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  1. I just bought a record on Discogs and got invoiced 32 Euro for a single lp from Netherlands to U.S. Is that normal? That sounds super high to me
  2. If anyone is a member and can grab me a copy I’d really appreciate it. PayPal ready
  3. Yea but with that comes tons of copies available on the aftermarket just like CDs
  4. Lily’s - In The Presence Of Nothing repress https://frontierrecords-lilys.bandcamp.com/track/february-fourteenth?fbclid=IwAR0kItQFGwm52-mzjPFh_Dpw3ifiRNPui3B2omF_qDPjQFadMjnaIQL3x7o
  5. Yea weird. It shows back in stock now. I swore it said sold out then i refreshed and it was back up
  6. FYE 2nd press limited to 1000 on splatter. $34.99 https://www.fye.com/hildur-guðnadottir---joker-original-motion-picture-score-exclusive-color-splatter-on-clear-vinyl-fye.000000794043202247.html
  7. That silver is hideous and doesn’t make any sense with the album art
  8. Man. Bummed I slept on the Deluxe versions. How much was it? If anyone gets a lead on more deluxe popping up let me know. This sounds so good
  9. Everyone saying this is a tour, not an album or this is an album not a tour. I’m over here reading the name of the “new album” called gigaton backwards. “Not A Gig”. What is Pearl Jam trying to say?
  10. Lol sorry to hear about your friend. Do you have all the album covers?