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  1. Ditto, wishing the exchange rate between CAD and GBP was better though.
  2. For those in Toronto, apparently Rotate This has the box set (which makes me wish I didn't pre-order it now): https://www.instagram.com/p/BW0duM0gECs/
  3. Yeah, gonna have to say YFIIP easily trumps anything else they've done.
  4. Sweet, picked up a red and a white!
  5. Damn, didn't realize those Metz singles were going for so much now.
  6. In Between Evolution and World Container coming in October to complete the set: http://exclaim.ca/music/article/tragically_hip_bring_in_between_evolution_and_world_container_to_vinyl
  7. First pressing of the deluxe is running low apparently:
  8. Just got my box set here in Toronto, so Canadians should be getting theirs any day now.
  9. That would be a steal if it was the red since I think it was only a limited US pressing.
  10. When I picked up mine, the receptionist went to a side room with all the orders sitting around. You wouldn't be able to tell which one is which because they're all in boxes/packaging.
  11. Any Canadians receive their box set yet? Or at least a shipping notification?