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  1. Im still not hearing the nasally vocals. Im hearing album of the year perhaps?
  2. I say they posted yesterday leftovers were going up. Glad I was able to snag one
  3. If they repressed it thats pretty shitty of RSD to lie and say it was an exclusive. If thats true RSD is basically exclusive unless it shows enough demand in which case they will press more. lol. Thats a slippery slope and could mark the beginning of the end for RSD. Again, if thats in fact true which I don't believe it is. I think 10 club has their facts wrong.
  4. The stores that are getting a few copies is only because Sony found some boxes leftover. Not many though. This an EXCLUSIVE RSD release. This isn't getting another release like the RSD firsts.
  5. Totally agree 100%! You're gonna hate is song of the year for sure. Thats when the album clicked for me. That song alone warrants album of the year. The rest of the album is so good too
  6. This showed up on the "leftovers" list of many of my distros. I think they got them late which explains why they were so hard to find
  7. Wow I must disagree. Im loving the new vibes. This is really good
  8. From a record store owner myself this sums it up perfectly. Well said
  9. For those in the U.S. there is a cheaper option for Pale Saints: https://shopusa.4ad.com/the-comforts-of-madness-30th-anniversary-reissue
  10. That’s ignorant to say that just because a store doesn’t choose to participate in RSD they aren’t worth your time. There are plenty of amazing record stores that don’t do RSD
  11. They are more than likely Sold Out. Mine came with a split and they Said they didn't have replacements and that they were sold out and instead sent me a refund.
  12. Pale Saints - The Comforts Of Madness Theres an option for Clear vinyl which Includes unreleased demos & 1989 Peel Session https://www.normanrecords.com/records/179427-pale-saints-comforts-of-madness
  13. Timeout guys. Let me get my popcorn. Ill be back in 3 minutes. I still need the new whirr record if anyone has an extra (cause I dont like to go off topic)