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  1. I def don't use them for my news but yes there’s been some social media battles between members of those two families for some time now. The band members are well aware. Eddie has handled himself well by skipping those events and keeping quiet even way before Cornell’s death.
  2. I don’t know anything about death theories but there’s a very good reason a certain singer avoids CC related things (before and after his death)
  3. Not buying this cash grab but if this concert airs on Sirius i’ll sit in my car and listen to the whole thing 😂
  4. Looking forward to his journals, home recordings albums volume 1-6, and the inevitable movie.
  5. The Beach OST needs to be released. Great collection
  6. Buying the CD after work signed orange LP and spotify LP should be here by Monday
  7. Autographed copies available at Looney Tunes!! Comes to about $38. They only had 30 to begin with so buy it quick. https://ltcds.com/product/vampire-weekend-father-of-the-bride-vinyl-lp-w-autographed-lp-jacket/ PS....if anyone has an extra spotify variant that you’d be willing to sell help me out lol
  8. Space always looks mostly black to me. You sure that’s not the galaxy colored?
  9. Ordered the day after RSD. Got my order yesterday
  10. Weezer Dusty Gems sounds good for a compilation. No issues at all. We need DGC Rarities pressed next RSD