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  1. Les Claypools Frog Brigade Live Frogs!!!!!! Finally!
  2. Nah. More than enough cool variants and gitd sounds like shit
  3. Not sure if this has been leaked yet but I heard from a reliable source that the vinyl edition will be a 4 lp with each LP laser etched on one side
  4. Did the splatter seriously sell out as soon as I found out about this? Anyone know where I can get the splatter anywhere else?
  5. I can’t speak for a Mint 1st press so I can’t say weather it is quieter but the vinyl is for sure thicker and anyone who has pressings from classic records knows how good they sound. It’s more dynamic for sure but not overwhelmingly. To me it’s worth the money and is the most dynamic way to listen to Aenima
  6. I own both the classic record test and the 1st press and the classic records test press sounds better and is worth the extra money
  7. People do realize the QT autograph is a print right? I dont get why this is going for $400 now
  8. If anyone has buyers remorse on the charity variant let me know. I’ll make it worth you while
  9. Why not just order them direct and save $$$. No need in involving a middle man for more money but you do what you want
  10. If Tool is half as good as their last 2 albums or as good as the 2 leaked songs it’ll be album of the year. They just have to be Tool and it’ll be amazing. Have faith. The hype is real!
  11. Limited Edition Reissues of their debut album finally as well as The Rescue for the first time on vinyl https://explosions-in-the-sky-us.myshopify.com/
  12. Bullmoose still has it but if it sells out again there’s always SRP: https://www.srcvinyl.com/thrice-beggars-10th-anniversary-lp-7.html