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  1. yeah , guessing not today after all...
  2. that gig the promoter had to move some things around so no but i have opened/closed for them before. they are nice guys.
  3. vinyl related announcement later today according to their FB
  4. i changed the shipping from the default fedex flat rate which was 20 eur to deutsche post which was 10. their customer support is pretty good, if you email them they might be able to change it for you and refund you the difference.
  5. i wonder if this might be delayed due to the unfortunate and untimely passing of eyal HOMmega
  6. The SYNTHWAVE Thread

    waveshaper and nightstop are live at EPR: http://www.essential-purification-records.de/shop/
  7. thanks...got one from hhv for 35 shipped to USA. will cancel my deejay order
  8. is there any particular reason you aren't offering media mail shipping for this? i'd like to grab it, but $38 is already what i'd consider too expensive for a new double LP, and $12.75 on top of that kills it.
  9. was checking this out earlier...the actual links to the individual items are not loading for me on the napalm america site....anyone else experiencing the same?
  10. The SYNTHWAVE Thread

    new retro wave just put up a few releases for preorder tonebox - nocturn repress (w/ bonus tracks) orax - cometa alex - youth
  11. okay lets make a new thread every time any given retailer sells out
  12. https://boomkat.com/products/everywhere-at-the-end-of-time Limited edition vinyl, first 300 copies pressed on blue vinyl. don't know if there is any interest here, but figured i'd post just in case since some of Leyland's stuff goes for quite a bit these days. a repress of 'An empty bliss beyond this World' will also be available on boomkat on 10/6
  13. https://boomkat.com/products/everywhere-at-the-end-of-time-stage-3 stage 3 is up
  14. looks like there is a remix record coming out: https://www.amazon.com/RR7387-Remix-Record-S-U/dp/B0759MB74K -Cutthroat (Lena Willikens Remix) -High Rise (Not Waving Remix) -Wardenclyffe (Sam Haar Remix) -Other (Justin K Broadrick as JK FLESH Remix)

    package from moms basement with this and the 30 second songs comp LP that has a horror section track on it arrived today... HS does not disappoint on this split, as usual!
  16. The SYNTHWAVE Thread

    loading up the cart on lakeshore, it looks like there are less than 40 copies available right now...not sure if this variant is limited or if they will keep adding more.
  17. The SYNTHWAVE Thread

