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  1. What's your favorite vaporwave album

    I disagree with everything you just said. I'm not interested in it because it's popular. I just prefer the vinyl experience when I listen to any music. 2814 isn't vapor? Thank you
  2. Recently been listening to some vaporwave that is to 2814. Really digging their stuff and I want more! What's a vaporwave album I MUST listen to that exists on vinyl
  3. Albums That Should Be Pressed on Vinyl

    Days Of The New!!! I cant be the only.one who wants to see Travis' entire discography pressed
  4. Limited Edition Preorder Is Up! https://www.aperfectcircle.com/
  5. I ordered the 1st wave and I live in the U.S. still havnt gotten mine. Should I be worried?
  6. Still waiting. It's the holidays so I don't expect it for a few weeks
  7. I sent mine back after sacred bones said they were replacing me with a brand new copy : )
  8. If the middle label is bubbling that is the slow leak people have been reporting including myself. Over time the label has been collecting evaporation. Keep a close eye on it
  9. My theory is this. The 1sr wave never sold out but was rather just "pulled". Then they did an open pre-order. Those who preordered 1st got what was left of the numbered editions. Time will tell but I think it's a good theory
  10. Official Newbury Comics Reissue Thread

    Snagged one before it sold out. That $50 price tag sucked but I guess its better than paying flipper prices? I have no self control and I am mad at myself lol

    I will say as long as the seal is done right it shoudlnt evaporate. I own several liquid records and some after 5 years have the same liquid as when I bought them. That being said if the seal isnt done right...¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. Official Newbury Comics Reissue Thread

    Ok now i am intrigued. Ive never used the source code to look up quantity before and this is great for releases. However i still didnt find the quantity even when I searched source code for inventory_quantity. I wonder if its different when using Safari. I am on the page of the home alone release and I read the entire source code twice and didnt see anything about quantity. Am I doing something wrong? Sorry but Im interested in nailing this down for future releases. Thanks!
  13. Official Newbury Comics Reissue Thread

    I guess I'm one of those asses who like dogshit John Williams. While I don't want to pay $50 for this I'm curious how you found out there is only 30 left. If it's between $50 and it selling out I would rather buy it for $50. I was keeping an eye on it in case they ran a sale.
  14. Mine is about half full. My buddy's looks like it about 8/10 full which barely allows for the liquid to move freely. Both were sent back for slow leaks. When put into Polly inner sleeves sweat can be seen soaking the label. Be sure to store it in a Polly sleeve to insure it is not leaking. Also as for it being 1/3 full I would say that is probably better than to full since the liquid moves more freely