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  1. It's good to see Kylee doing well enough to handle a Euro tour. At the time she moved she was really struggling. The entire first pressing is on magenta vinyl. Don't know about numbers, but I don't imagine they'll move too quickly considering Suicide Squeeze hasn't sold through the first 250 copies of the Soviet 7"
  2. Ah. Didnt see the price at the top. Pretty bummed I was too slow now
  3. How much were the screenprint versions?
  4. Laura Stevenson split I also have one that I'd probably be willing to let go.
  5. Gimmes colored vinyl is back up in the store
  6. Wow that's a name I haven't seen in a while. Kind of miss your old sale threads. Seller is super backed.
  7. Sounds more like Lookout's. Look at Ryan's post on facebook about buying OWTH records from him and not from No Idea...and all the comments...
  8. Not much. No Idea was just a sponsor. Fest is run by Tony who used to do PR for No Idea through his group Southern Lovin' and used to have an office in the No Idea house.
  9. Someone is getting coal in their secret santa package this year
  10. I have all 5 of the originals. So much for that /100 selling out in an hour. I think they overestimated how many people really want this. While it's not cheap they're readily available on discogs.
  11. Was my first time seeing them. Don't know that I'd go to a show specifically to see them but they were good.
  12. Congrats Ben!
  13. I feel like I should post here more often. Does anyone use that concertarchives website someone posted on here a while back? I love it. The last few days for me. Friday - Shaky Knees Fest - Went for Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Fidlar, Pixies, and Pup. Saw some other bands I really didn't care for. Left early to go see Whores. and Wrong (members of Torche). After that went to Shaky Knees Late Night show with The Bronx. Real solid day of music. Saturday - Started off with Mariachi el Bronx at Shaky Knees. Then more music I didn't care for. Then Shaky Knees late night show with Pup and Prawn. Another killer show. Sunday - Shaky Knees - The Arkells, Third Eye Blind, The Shins etc. Tonight - New Found Glory and Trash Boat. Didn't think Trash Boat was anything special and New Found Glory was playing 2 of my least favorite albums from them. Tomorrow - Pears with some of my friends opening and X. Hopefully set time will be staggered and I'll be able to catch both. Oh, Link to my concertarchives page.
  14. Banquet and Bullmoose are both probably selling the same baby blue if it's an indie exclusive only being sold by RSD retailers. And why baby blue and orange? Where's the red and black w/ red haze?