    http://www.lakeshorerecordsshop.com/product/the-rise-of-the-synths-collectors-edition-trans-purple-vinyl-va-pre-order The Rise Of The Synths (Collectors Edition) 'Trans Purple' Vinyl - VA *PRE ORDER* $29.98 THE RISE OF THE SYNTHS - LIMITED COLLECTORS EDITION VINYL * The first Synthwave Compilation of it's kind on Vinyl * Official Companion Soundtrack Album To The Forthcoming Film The Rise of The Synths * Featuring many of the best known SynthWave Bands including GUNSHIP, CARPENTER BRUT, COM TRUISE and more! * 100% Exclusive Original Songs from the 2 EPs, Plus New Bonus Tracks for this Full Length Release * Original "Synthcity" and "SynthRider" artwork by Illustrator, Musician and Art Director John Bergin * 2XLP Release * 140g "Synthwave" Translucent Purple Vinyl * Vinyl Color for Display Purposes Only - Actual Vinyl Product May Vary The Rise Of The Synths (Official Companion Album) SIDE 1 01 “Deckard Returns” - Chrome Canyon 02 “The Vale Of Shadows” - Gunship 03 “Fatal Affair” - Power Glove 04 “Makita” - Geno Lenardo 05 “Idle Withdrawal” - Com Truise SIDE 2 01 “Lost In A Love” - Daniel Davies 02 “Silver Shadow” - Robert Parker 03 “A Mission To Remember” - Waveshaper 04 “Black Rain” - Code Elektro 05 “The Osbourne Effect” - German Engineering SIDE 3 01 “Triage” - Giorgio Moroder & Raney Shockne 02 “Night Stalker” - Carpenter Brut 03 “Crash & Burn” - John Bergin 04 “Dead of Night” - Dance With The Dead 05 “A Hero’s Journey” - Lazerhawk SIDE 4 01 “Rebar (Prologue)” - OGRE 02 “Fleshman” - John Bergin 03 “Stargate” - Mega Drive 04 “Appearance Of The Mysterious Traveler” - Voyager Available on or around Dec 8th
  18. according to Wojciech's facebook it will be up for "no more than 2 weeks", just an FYI
  19. https://wojciechgolczewski.bandcamp.com/ This winter, Wojciech Golczewski is putting out two new records through Data Airlines and our sub-label Data Kino. The first one is Mohawk (DATAK005), a blend of synth driven ambient electronica and a more classical orchestral cinematic composition. The very same style that contributed to the origins of Golczewski’s distinct sound when he began composing almost two decades ago. Mohawk is the original soundtrack to the film by Ted Geoghegan sharing the same name. Fans of Golczewski’s Dark Souls, Beyond The Gates and Tonight She Comes will be rejoiced. The second record, following closely after is the sequel to Golczewski’s popular space epic that started of with Reality Check and continued with End Of Transmission #1 and The Signal. Without words, End of Transmission #2 continues to recount the fate of a deep space exploration mission but this time from the point of view of the AI that the mission brought with them. End Of Transmission #2 is at times a more hopeful chapter to the story but still carries the same both claustrophobic and epic atmosphere familiar to fans of the previous albums. Both these releases will be presented on regular weight 12” records sleeved with high quality matte 350gsm/m2 covers pressed and printed in France. If you choose to subscribe to this program, you will recieve the records before their public release. Since both records will be released with a 4 week margin, you will also be presented with the choice of having them shipped to you seperately for a slightly higher cost or recieve them both at once. Subscriptions will cost you resonably less than buying each of the records once they are released. - Mohawk is set to be released on January 21st. Subscriber records will ship out on or around December 17th. - End of Transmission 2 releases on February 18th. Subscriber records will ship out on or around January 21st. On top of this, all subscribers gill get an additional exclusive Subscribers only record that will only be pressed in same amount of copies as the numbers of subscribers. Buying two subscriptions will not equal two subscriber records. These records are unique, and will contain both known and unknown works from a previous Golczewski release. The subscriber only record will not go on sale on a later date, will never be repressed and will only be available during the limited time of this subscription. The music on this record has never been made available on physical media before. The record ships out with End of Transmission 2. This subscription will only be available for a limited period of time. Once it is over. This listing will self destruct.
  20. The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    ebay flash sale Today Only! Save $15 On Purchases of $75+ Shop now and save big. Use coupon code PSAVE15NOW. This exclusive offer ends today at 6PM PT.
  21. ANDREW W.K. ANNOUNCES RELEASE DATE FOR HIS NEW ALBUM: MARCH 2, 2018 FULL BAND TOUR STARTS THIS WEEK WITH ADDITIONAL SHOWS & UPDATED UK TOUR DATES Party God Andrew W.K. is thrilled to announce his first new full length album in over a decade. The LP showcases Andrew's signature style of blasting triumphant rock music, with an ever more epic expanses of energizing emotional ecstasy. "I'm going for the sound of pure, unadulterated power; every emotion, every thought, every experience, every sensation, every fear, every joy, every clarity, every confusion, every up, every down... all extruded and concentrated into one thick syrup of super life-force feeling, and then psychically amplified by the celebratory spirit of glorious partying," explains Andrew. The new release is out March 2, 2018 via Sony Music worldwide. Album title and cover art to follow.
  22. i used "rack3" the other day for an amoeba order for 10% off, just FYI to anyone going that route. haven't checked if it is still active.
  23. The SYNTHWAVE Thread

    new code elektro album Triads is up for preorder. looks like the color is already sold out, unless you grab the bundle with the last album http://icebergwebshop.bigcartel.com/products?search=code+elektro
  24. todays giveaway Today we have a few copies from the "HOME" original motion picture soundtrack on clear fuschia vinyl. Featuring pop songs from Chromatics & Symmetry on the A side with the ambient score on the B side. Fien Troch won best director at the Venice Film Festival for the film, and this week the score is nominated in Belgium. We are sold out of these in our store...New pressing on ivory vinyl should be here very very soon! email us with this subject line in all caps: "MAGAZINE...YOU'RE NOT WHAT YOU SEEM" to this address: [email protected] include: your current shipping address in the email we only have 72 copies... winners are chosen on a first come first serve basis. we ship throughout the galaxy. good luck & thank you for listening. xo johnny jewel