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  1. I’ll wait for black. Hope it’s cheaper. Couldnt buy at these prices.
  2. ^^^^agree on Waterloo. It’s the big name but it’s not entirely unique. we used to go to ACL every year in the 2000s and early 2010s. So im not really an expert on the city. Never been to End of an Ear.
  3. Billy just went live on instagram to give out a bunch of details but one of my employees walked into my office at that moment. Anyone catch what he said? All i heard was it’s on sale Sunday at a yet to be determined time…
  4. Barnes & Noble did that to me once. “Hey sorry. Yeah we were holding it for you but my employee decided to buy it”. They held it for a grand total of 2 hours. I showed up right after that. Had my name on it and everything lol
  5. Id pay that this time around. Really excited for volume 2.
  6. This one i may actually buy. Hope the James solo set is included too.
  7. Man how many coffee shops did i walk into that one year where a duo was in the middle of performing Autumn’s Monologue 🤣
  8. In the past few months i tracked down Benaroya Hall and the Orpheum variant LP set. im chilling out on PJ rarities for a while.
  9. Anyone else have any playing reviews? i only have 2 of my purchases in hand. Dirty Three sounds good. No noise on my copy. Quiet Kenny sounds really good. I dont have many mono LPs but this is enjoyable.
  10. Imploding got me back into the Killers. hoping for a good follow up
  11. Re: DJ Rock and Soul in NYC…….i got shipping for most of my items except for one. Do they have a habit of overselling? Ive never purchased from them before.
  12. Ive read that the pressing is good but the source material is obviously an audience recording (which i guess is the selling point).

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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