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  1. Any US option? Seems like their albums have only been available as imports. But I've been wanting this a while now!
  2. One of my faves from the old days. Watching this space.
  3. Mine was like that but it's wnroute finally. They must create all the labels at once, but process and drop off in batches over time. I guess.
  4. Must be farther down the line I guess?
  5. I got a shipping notice a few days ago, but when I check the tracking number, it says the shipment has been created but USPS hasn't received the item yet. Anyone else having that?
  6. Gonna keep my eye on this...
  7. Bump for one of my all time faves. If you like punk/hardcore/emo/metal at all and you don't have this, check it out right now!
  8. I already have pocketknife, but this is a fun find!
  9. That seems like the logical solution, unless the pressing limit was a part of the agreement. Why wouldn't you press more? They'd probably be sold out already if they'd done 2000 @ $35.
  10. I see your angle, but that's a false dichotomy. I'd feel way better knowing the band is getting a cut and it's not all going to WB. I hate to see inflating vinyl costs, but products are worth whatever people are willing to pay for them. $75 for this is looney. But I don't think those who choose to pass on it are morally superior to those who decide its worth it. Interesting thing to debate, though!
  11. Wondering the same thing. Seems like they had to get rights from WB for this repress. Can they really guarantee this is the last pressing? Can the band stop the label? I don't know enough to say. I wonder how many copies they've sold so far. Can't help but think that 2000 copies at $40 a pop would be gone already and would've made more total. First time I've ever refreshed my cart hoping an album would be sold out so I could say, "oh well. Missed it."
  12. Man. I want this record. But I want to boycott such an insane price too.
  13. Shipping is brutal! Went for the lathe cut in a moment of weakness. Haven't been collecting long, but that's my biggest splurge to date. Not even sure my machine will play it. But should be a cool piece of art to own.
  14. A little more tame than I expected, but totally into this!