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PO: Mansions - Doom Loop

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Eh, fuck it, ordered, only a dollar more and a possible chance of an early shipment? We'll see what's going on, maybe I'll just end up canceling and going through amazon anyways. 

Wish there was a super limited deluxe one like last time, would do pretty much anything if that happened this time.

It all depends on when we get them shipped to us, but will definitely try our best to get everything to you guys a few days before street date!

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The album art is amazing! I'm so siked for this, for than anything

Back when I was searching for a copy of DUTD a month and a half ago I e-mailed the label to see if they had any copies laying around and they said they didn't but they had a repress in the works. 

Ordered! Don't sleep on this. It always seems like Mansions stuff will be around forever and then when it's gone everyone gets sad and floods the B/S/T thread looking for it. 


yeah, basically. both full lengths were around for like a year


me too- the record fucking rules.  I appreciate your support!


any update on the rumored DUTD repress?

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I agree. I also think as a standalone track it's not all that powerful, but I'm excited to see how it will fit in with the rest of the album. 

Exactly my reasoning. Kind of bummed I listened to it yet, definitely the kind of song which is not immediate at all by itself. The anti climbers basically.

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oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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I Understand, I'll disable it for this website