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  1. Re: DJ Rock and Soul in NYC…….i got shipping for most of my items except for one. Do they have a habit of overselling? Ive never purchased from them before.
  2. Ive read that the pressing is good but the source material is obviously an audience recording (which i guess is the selling point).
  3. Anyone have a link for Kenny Dorham? only thing left on the list!
  4. I think my entire state received 1 copy of The Dirty Three total. Seriously i think ive called all of them at this point. Looks like every store struck out anywhere near me.
  5. Got: Ariana, Linkin Park, and Rage. still hunting for the Dirty Three and Monk
  6. My local shop didn't seem to get more than 1 of anything. Kind of weird. and apparently people are calling him nonstop about the Ariana Grande 3LP.
  7. They never evolved much but im kind of glad. They’re always a good predictable listen. The new single sounds like it could fit on any album lol. also my youngest kids first show! We took our then one year old to a festival 8 years ago. They were the 1pm band. I have a soft spot for them.
  8. Wrong time for me. Watching an auction that ends in a few days that i really want to win lol. Would love a signed album but oh well
  9. I cant believe that ridiculous show was 20 years ago. I think there was an all girl goth band? Soulcracker i barely remember but they were kind of pop punkish? I think the fourth band was kind of dave matthews-ish.
  10. I liked their stuff back then. I still do actually. Coke. Execution by Christmas Lights. Not at this price tho
  11. I keep missing gatsby. Anyone selling?
  12. Cameron’s producer confirmed it’s /2000 not sure which one im getting. Love this soundtrack. It always bugged me that so many songs were missing off of the 2LP
  13. I was the cool dad/husband when i got the Third Man splatter. They will tell me which color to buy of this but i cant top that

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