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  1. I'll buy it off you if you don't want it. Would be quicker than ordering one from the band's site.
  2. Ah, a simple misunderstanding, burn me at the stake! Well I hope you all get copies for decent prices. I wonder why they upped it so much.
  3. I paid 35 shipped to MN the day POs went up.
  4. Didn't say they can't have an opinion, I'm just sharing my own opinion. The album is $24 and the quality of the jacket and pressing is perfect. Shipping overseas is $12. I'm not sure how people think those prices are unfair, or are expecting lower unless they show up on USA Amazon or in stores. I was mostly posting for those on the fence about ordering it, letting them know it's done very nicely. I happily paid $35 for one of my all time favorite albums because it was done right and sounds great.
  5. That's exactly what I meant.
  6. I'm in love with this pressing. It. Sounds. Amazing. People whining about $35 shipped for an album from the UK are goofy, especially when it's a quality product, trust me this thing is worth it.
  7. I ordered as soon as they went up for sale last year and got it today in MN. Spinning now, sounds fantastic. Was a bit scared when I saw the mailer was one of those thin dent-able flimsy cardboard ones, but no damage was done.
  8. Prices include shipping within the US. All records are NM, not rated M solely because they're opened. Jackson C Frank - $42 - discogs link Spiritualized - Ladies & Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space - $20 - discogs link The Sundays - Blind - $50 - discogs link People reported issues with label being off center, or warping, mine had none of these issues. It looks and plays great. Sleep Party People - Lingering - $35 - discogs link PM if interested!
  9. https://www.trackyourparcel.eu Enter your order # and zip code, and it'll tell you when the package was actually shipped. My MBV account says shipped 1/15, but this says 1/23. I'm just antsy because I want to be the first to get a nice vinyl rip of it up on Redacted
  10. Cool! I'm in. Nevermind didn't know it cost $
  11. All prices include media mail shipping within the US. Paypal or local pickup in St Paul, MN. Spiritualized - Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space - Mint - standard black - discogs - $21 Sleep Party People - Lingering - Mint - clear & pink Joyful Noise VIP pressing - discogs - $32 Sound of Ceres - The Twin - Mint - oxblood and bone Joyful Noise VIP pressing - discogs - $40 Toots & The Maytals - Unplugged on Strawberry Hill - Mint - numbered, sun colored, /1500 - discogs - $20 Tigers Jaw - Tigers Jaw - Mint - cream /400 - discogs - $25