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  1. Gotten one more. Two weeks tomorrow! Needless to say ive decided not to sign up lol
  2. I emailed them a question last Saturday. 8 days later still no answer. I did get two sincere automated emails that they havent gotten to me yet lol
  3. I passed on this one. It just didnt seem like something id listen to more than once. Like someone else said, the LP1 deluxe stuff didnt interest me much. Crazy that it took off.
  4. Really good performance. I imagine her shows aren't usually very small these days. Her new tune “Everything I Wanted” would’ve worked well in a tiny room like that. Wish she would’ve played that but man its a great 30-40 minute show. I was impressed. its not often my college aged daughter freaks out over an LP I own so this was a fun one for us to play.
  5. The Billie live album is really good. Good performance. Just singing, guitars and keys. Sounds like an MTV Unplugged performance or something. Really good pressing. Got one that was pretty well covered in blue paint.
  6. Well im selling it now. Spent a fortune on a record this past weekend so all of my latest purchases have to go lol. Check my FS thread if you want.
  7. need to sell a few things to fund another purchase... Firewatch Soundtrack —— played once. $75 free shipping. Black Pumas—- Colemine variant (red/black split /700). Sealed. $65 free shipping
  8. Picked up Firewatch the other day. Really good pressing.
  9. https://gregdulli.shop.musictoday.com/store/ Looks like clear and black options. Looking forward to this!
  10. Stood in line for mine. Store got 14 copies and the first 14 people bought them. picked up another on dcogs for someone else for $26 yesterday