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  1. Dude Buddy has the best catchy, cheesy lyrics, haha. Such a great guilty pleasure.
  2. Really irritated I bought these at full price. Waited on ATTTICT though, so getting that now. Score!
  3. Mat is my guy. Excited for the new album. Automatic purchase!
  4. I never mention this band in my top 10 but it really should be... Ordered with confidence!
  5. God damn, this was the first CD I ever owned and it was banging. Nostalgia hitting me full force.
  6. Yeah, it's the one I opted for. More expensive than other variants but I'm a sucker for colors matching the album art. Meh, 3 paychecks for December...
  7. Newbury Comics variant is up: https://www.newburycomics.com/collections/exclusive-vinyl/products/senses_fail-hell_is_in_your_head_exclusive_lp?variant=40963159228596
  8. Wtf is that order insurance...$.098? Tried to take it off my order but it's not working.
  9. Lots of complaints about sound quality on discogs...anyone care to share reviews here? https://www.discogs.com/master/2363104-Radiohead-Kid-A-Mnesia
  10. To be fair if you expected anything else since their first EP that's on you...
  11. Such a sucker for Senses Fail. That single is the shit, lol. Waiting on Newbury.
  12. Only works for single item purchases. Figured it out and just did multiple orders instead. Snagged 3 different TMV albums and now my wallet is fucked. Also wasn't letting me ship to Hawaii but a prompt email and response fixed that. Really great customer service.
  13. Trying to order from Clouds Hill which offers "shipping included (DHL within USA)" yet I'm being charged shipping at check out. Anyone get this to work?
  14. How are you guys finding these covers/albums? Did a quick google search of "metal bed monsters 80s guilty" and nothinf pops up.
  15. Circa Survive in a TOTALLY new direction(s). Not a bad thing, just different. Definitely the B-side of Circa...would even call this another project or solo project from Anthony if I hadn't known. I doubt this will be their sound going forward. I can't even see them playing these live. But again, not a bad thing. There's some jams here. Beginning of "Our Last Shot" blew me away and "Even Better" is SUCH GOOD VIBES man. Obviously isolation from each other would result in this - a good time to explore and be creative.

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