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  1. My daughter was a big Paramore fan back then. I remember being really surprised to hear them playing a Sunny Day Real Estate cover back then. They have good influences.
  2. Cant believe i missed this. Oh well. i dont want to pay $120 for When I Was Young. Hoping for the inevitable repress
  3. Sucked Out brings me back to one lazy teenage summer watching the 1996 mtv beach house. They played that almost every day
  4. Every year i hope for The Beach to get pressed. 20 yrs on i think mankind has forgotten that film ever existed (in fairness i think they had forgotten by 2001).
  5. Yeah i havent been following Matt that closely at all in the past few years. I just check his store from time to time.
  6. Just to be serious for a moment but I really cant wait to have this on the turntable Could be the biggest surprise album ever to me. Id have to really think. In Rainbows is a good one but you knew Radiohead was going to be putting something out soon. This was from beyond left field (to me anyway).
  7. Once someone starts talking about dropping three digits on Train LPs then i’ll know that I've found my summer thread. I’m in for the long haul on this one.
  8. I actually got into Greta from hearing them during The Real World San Francisco lol
  9. Wow 5 weeks since a Mondo post?? anyway, the Avengers 6LP will be shipping out the first week of July. I forgot i had even ordered it so that was a nice surprise
  10. Yes! Shudder to Think is another i discovered. I remember they had Sugar Ray on there when they were still trying to be metal lol
  11. Looking forward to Outer Wilds. Such a great soundtrack.
  12. Really good. Funny thing, i discovered them as a teen watching Beavis and Butthead lol. I always think of that