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  1. Keep doing it. If you have some pictures of some of the stuff people drew I'd like to see them.
  2. Anyone know the 15% newsletter signup discount code? Signed up 30 minutes ago and no email yet...
  3. Anyone who received theirs order from Brooklyn Vegan? And did anyone receive theirs without shipping notificiation?
  4. Anyone's Urban Outfitter variant of Rx Bandits randomly cancel? For the inconvenience they gave me a $10 off and free shipping promo code so I just reordered it. Odd, but win.
  5. Whewww...close call. Ordered the black variant thinking that was the black vinyl...had to reorder. Also used a different email and used code BABYCOMEBACK10 for 10% off.
  6. 11 EST = 6 HST Only the most limited were sold out, I guess thats to be expected. Still got a variant of each though, I'm good!
  7. What time did these go up? Set an alarm for 1 minute before 11 EST and some variants were sold out already. Patreons get early access or something?
  8. Anyone get Happy Songs or Rock action from Amazon? My order never shipped but it seems readily available.
  9. I wish Discogs had a numerical rating system which would be more sophisticated than just the star ranking (or do they and I don't know about it?). This way you could sort through a title's variants by ranking and hopefully find the general consensus on the best sounding pressing.
  10. Same. Glad I was able to find one because $20 more for some color and an alt cover is robbery. This isn't a Deluxe version btw. No new/bonus tracks. Colors do look cool though...Hayley's hair color is iconic.
  11. https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/rx-bandits-the-resignation-limited-2xlp It's been sold out mutiple times now so hurry
  12. Sooooo....what's everyone's favorite variant? The splatter was the first to catch my eye but that tricolor /800 is pretty fire too. Thank god for colors matching the cover, no idea what bands are thinking sometimes.
  13. I love me some Citizen but this is forgettable for me. Sounds like a highschool band wrote this record. All the same sounding...lifeless with no inspiration like they whipped it up in a day. For me this was basically a poor man's version of Life In Your Glass World. I don't really like their fast paced party songs where it sounds like Mat is half talking/yelling rather than singing. Give me an entire album of How Does It Feel/Flower Child vibes.
  14. It's up. I purchased but didn't get a confirmation email, anyone else? Ordered again just in case...second one got a confirmation. Weird.

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