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  1. One time pressing of 500 on random split colored vinyl https://asianmanrecords.limitedrun.com/products/705106-kitty-kat-fan-club-all-i-want-is-love-12-pre-order
  2. I don't understand the aversion to starting a new thread. It's a new release. Start a new thread. Agree.
  3. Swingin Utters 25th anniversary sold out in like an hour. These are already pressed and at Fat.
  4. https://smartpunkshop.com/collections/rehasher/products/rehasher-tasty-slices-vol-1 Europe: https://shop.sbam.rocks/products/rehasher-tasty-slices-vol1 Teaming up with SBÄM again, this time we bring you the (covers) record of the summer! Teaming up with SBÄM again, this time we bring you the (covers) record of the summer! Rehasher are BACK with Tasty Slices Vol. 1, a full length LP of covers! Spoiler Alert, this is Roger from Less Than Jake swapping his bass for a guitar and singing fast, uber catchy punk rock. Featuring Gainesville shredders Tony Farrah on bass and Alex Klaus
  5. You're right. Discogs = 8% + 3% paypal = 11%. Ebay = 12.5% When Discogs started its marketplace and it was 3% vs 9% it made a difference. 1.5% doesn't make a difference to me, but I'm glad that I'm not getting charged 12.5% + 3% paypal.
  6. Yeah, the requirement to put shipping amounts by weight/location is pretty awful. I just made it super expensive for international and put in my notes to either message me before or that I'll refund the difference after. The nice thing is people will often message before and can just have them paypal and avoid fees/taxes.
  7. I had this happen a few months ago. Buyer paid for a record and before I shipped it said they found it cheaper and wanted to cancel. I said sure - I'll refund you minus the fees that I don't get back. They threw a fit and filed an item not received paypal claim so I just shipped the record, won the claim. They messaged me after they got it asking why I shipped it after they asked me to cancel the order. I told them because they filed a claim that they never received the item.
  8. I think they take the same cut now. Ebay is 12% and discogs is 9% + paypal's 3%.
  9. As mentioned above they tell you as soon as the buyer makes the payment and yeah if its later in the day it might take 2 days to hit your bank account, but in reality that's no different that paypal where it takes a few days to transfer the money to your bank after getting paid.
  10. After being hesitant to switch over and give ebay all that info I did it a few months ago and I like it better. Ebay lets you know when the person has paid, takes their cut and puts it in your bank account the next day. No? Ebay tells you when they've paid that you should ship. What's the difference in whether its ebay or paypal siding with the buyer? It's actually kind of surprising that its taken this long since Paypal spun off as its own company like 6 years ago.

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