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  1. FT/NOFX split on pink is up on Fat https://fatwreck.com/collections/colored-vinyl/products/nofx-frank-turner-west-coast-vs-wessex
  2. Leftovers from the release show. They've been on Fat's site for months
  3. So I have a Technics SU-G90 receiver that has the issue where the left speakers go out. It seems to be caused by the heat sinks getting hot and de soldering. https://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/technics-su-g90s-poor-wire-contacts.640148/ I would have no idea how to resolder but I have a friend willing to give it a shot. In the case that it doesn't work or he destroys my unit does anyone want to take a peek on craigslist or FB marketplace and recommend me a replacement? I'd be looking to spend ~$50. I'm running a Technics 1200 with Kef Q15 6 ohm speakers.
  4. And maybe you'll actually get it in 2022 after emailing them 25 times asking where your order is!
  5. Apparently they sold out yesterday according to a reddit thread so either more were added today or carts were reset.
  6. Pink is up. Don't miss it! https://www.recessrecords.com/product-page/screeching-weasel-some-freaks-of-atavism-lp-orange-vinyl
  7. And based on them getting "some" at a time, the bigger the package you ordered the longer you're going to be waiting. Had a long discussion with them yesterday basically asking why it's so hard for them to send an email with the subject "Less Than Jake Updates" to tell everyone what's going on rather than posting cryptic shit on twitter and buring half updates in 4 paragraphs of newsletter with the subject "smartpunk learns to email good"
  8. Smartpunk posted on twitter the other day. Would sure be nice if they sent an email update to those who pre-ordered rather than a "This record is delayed" a month after it was supposed to be released.

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