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  1. That silver is hideous and doesn’t make any sense with the album art
  2. Man. Bummed I slept on the Deluxe versions. How much was it? If anyone gets a lead on more deluxe popping up let me know. This sounds so good
  3. Everyone saying this is a tour, not an album or this is an album not a tour. I’m over here reading the name of the “new album” called gigaton backwards. “Not A Gig”. What is Pearl Jam trying to say?
  4. Lol sorry to hear about your friend. Do you have all the album covers?
  5. I could be wrong but I dont believe there is a Newbury Exclusive of youth
  6. I missed out on the sleeves but I remember seeing them and laughing and thinking how much I would love to have them. Seriously please make more lol
  7. Unplugged up at Park Ave CDs for $26.98 https://parkavecds.com/UPC/190759215913?fbclid=IwAR3amLTOM4XWeqs0Yc7ged7SYU6SlXrorZ-JeI4lKujujL6PXv5CHTjGnnM
  8. Im still not hearing the nasally vocals. Im hearing album of the year perhaps?
  9. I say they posted yesterday leftovers were going up. Glad I was able to snag one
  10. If they repressed it thats pretty shitty of RSD to lie and say it was an exclusive. If thats true RSD is basically exclusive unless it shows enough demand in which case they will press more. lol. Thats a slippery slope and could mark the beginning of the end for RSD. Again, if thats in fact true which I don't believe it is. I think 10 club has their facts wrong.
  11. The stores that are getting a few copies is only because Sony found some boxes leftover. Not many though. This an EXCLUSIVE RSD release. This isn't getting another release like the RSD firsts.
  12. Totally agree 100%! You're gonna hate is song of the year for sure. Thats when the album clicked for me. That song alone warrants album of the year. The rest of the album is so good too