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  2. Truth, and while we can't blame Yip for Circa writing music that all sounds the same, maybe another producer would point it out and steer them differently.
  3. They need to bring the dude to the front during shows instead of what seems behind everyone. From the the videos I saw, he was rocking out with Vin...adds so much more to the show.
  4. Will Yip fucked the mixing/mastering on this record really bad. I can't hear anything Anthony is saying. Everything else is too fucking loud. After first listen: Better than Descensus (I still can't listen to that album start to finish and not get bored). Flesh and Bones, Premonition of the Hex, Tunnel Vision, Lustration, and The Amulet are the stand out tracks. However, everything is really similar and the album as a whole is monotone. For that I'll have to put it behind Violent Waves. Juturna > OLG > BSN > VW > The Amulet > Descensus
  5. we bout to get nuked bro.
  6. Jealous of you fucks. More bands need to come to Hawaii.
  7. For being a last circa track, that is really disappointing. 0/3 on being all in on any of the tracks so far. Lustration is good, nothing amazing. Other two are forgettable. I don't think I can blame Anthony, sometimes I feel he's creating too much (quantity over quality). Their sound as a whole is just...lost.
  8. Just scored an indie exclusive off seasick!
  9. Everyone's favorite track? "In The Water" takes it for me overall, but "Waste" and "Same Logic" are the tracks that really set the mood/vibe for the album. Excellent release. Brand New slay again.
  10. "Let's all go play Nagasaki, we can all get vaporized. Hold my hand, let's turn to ash, I'll see you on the other side." I CAN SO RELATE TO THIS RIGHT NOW BRAND NEW FUCKING PROPHETS
  11. Why can't I download the soundcloud stream (https://soundcloud.com/kimburlyburly/brand-new-science-fiction) on all those soundlcoud to mp3 sites?