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  1. Let me know if anyone sees the Taylor Swift records for sale. Last thing on our list
  2. The Wonder Years - Sister Cities

    Definitely a solid, strong album! Soupy has always been a sick lyricist, always getting emotions across and felt. I just personally miss some of the songs being more uplifting/positive in the face of difficulty. Still an amazing album.
  3. Already made $52k now lol. That's phenomenal.
  4. I also have a 10% code if somebody wants it!
  5. Just got some in stock guys! http://sherwoodband.bigcartel.com/product/a-different-light-vinyl-2x-lp
  6. "We have both available in the dropdown menu on that page. The Gold LP comes with the alternate cover, and the regular Vinyl LP comes with the standard cover. Thanks!"
  7. Well damn. I had went ahead and emailed them about it the other day just to see what they said, and they had said it was the alternate cover lol.
  8. Let us know if it has the alternate cover still! These may just be a few leftover deluxe records from when they did sell the /100 cover
  9. Yeah I got my copy about a week after the shipping confirmation. Same with my brother in another state.
  10. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    I didn't get the CD, nor have I received a shipping email lol. Let me know when you get a response.
  11. There's a dark blue/magenta smash tour variant shown with presale ticket orders as well
  12. various download codes

    snagged one! thanks!!
  13. Awesome! That's a pretty cool idea to post the sheet music/lyrics for people to put their own spin on the song for now before the release. Gonna give it a go myself