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  1. That's one hefty bullet.
  2. Good luck. The first 2 sell for over $100. 3rd was never pressed on vinyl. But Bronx IV is a damn good album too. There's supposed to be a box set at some point.
  3. Sold out in an hour!
  4. Mine shows $4.18 Media Mail
  5. NUFAN goes up today (7/21)
  6. Heads up that this is going up today (i'm on the east coast) 7/21. Edit: preorders are up.
  7. Also no black vinyl. Maybe this will only be on orange/blue? I think IV was only on red.
  8. Includes Tigers Jaw, Shook Ones, Hostage Calm, Bridge and Tunnel, End of a Year Self Defense Family and Mockingbird Wish Me Luck 7"s all on colored vinyl along with the box. Most of these were played once. I also have the Tigers Jaw CMJ flexi. I'd be willing to split it up but I'll do a better deal if you buy it all. Send me offers.
  9. I like your answers. And with reasonable prices I think it's a cool idea. Those LE prices seem reasonable. Like I said, I'll be in shortly after I move and I'll re-evaluate then.
  10. I don't see how you can possibly travel to the EU and Asia to buy expensive records and then sell them at a lower price than anyone else is selling them for and make enough to pay your overhead (not to mention where you're paying that overhead). But if things are going to be so reasonably priced what are you selling those limited to one little elephant sessions for? Edit: Maybe I'm jumping to conclusions but I don't see how at reasonable prices you'll be able to pay your overhead and keep stock after a few months. Like you mentioned earlier, labels have sent you some cool OOP stuff because they think its a cool idea. Do you think they're going to continue doing that? I'm moving that way in a few weeks. I'll definitely be in to check it out.
  11. I hope this crashes and burns.
  12. Blue is /500 There's also a clear /1000
  13. Only with shops like SRC that rely on preorder $$ to press their records. Most shops dont put up POs until they have an actual date.
  14. Anyone going to shows this weekend that can grab me one?