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  1. Cobra Skulls and Masked Intruder both had 1000 copies and were not official RSD releases - this is what Criminal Records told me as they actually held copies for me (The owner of Criminal is one of the people in charge of RSD) I'd bet this is a 2nd color to round out the other 650. Criminal had a couple copies left at 3:00 today. I passed as it was $11 and I'm over paying ridiculous RSD prices.
  2. Yeah, not available there either.
  3. bump
  4. Sorry this took so long to respond. Yes you have to sign up to see what shows are available in your area. After signing up you're able to view shows for 2 weeks without getting charged. You get charged after 2 weeks or when you claim your first show. @Tidal Wave Current chicago venues - metro, subteranean, promontory, concord, chop shop, smart bar, spybar, the mid, soundbar, city winery, hideout, beat kitchen, empty bottle, lincoln hall, reggies - obviously not every show at these places but they all currently have shows available @stl_ben St Louis isn't included yet. @Monastic_mike where are you from? I can look through and tell you what venues.
  5. Taking offers on a Rancid/Cocksparrer split 7" test press Also have a Cocksparrer - Running Riot in '84 that I'll take offers on.
  6. Frenzal Rhomb has a Euro (or Australia) version also so they're stuff usually moves a little slower from Fat.
  7. Had a couple people message me about this. After you sign up you dont actually get charged for 14 days or until you claim your first show.
  8. Yeah, not sure that Fat has PO date control on either of these.
  9. The Fat color was different for We Lived Like Kings. I'd assume Fat has their own.
  10. Not sure who "we" is, but I've always preferred individual threads. The preorder thread was more so people could get notifications when there is a new post, but too many people converse in there.
  11. Anybody listen to the sideproject they started called Skrillex?
  12. Don't know if anyone has posted this here but I figure some people would be interested. This app allows you to pay $25 a month for unlimited shows in certain cities. The venue that I go to most often in Atlanta is on here and 1 show will often pay for the entire month (even though I go to 10-15/month). For $25 you can claim a spot 2 days in advance. You have to download the app (or you can use the website) but when you get to the venue you check in and it allows you to claim a spot in another show. It's only in select cities but it's saved me a bunch of money. If you use this code you'll get $10 off your first month. These are the cities its available in. I've used it in Atlanta, NYC, Miami and LA. Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, London, LA, Miami, NYC, Philly, Portland, SF, Seattle, Toronto, Washington DC
  13. Technically the seal doesnt look broken since the box was cut in half.
  14. Never understand why they put their logo on the outside of the box like HEY THERES A GUITAR IN HERE TO STEAL!