pressed 200 of these on Black, there's a few left https://stormchasersltd.bigcartel.com/product/posture-the-grizzly-s-t-lp-scltd-exclusive
  3. Also, have a music video.....as a treat... https://youtu.be/GR6eEj-bdUc
  4. https://store.relapse.com/b/city-of-caterpillar Rarest variant already gone. Release Date: September 30, 2022 PRESSING INFO: First Press 2457 x Baby Pink Standard Gram 537 x Clear with White and Black Smoke and Baby Pink and White Splatter Standard Gram *Relapse.com Exclusive* 535 x White Standard Gram *North America Indie Retail Exclusive* (Not available through Relapse.com) 358 x Milky Clear and Black Half 'n Half with Metallic Silver, Black and Baby Pink Splatter Standard Gram *Relapse.com Exclusive* 136 x Neon Violet, Double Mint Green and Baby Pink Tri Color Merge with Neon Violet, Double Mint Green and Baby Pink Splatter Standard Gram *Relapse.com Exclusive* 100 x Clear (Not available to the public - Friends of band and label only) CITY OF CATERPILLAR return with their first new album in 20 years, Mystic Sisters! When guitarist/vocalist Brandon Evans, guitarist Jeff Kane, drummer Ryan Parrish and bassist/vocalist Kevin Longendyke unveiled their self-titled debut in 2002, their emotional, frenzied and often cinematic music was at the vanguard of the burgeoning screamo movement. Along with bands like Pg.99 (with whom they shared members), Majority Rule, Planes Mistaken For Stars and others, they helped develop a style of music that took hardcore into convulsive new territory. After years spent living in other parts of the country and playing in other bands—including Darkest Hour, Malady and Ghastly City Sleep, the long awaited CITY OF CATERPILLAR reunion shows snowballed into writing sessions. The result - Mystic Sisters, an album that recaptures the magic of old while taking the band’s music into exciting new territory! The winding and atmospheric title track that embodies CITY OF CATERPILLAR's experimental side features some noise violin from Evans’ former Pg. 99 bandmate Johnny Ward, while tracks like "Decider" and "Paranormaladies" showcases the band's roots with a flurry of viceral, noisey hardcore swagger. Tracked primarily at Montrose Recording in Richmond, Mystic Sisters was self-produced by the band and then mixed and mastered by Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Bosse-de-Nage). Ultimately, CITY OF CATERPILLAR are more concerned with creating a mood than telling a story. “The band is always focused on mood,” Evans confirms. “To me, that’s the most important thing. I don’t really want people dissecting what we’re trying to say, because it’s not really about us. It never has been. What we cared about 20 years ago was innocent, raw emotion, and that’s what we care about now.”
  5. That sucks, almost everyone I saw buying merch in Chicago was using a credit card so hopefully they didn't take a big hit.
  6. The description and hype sticker say "white vinyl".
  7. Hey all, I just moved into a new house like a new new just built house and my AT-LP50 with pre-amp on into Bose Companion 2s is now making a crazy buzzing noise when I plug it in. I ruled out pretty much everything. The buzzing goes away when I turn the pre-amp off, but of course that's not helpful in this situation. Did I bust the pre-amp? Is there something about the electrical in this new house? If I could get away with fixing it without spending money that would be incredible.
  8. Those wacky 5th wave emo/ska kids in Cliffdiver appear to be the first band to benefit from the new Side One Dummy. https://sideonedummy.com/collections/cliffdiver Tulsa, OK's CLIFFDIVER is proud to announce their debut LP Exercise Your Demons, out May 6, 2022 on SideOneDummy! Exercise Your Demons is available on Limited Edition Color Vinyl. Includes digital download card. Tracklist: 1. New Vegas Bomb (feat. Skatune Network) 2. Who Let the Hawgz Out? 3. Frankie Muniz Don't Smoke No Mids 4. We Saw the Same Sunset 5. Death is a Wedding (With Eternity) 6. Super Saiyan Al Pacino 7. Dick Van Yikes 8. I Left My Heart at Lemon Lake 9. IKEA Strikes Back VINYL PRESSING INFO: 1st Pressing 500 - Blue Seafoam (SideOneDummy Exclusive!) 1000 - Strawberry Splash Lots of bundles here too. There's a video expected to drop any moment now on Brooklyn Vegan.
  9. Here's their status page next time you're having trouble. https://status.shipstation.com Looks like some outages today.
  10. My Last of Us Part 2 covers on black showed up a whole month early, a bright spot in a year of vinyl delays.
  11. It sounded fucking awesome on my AirPods Pro with Spatial Audio on. I'm not sure it was mimicking 5.1 but it sounded incredible.
  12. I think overall its very cool if a little short. Its interesting to see them sort of blow up the mysterious aspect of the band and now lean in on this universe they've created. Like it really seems to help set up a sandbox where on the next album the music videos and promo will build on whats shown in the movie. If that's what they want to do. My only complaint about the movie is that it seems possible that elements of the live performances are faked in the interest of moving the narrative forward.
  13. Feel like Reznor's in this bucket list stage of his life where he might be like "welp, this might be my only chance to perform on SNL".
  14. My Shellstar arrived more warped than any record I've ever recieved but LP 1 played fine.
  15. Well, that's a pretty good album. It owes way more to early 2000's Emo than it does Nine Inch Nails which was surprising but I liked it.
  16. I like this song better than the whole last album.
  17. I really love the transparent white variant. What's a good way to figure out a store near me that might have it? I've got a couple used record stores by me that mostly do classic rock and mega popular albums. Don't know how they would carry this even if I asked.