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  1. I jumped on it. If you see U.S. prices let us know. I’ll cancel. Didn’t wanna take a chance
  2. Ride reissues! https://ride.ffm.to/reissues
  3. https://kingsroadmerch.com/every-time-i-die/product/20086/radical-2xlp-clearbluepink
  4. Trying to order 1 of every folklore variant on her site and it wants to charge me $70 for shipping. Is this right???
  5. Phil, as a huge fan who owns at least 1 of every release you’ve ever put out this hits really hard. Your records were made by music lovers and from people who truly cared about production, packaging and quality. I will always treasure the releases you put out and your label will be badly missed for sure. Good luck on your endeavors man
  6. Mine says signed on my email confirmation but then again I jumped on this the moment it went up so who knows. I’d be interested what people’s email says an hour after it was up
  7. I just got off the phone with my distributer and there will be an indie exclusive color for both albums around $24.99
  8. I just bought a record on Discogs and got invoiced 32 Euro for a single lp from Netherlands to U.S. Is that normal? That sounds super high to me
  9. Yea but with that comes tons of copies available on the aftermarket just like CDs
  10. Lily’s - In The Presence Of Nothing repress https://frontierrecords-lilys.bandcamp.com/track/february-fourteenth?fbclid=IwAR0kItQFGwm52-mzjPFh_Dpw3ifiRNPui3B2omF_qDPjQFadMjnaIQL3x7o
  11. Yea weird. It shows back in stock now. I swore it said sold out then i refreshed and it was back up