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  1. €124 + €35 to ship to Aus.........
  2. Thank god its only 1 variant.....i honestly thought they were going to run with it and smash out a couple. Its not bad.....but its not the best live thing i have heard. The Colourwave Chorus is huge. I think it maybe would have been a heap better if they recorded each of the songs off Mesmer and released a Live Mesmer Album. Also its hand numbered and available on the UNFD UK store as well. They also currently have 15% off store wide on the UK store with some OOP releases up as well
  3. Atlas was still wicked i think......but my Favourites are definitely Deep Blue and Horizons......IRE was okay.....Nothing that grabbed me like previous releases
  4. It was one of the best concerts i have ever been to......The lighting was sick.....The sound was amazing.....They played fucking really good.....and hearing the song "Horizons" live was killer. I also got to see them at UNIFY as well which was banga.....same set except for 2 additional songs
  5. Pretty sure they are the same. A couple if mates are PWD variant collectors and are betting its the same and only picking up one or the other I'm a fan of most things PWD do and saw them on the Horizons tour....they were unbelievable....i hope the album has some bangas on it....havnt really got into the 2 singles at this stage Pre ordered the /200 Bone splatter from Resist
  6. quite a few have appeared on discogs and ebay recently around the $20-30 mark and mostly sealed.....given it usually hangs around $50-70us Im guessing that its either been repressed or someone has made a boot either way i ordered one so ill report back and see if there are any differences to the Discogs listing
  7. Probably being rebuilt in prep for the new album launch I believe 24hundred has stock of the Anniversary press.....if not Resist records
  8. FS: NORTHLANE : Node (Ltd Ed 7" Box Set)

    https://24hundred.net/collections/northlane/products/node-limited-edition-11-x-7-vinyl-boxset They are $29 brand new
  9. Amazon pre orders up as well......for Aussies likely 24Hundred will get coloured pre orders but Amazon US will still be cheaper if you dont care for variants
  10. I grabbed them off eBay.....still some floating around. If anyone has a spare Green S/T /100 and wants to do a direct trade id be keen
  11. Dogsblood https://imgur.com/gallery/8EktR Managed to pick up a copy or two.... Havnt had a listen yet but the Marbling is sick......
  12. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B079J83TZZ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_2CYEAbNP923PH Amazon Pre
  13. No box set for me. Seems like a waste they wouldnt at least chuck in 10" Picture discs to sweeten the deal. Bring on the Amazon pre order
  14. Just some random things i would like to pick up Bodyjar - No Touch Red - Black Press System Of A Down - Sugar 7" Alexisonfire - Self Titled Green Press August Burns Red - Thrillseeker RSD Press August Burns Red - Indonesia 7" Shoot me a PM
  15. Im not too sure they are spending so much time on it......i think with the other commitments and lawsuits and shit they probably havnt had all that much time invested in it Itll be good.......Im more excited about the prospect of re issues tbh
  16. They Snuck this one in.......April 13th release with 2 Variants - Black 180gm - Metallica.com Exclusive Picture Disc - Metallica/Indie Exclusive Red/Orange Also available are Tshirts, Long Box, Cds, Tapes Orders for the EU store are up below......Expect the US Store tomorrow and although there is Indie Exclusives id imagine Amazon will still get at least the Black and Red/Orange https://metallica.probitymerch.com/ www.Metallica.com <- now with pre orders as well Should see AJFA later this year
  17. Records You Are Lucky To Own

    Well one of em is Dogs Blood Blue variant......the other im pretty sure will be dropping soon....along the same lines as Green S/T
  18. Records You Are Lucky To Own

    Alexisonfire 1st Box 2 Unreleased Alexisonfire variants Amity Affliction - Chasing Ghosts Green/White /50 Amity Affliction - Youngbloods - Red /100 Promo Unnumbered Metallica Rhino Box Set Metallica - Creeping Death signed by correct line up inc Cliff Metallica - AJFA Blackened TP Disc 1 Northlane Discoveries Nebula /150
  19. new tattoo appresh

    Yeh im going back for sure.....i live in Melbourne so have to make the trip up or wait for him to do a spot in Melbs.....super cool dude.....very easy to work with
  20. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Both resist records and 24Hundred have white copies in store