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  1. I also ordered one 2 weeks ago and just came home to mine! They do exist!
  2. I just got a reply from the lable saying they contacted me about needing my phone number to ship due to them changing their method of shipping. I just got shipping confirmation!
  3. My setup? I don't think so. I have the Pro-Ject 9.2 with the sumiko blackbird cartridge with Pro-ject DS Pre-amp, Jolida 3502 Tube AMP and Ribbon speakers. I don't think its my setup...
  4. I have 4 defective copies of batman and 2 defective copies of alien boxset. Thye kept sending me a replacement and each was worse than the next. I have video of me opening alien and playing them and it sounds like im running over patches of sandpaper. Batman sounds like im frying an egg
  5. Hopefully its because they are switching pressing plants cause their last few release for me have sounded noisey as hell! Batman returns, Alien, Hellraiser all sounded awful
  6. Thank You! Been looking for a reasonable variant of this. Cant resist an OBI strip
  7. Shoegaze/Dream Pop Thread

    Good shit. I went with the rough trade exclusive. A bit expensive but to me it wasn't much more for a more limited cooler color variant IMO
  8. I was already planning to go but after seeing that sad news. I secured my tickets. Itll be the 6th time ive seen them. This news breaks my heart

    This is thread needs to be at least 100 more pages long
  10. Sweet baby jesus! Looks like I better order from multiple places just to make sure. Ive had too many MOV titles canceled or show up black
  11. Does anyone know yet what the Red Vinyl will be limited to? Just curious. Im getting this either way. This album is so good im considering getting 2 for when I play one to death and spin it 400 times
  12. I don't think this is true. There is a red vinyl Indie exclusive for the U.S. My store is getting alot