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  1. Trying to hunt this vinyl down. Please let me know if you’re selling. thanks!
  2. Probably my favorite release of 2020. So good. Such a cool throwback.
  3. Pretty amazing how she went from this little country singer my daughter liked in 2008 to such a prolific artist. Can’t even put a genre on her at this point.
  4. Picking this up tomorrow at Target. usually not my type of music but a local school here (in a city that she has no ties to) was in a bind once and the amount of money that she gave with no publicity was unbelievable. I dont even know how she learned about it. So my wife and i always try to support her some kind of way. the amount of variants is awesome.
  5. I found a copy at my city’s second Target. First one sold out before i could get there. I forget that so many people love this album. One of the kids in electronics said “sir we had eight copies and the first seven were gone before lunch”. I’m pretty sure he didn't know who they were LOL
  6. Got Tron today. Packaging is well done Vinyl looks great too. Sound is comparable to the Disney pressing so far.
  7. Eh. I liken it to when Lil Wayne made Rebirth (which also had Travis i think). Im not looking for a groundbreaking rock album. This is an easy listen. I like it
  8. Had orange in my cart at 6am and i got busy multi-tasking. Oops.
  9. Im old. I have kids in college and yet honestly this is my favorite rock album of the year (although the deluxe has some rap songs). Such an easy listen.
  10. Yeah this one is tied to a lot of memories. in my highschool gym they were taking a break from rehearsing for a Christmas show. I saw a piano, a half-stack amp and a guitar. Not sure why there was a distortion pedal on the floor for a Christmas show but on a dare i turned the amp on and got halfway through Jaded before some teacher came in running. ...so about 60 seconds but man the acoustics sounded like i was playing a stadium

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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