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  1. This is what made me think that its not going to be titled MESMER and will be something else. The Bot thing is a cool way to get some hype going.....its different
  2. Hot tip for this release is that it may just drop at any time......Hence the premature thread 24hundred will stock all sorts of bundles and goodies.....and odds on 4-5 Variants and something like the NODE 7" Box set 3 Songs out so far......MESMER (sort of intro song that can be found on Spotify) Intuition and Citizen (below) Enjoy
  3. Had a much better listen to Citizen and i think its a much better song than intuition.....catchier riff....better singing I also have doubts the Album is called MESMER as well for some reason......we'll get the low down on Friday i guess
  4. 10am Friday morning Australian time?
  5. I like Intuition a lot more than Citizen.........Im pretty excited to see, if given a lot more time, they can create something thats not as rushed as NODE.......its sitting on my shelf unplayed and apart from ROT it rarely gets a listen
  6. https://poisoncityestore.com/collections/poison-city-artists/products/clowns-lucid-again-lp-tee-pack
  7. These guys seem to be smashing it in Australia, Constantly Touring with Franzal Rhomb and The Bennies among others. Thought id make a thread on upcoming releases......they are well due for album number 3 New Single was played on Aus Radio last night and at this stage can be pre ordered via German Distro This Charming Man...... Clowns - Destroy the Evidence 7" - Blue and Green Pressings http://www.thischarmingmanrecords.com/index.php/thischarmingmanwebshop/warenkorb/?wpsg_action=showProdukt&produkt_id=328 They are touring through UK and EU at the moment if you get a chance to check em out Ill try keep up to date for those interested
  8. These Lads are about to drop a new album......Pre Orders should be up in the next 30 mins via the Clowns Facebook Page...Great band.....Worth a listen
  9. Yep thanks for that insta tag as well.....just suprised this would be pressed again so soon and with stock still left at SRC :beer:
  10. I ordered the SRC copy at full price - $20us-ish for shipping.......you either want it that bad or you dont i suppose Anyone got the email from MOV they can copy and paste here?
  11. Really? Eh.......still available on SRC isnt it?
  12. Yeh i was a bit suprised they pressed it again so soon after pressing a very similar press weeks ago.......would have been cool to see a Live album of Crisis recordings or a new 7" or something
  13. Probably best to go through Poison city if you're not overly fused on variants.....OG pressings will cost you a bomb and the dudes at Poison City are pretty rad Most people here are US/EU based
  14. Alexisonfire - Crisis 1Lp White Press /1977 The band will also release a new exclusive version of CRISIS for Record Store Day (Canada) on APRIL 22, 2017. Pressed on white vinyl as a single LP for the first time, the release will be hand-numbered of 1977. For a list of participating stores, visit RSD’s official website: http://www.recordstoreday.com/Stores.
  15. Dropped this afternoon!!!! Looks badass....havnt had a chance to spin it yet
  16. The only one ive managed to find is IM Supervisor.......Would be awesome to have more IM albums on vinyl A really nice repress of Converting Vegitarians with all the tracks would be great
  17. Whaaaaat? Karnivool are light years in front both Live and on record.......Id even take Birds over DLC anyday This is the warning was good.....and somewhat exciting
  18. I have seen them a couple of times and at one point had a stack of records.....i just lost all interest in them and got hell bored of the DLC sound $34.99 is crazy for old songs "reimagined" ......seems like a shit idea for a band with 3 albums
  19. Yeh wow.....Mispress i suppose.....very cool Still yet to get mine down in Australia.....hopefully this week
  20. Metallica Club has a Master of Puppets on Blackened Recordings on the main page of the MetClub Site. This link is also floating around. http://www.elusivedisc.com/Metallica/products/179/ The site says ----- Just like the last Repress Half Speed Mastered From Original Analog Tapes at Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs for the ultimate listening experience... Audiophile Quality, Louder, Faster, Heavier!!! The first 3 Albums seem to be 1Lp - If the Above line is true then i would avoid the first 3 albums.....especially Puppets....it was a horrible press the last time around. Guess more news when they are released.
  21. The Sony/CBS Japanese pressing is pretty badass as well......But $$$s
  22. Blackened Presses are apparently appearing with a defect on the D side i believe....(not just a clean fix.....error with the plates causing a skip in exactly the same spot for different people).......heaps of people on a couple of Facebook groups i follow have had issues with the TBA blackened press......i fact im following one thread as we speak about the issue Go the Warner 2Lp press.....cant be beat for price and its easy to come by
  23. The Warner Black album 2Lp Pressing is great.......if you want to invest in the 4Lp its good as well....but i think the 2Lp is just as good.......they are about the only presses out of that whole Repress series that i would highly recommend As for Older pressings........its almost always said that the Simply Vinyl Pressing of the Black Album is one of the best sounding Metallica Albums available.....i can vouch for it......the only issue is finding one in great condition at a good price.....i think i paid $70ish....maybe more about 2 years ago
  24. Yeh i suppose Gimmicky probably wasnt the word....although the posters and lyric book are some things that will forever remain in the boxes......and you're spot on with the sound...pretty happy with them both