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  1. blood music shop has reopened with preorders for the new perturbator and carbon based lifeforms lps
  2. 2 self releases up for preorder...i believe they are starting to ship from the label already. looks like the normal major retail channels (amazon, bullmoose, etc) will be getting both as well
  3. today's giveaway: Over the last few years, we've been adding to an ever increasing stock of records that the pressing plants & shipping companies have slightly damaged in transit. the vinyl platters are in perfect shape, but the covers are a little bent. stay tuned to this page as every wednesday around 10 am...we will have a different title sent to your doorstep for free. today's mail is Chromatics' "In The City" LP on a variety of colors. email us with this subject line in all caps: "AT NIGHT I WAKE UP WITH THE SHEETS SOAKING WET...& A FREIGHT TRAIN RUNNING THROUGH THE MIDDLE OF MY HEAD" to this address: include: your current shipping address in the email we only have 309 copies... winners are chosen on a first come first serve basis. we ship throughout the galaxy. good luck & thank you for listening. xo johnny jewel
  4. will there be a black vinyl pressing too?