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  1. So one of the Pearl Jam RSD on red vinyl charity edition just went for over $800...
  2. Stoked for new Ride. I don't see anything wrong with the cover art. Its very much them
  3. all due respect this would make sense it it werent call a "group buy". Obviously more people than me are interested
  4. Right back at ya. This community can help people even though it has no interest to you. Imagine that
  5. Sorry snowflake keep scrolling if you dont wanna see it
  6. lol I got you. Fuck em. Post here anyways. Ill most like ly be in for all the Vaporwave group buys
  7. I want it too but wait for their sale they run every couple months. I dontg see this selling out anytime soon
  8. Some stores only got 1 or 2 black copies. Plaid Records had 75 copies out of the 200. Yea seems fair. Way to go record store day
  9. Yea cause I'm gonna buy 4 just so I can flip the 1 GITD? Makes sense....not
  10. Got the bundle. The Color matches the artwork best and an extra $20 for the shirt was not bad
  11. Damn didn’t know you were doing group buys. Keep us updated for those of us that don’t go on reddit much. I’d love to get in on these if I didn’t already order why you are offering now
  12. Is there a chance the black vinyl could be splattered? I thought there was no way to tell and the colors were randomly placed throughout the run