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  1. didn't grab an extra copy, but i'm curious to see how many people lowballed him and don't get their orders sent. can't believe jeff is at the point he can sell 700 copies of something in 2 hours in the middle of the night.
  2. the presale code is SLOMO. I work for a venue that has them on this tour.
  3. cende - #1 hit single cloud nothings - life without sound emperor x - oversleepers international migos - culture slowdive - s/t big let down: sorority noise looking forward to: turnover
  4. i made my nice ones into magnets. just bought a bunch of magnet tape and put them on my fridge. it's lit!
  5. OH SHIT. Thanks for finding that. Picked it up.
  6. hey whats good. i'm 3 ONE piece away from completing my BTMI collection. looking top pick the final piece that i need- let me know if anyone has any for sale of has any leads for that fucking wedding 7-inch. thanks Here's what I need: Rick Johnson Rock And Roll Machine / Bomb The Music Industry! ‎– Presidents Day Bomb The Music Industry! / Laura Stevenson And The Cans The Forecast / Into It. Over It. / The Swellers / Bomb The Music Industry! ‎– Scott & Aubrey (also need the Jeff Rosenstock "Summer" and "Hey Allison" 7-inches)
  7. i fucked up and missed out on the black/white split. if anyone sees one out there or wants to sell me one, let me know
  8. Mine is arriving on April 28th still. This is the listing I bought. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06X97H1FQ/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 EDIT: just got an email saying it's delayed til July. Fuck everything.
  9. b u m p
  10. what Art of the Underground singles are those
  11. bump
  12. Yo. Looking to get rid of a bunch of records to buy more records. Add $4 for shipping. Most conditions and variants are listed below. Offers are welcome! $13 Adele - “21” $16 Alt-J - “This Is All Yours - 2LP random colored $15 The Antlers - “Familiars” - plain white jacket promo 2xLP $13 Balance and Composure - “The Things We Think We’re Missing” - half blue/half black $13 Beach House - “Teen Dream” - 2LP gatefold $13 Beach House - “Devotion” 2LP gatefold $13 Devendra Banhart - “Cripple Crow” - 2LP $24 Courtney Barnett - “Sometimes” - Orange (seam split, arrived like that) $14 Daylight - “Jar” - old name, brown $6 Diamond Youth - “Nothing Matters” - pink $15 The Front Bottoms - “Talon of the Hawk” $3 Mountain Man - “Two” - grey, etched $13 Nothing - “Tired of Tomorrow” $12 Oneohtrix Point Never ‎- “Zones Without People” $18 Perfume Genius - “Too Bright” - white, VMP (seam split, creasing) $4 SIRS - s/t $10 Two Gallants - “The Bloom and The Blight” (no 7-inch) $8 Vetiver - “The Errant Charm” $10 M Ward - “Post-War” $13 Jack White - “Lazaretto” $45 Yeasayer - “All Hour Cymbals” $25 - Battles - “Mirrored” - little mark on spine $15 Two Cow Garage - “Speaking in Cursive” - opaque gold $15 Bardo Pond - s/t - picture disc $8 Lemon Gold and the Sneaky Snakes - “Vol 1.” $8 Broadway Calls - Comfort/Distraction - Grey/Blue Opaque /400 $8 Mixtapes - “Ordinary Silence” - Royal Blue/Yellow Haze /500 $7 Sainthood Reps - “Headswell” - Forest Green/Cream Haze /430 $3 Past Present Revelation Records comp (jacket in rough shape $13 T SHIRT: Pet Symmetry - size small (never worn, paid $20, evan gave me the wrong size) http://petsymmetry.bigcartel.com/product/one-guy-three-sets-of-specs-tee
  13. my girlfriend got me the red for Christmas. pretty sure she paid a ridiculous amount of money.
  14. https://saddle-creek.com/products/capacity new album! pre-ordered the gold /500 + RSD 7 inch bundle