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  1. i really want to but ill leave it for the VCers and Flippers hahaha i have the 24hundred one on pre order
  2. I feel like the Better looking pressings are the higher numbered......so the "rarer" ones arnt going as quick. UNFD.....while they can do some questionable things....would not lie about pressing numbers Also here is the Release Show Variant that i grabbed off my mate today
  3. Managed to have a mate pick me up the Release show black press /110 which is cool. All other variants are delayed. Felt vultures could have been left off the record but otherwise its much better than Mesmer
  4. I wish i could justify dropping cash on one of these Alts but the shipping to Aus would be devastating hahaha
  5. $200 on amazon......been meaning to pick up lots of these so its not bad.
  6. itll be 100% online and on streaming services with the rest of the catalogue being made available also. my thought/tip
  7. Never had/heard an issue with Jesse live....Saw Howard a couple of times as well and have never seen either do a shit job.......I hope the rest of the album is a little more exciting tbh....this Jesse era has fallen short on my expectations
  8. i think i have a spare Aussie Tour press......shoot me a message
  9. Im going to wait for another single or a cheap release......that new single is boring
  10. Looks cool. I managed to have a friend grab both the tour FD and this for me. Its getting silly keeping up with these pressings though
  11. White Complicit /500 At the shows....as well as the Green Tour FD
  12. Debut album from Melbournes Gravemind. First single Volgin is epic. These guys keep getting better and better. Have a couple ot EPs under their belt as well which are ripper. They signed to Greyscale and have pre orders up. https://artistfirst.com.au/collections/greyscale-records
  13. This album is rad. Cant wait to see em again next month.
  14. $60aud total for 2 to Australia.....gotta take a punt and keep the dream alive!!!
  15. Got shipping notification on my NOFX 7iotmc 1st delivery. Keen as
  16. $60aud or $70 with a download......that can get in the bin waiting out for Amazon
  17. Got lucky again after ordering some local before recieving my AOF store purchase. Ive gone from hoping to get one GITD to now hoping to get a black one. I ordered 4 all up expecting to come up trumps. Guess ill see about trying to get one of those clearer ones at some point. This spare ones going to a mate